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    Welcome to Buzzards' Class!



    Class Treat to Winstones Ice Cream Factory


    Buzzards' Class had a wonderful morning out of class, taking in their outdoor learning along the canal and then up the steep hill to Rodborough Common.

    It was here that they were treated to an ice cream, thanks to the PTA. (The PTA kindly give each class a budget at the beginning of the year, to support them in those extra treats through the year. This was a definite treat!)

    The walk back to school was far easier and at times a little challenging!

    What a way to spend a Tuesday!


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    Police Visit Thrupp School!

    The police were invited into Thrupp School, they led a whole school assembly before treating Buzzards' Class to a tour of their police car, a blast of the siren and an explore of their weapons and gadgets. 


    Year 2 Cluster Sports at Brimscombe

    Our Year 2 children had a wonderful day out at Brimscombe School on 20th June. We were invited along, with 6 other local schools, to participate in a Year 2 sports day.

    Our day started with a walk along the canal to Brimscombe School, seeing a family of ducklings on the way. The morning was a hive of activity. The young leaders had set up sports stations and the children from the 7 schools were all mixed with children from other schools and they took part in a circle of fun sporting activities. We then had a picnic lunch and a wonderful play in the field before taking part in some races. We then had the walk back to school. By this time we were beginning to tire but the smiles were still there.

    Thank you Year 2 for a wonderful day out, as always you were superb. Thank you also to the parent volunteers who helped with the walking to and from Brimscombe. These events cannot happen without your support.


    Street Dance Club



    Hannah Mills has given our Year 3/4 children a wonderful opportunity. They have attended an after school club for the last 6 weeks. It ended with a little performance to parents. 

    It was great. Thank you all very much.


    Street Dance Glory

    Street Dance Glory 1
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    We had a wonderful day. The children had been invited to participate in the Stroud Area Dance Festival at Stratford Park Leisure Centre. The Buzzards' had choreographed a dance to the music 'Eye of the Tiger' It was a powerful dance which incorporated individual, partner, small group and class sections. The performing area was enormous and the children did a fantastic dance which was viewed by an enormous audience. The other schools performing ranged from Reception children to children from Stroud High in Years 9 and 10. 

    We made the most of our day out and enjoyed an early picnic and a play in the park. Our face paint was a little smudged but our spirits were high. Thank you to our helping parents and for the wonderful turn out of spectators from Thrupp.


    Fun in the Park

    Fun in the Park 1
    Fun in the Park 2
    Fun in the Park 3
    Fun in the Park 4
    Fun in the Park 5
    Fun in the Park 6
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    Fun in the Park 8
    Fun in the Park 9

    18th May. Enjoying our outdoor area. Bird spotting and a some quiet reading on a Friday afternoon. Perfect!

    18th May. Enjoying our outdoor area. Bird spotting and a some quiet reading on a Friday afternoon. Perfect! 1
    18th May. Enjoying our outdoor area. Bird spotting and a some quiet reading on a Friday afternoon. Perfect! 2

    Friday 27th April 

    We really enjoyed Eco Day, we looked great in our green gear.

    In the morning we wrote about how dangerous plastic is in the environment and what WE can do to reduce the amount of plastic we use. In the afternoon we were hoping to do some bird spotting, but it rained. So instead we looked at pictures of garden birds that we are hopefully going to attract to the school grounds. We also tried our hand at origami. Do you know what this is? Have a look at the pictures below to give you a clue. It was very tricky, but we were pleased with the end result!

    Picture 1
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    Welcome to the Summer Term.

    In Buzzards our topic is Rock, Rock and Roll.

    We will be exploring rocks and soils, investigating volcanoes and designing Zen Gardens.

    We have lots of exciting challenges ahead of us. This week we made Rock Cakes. The children thought that they were delicious, the adults didn't get a look in!



    We are planning a dance to perform at the end of May at the Stroud Dance Festival. Today we have been choreographing the start of our dance. We are hoping that we look powerful! We hope you will be able to watch our dance when we are ready to perform.

    Our Powerful Poses!

    Our Powerful Poses! 1
    We had great fun following a recipe and using our cooking skills to make our rock cakes. Lots of sticky fingers!

    22nd March - World Book Day Take 2!

    We had a fantastic second World Book Day. What a treat for us to have Hannah Shaw visiting our class! She read us not one, but TWO of her fantastic stories and best of all, she drew our very own Thrupp School book character on the board. We LOVE 'Barry the Brilliant Fox!'

    Picture 1
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    Picture 3
    Here he is after being digitally enhanced!
    Picture 1

    16th March

    The Buzzards have had a busy week. On Wednesday they had a wonderful day out at Museum in the Park. They took part in an 'Inventors and Industry Day' They had lots of fun finding out about local industries. They learnt lots of information about the mills and John, an actor, played many roles, sharing with us his historical knowledge. What a great facility to have on the doorstep. We are hoping to return with our families over the Easter holiday.

    1st March 2018

    Happy World Book Day! (Or in our case World Book Half Day !)


    Some of us managed the snow AND some fantastic costumes.

    We had a lovely morning and then went home to wait for the snow.

    Bring on the sledging, or maybe staying in the warm and reading a good book! frown



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    We had a wonderful week off timetable this week during our Let's Investigate Week.

