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    Our puppets are coming along very nicely. We took inspiration from Punch and Judy as part of our Seaside topic. We made templates and plans for our puppets, thinking carefully about how we could put them together and which design ideas we would like to use. 



    Picture 1
    Picture 2
    Picture 3
    Picture 4
    We also had another trip to the allotments this week. The sunshine came out to meet us there! Thank you to all the adult helpers who made our trip possible and shared their knowledge of the outdoors with us. 


    We took a moment to appreciate the beautiful scenery from our school this week and sketched the landscape. We have some very talented artists in Hawks!

    Picture 1 Admiring the view.
    Picture 2 Listening to the Year 3's violin performance.
    Picture 3 Some of us had a little taster session!
    30.06.17  Mrs Harris had fun with us making our mini gardens today!

    23.06.17 Our trip to the allotments!


    We are getting into the swing of our temporary classroom in the hall.

    As we don't have an outdoor area anymore, we are bringing the outside in and growing our own plants. Watch this space!


    We are very excited to explore Thrupp allotments next week. 

    Picture 1 Mrs Bovington telling us all about our plants.
    Picture 2 Can you guess what they are?
    Picture 3 Golden time fun on Friday!


    Hawks have moved into their temporary classroom in the hall! They are doing a super job getting used to all the changes.


    We had great fun making algorithms this week in our computing sessions.


    We also worked together to gather all that we know about our topic 'The Seaside'.  smiley



    Picture 1 Reading a story at hometime
    Picture 1
    Picture 2
    Picture 3
    Picture 4
    Picture 5
    Picture 6
    Picture 7
    Picture 8
    Picture 9
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