    We had a fantastic day at 'We The Curious' in Bristol in Monday. This was followed by some investigations into Chinese language and culture. Thank you to Miss Guan for her support with this section of our week. As well as investigating using pen and ink to write our names in Chinese we made lucky envelopes and researched about the Chinese zodiac system. We had a freezing walk along the canal but even with frozen fingers we were able to investigate plant and animal life that live by, and in the canal. We explored how a lock is used and even pushed open a lock gate. We did lots of investigating about the moon and were able to research lots of amazing facts. We designed moon buggies and could explain why these were good for the job. We had a wonderful week and are now looking forward to Book Week this coming week.

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    Friday 9th February

    Well done you wonderful Buzzards for an excellent assembly this morning. What a lot you have been learning. You were all so enthusiastic and keen.


    Thank you to Mr South for treating us to a wonderful question and answer session in Buzzards. He talked about his role as a pilot and how he had followed his dream of flying planes. He had been inspired to become a pilot from an early age. This has made us think about our future and what we might want to do when we become adults.
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    Happy New Year from all of us in Buzzards!


    We have had a fantastic start to 2018. We are working hard and beginning our topic 'Earning a crust'. We have a few ideas as to what this might be about, have you? Watch this space and we will keep you updated.

    Meanwhile, we have been doing some drama in RE. We have been learning about parables. Can you guess which parable we are acting out here?

    Picture 1
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    Picture 3

    Alison Cockcroft, a local artist spent the day in Buzzards. We were making our 'Under the Sea Lanterns.' The children, following on from this, will take part in the Stroud Goodwill Evening on Friday 1st December, where Christmas officially comes to Stroud. The children will join other primary school children and youth groups and parade through Stroud with their beautiful lanterns. Please come and celebrate with us.

    The children were exceptional, the standard of their art work was amazing and Alison, who has worked with lots of other school groups, was very impressed with our children.

    Below is our work in progress; making the frame, adding the cover and a few little details. We paraded our part finished lanterns to Nursery. They welcomed us with cheering and waving ribbons. We felt very special.


    In science we have been looking at flowers in detail. We had a wonderful session dissecting lily heads. Following on from a great interactive quiz, the children showed some key stage 3 knowledge! Well done you scientists.
    We had a wonderful day in the sunshine at Nature in Art on Wednesday 8th November. We created a batik masterpiece, a wire sculpture and had time with a talented, and very enthusiastic local wildlife and natural-history artist, Cath Hodsman. There was a superb photography exhibition in the house. The only downside to our day was that the day was too short! The sculpture garden was a great place  to play hide and seek and we had hoped for more time exploring this wonderful facility. I think a family visit might be required! 


    We had lots of TIME to think about our work today. Then we were running short of TIME, so it was all HANDS on deck to get our TIME pieces finished. Have you CLOCKED what our Maths topic is this week and next?! No SECOND guesses, we will leave you with it for TODAY! surprise

    Picture 1
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    We are loving our 'Follow The Nile' topic. We shared lots of facts with our parents and children during our class assembly. We skipped over some of the particularly gruesome elements of mummification but the wrapping process was fun.
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    Welcome to Buzzards class of 2017-2018!

    We hope you have had a lovely summer and are feeling refreshed and ready to face the term! We hope that our pupils will be very happy in our class and will feel more confident as they get to know us throughout the year.

    We have made a great start to the year and are enjoying having our playground back. Watch this space for more information!

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    20th July 2017

    It is class swap day today. We have some new Buzzards in our class as we are all in our new classes for September. Mrs Mylechreest and Mrs Harrison have had a lovely morning getting to know new children and are really looking forward to September!

    Mr and Mrs Twit. What a scary bunch!

    Mr and Mrs Twit. What a scary bunch! 1
    As part of our Outdoor Learning, Buzzards had a wonderful time in the woodland just behind school. In groups we collected natural materials and then in the style of Andy Goldsworthy we created sculptures. We had great fun with some fantastic designs.
    We braved the rain and walked to Chalford along the canal. We had a great morning; looking at wildlife, identifying plants and using our senses to explore. We worked out that we had walked 4 and a half miles. We were ready for our roast dinner on our return! Well done Buzzards.
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    To round our hot and busy week off, we had a lovely treat!

    Mrs Durr-Sorensen came to talk to us about music. 

    She brought in her flute, bassoon and contrabassoon. It was amazing to hear her play some lovely tunes on these instruments and she also told us a bit about them and how they worked.

    Thank you!

    What a hot week!

    The children have coped really well, the fan has been working overtime but we have kept going.

    The children designed, made and evaluated their clay mythical creatures. They had great fun and enormous thanks to some of the year 6s who came and helped, you were brilliant.

    A few general photos to show you our work, these will become characters in our Greek stories that we will be writing.

    Buzzards Class ate like Gods and Godesses at their Greek Banquet

    To support our topic and learn about Greek food traditions, Buzzards class had a Greek banquet. Each pupil planned a traditional Greek dish, researched a recipe and then cooked the food. As a class we then tasted all of these foods and evaluated them.

    The table was bulging with delights from tzatziki and flat breads, to bbq mackerel fillets, lamb kebabs, calamari and baklava.

    The children were very adventurous and tasted a lot of new foods.

    Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came and helped with this Greek treat. 


    The PTA are holding their AGM on Tuesday 9th July at 6.30pm in the school hall - please come and support them.