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    Year 6 Residential

    Last day at Whitemead

    The children were great with their packing and managed to get to breakfast on time.

    We had a fun morning tree climbing and experimenting with aeroball. Nothing phased Thrupp today!

    We had a picnic and a last game of Worm King before we said farewell to Jen, Kelsey and Laura.

    We were looked after exceptionally well by In2action and encouraged to work as a team and meet new challenges throughout the week. Our learning powers were very evident.

    Miss H and Mrs M would like to say an enormous thank you to the year 6s for a wonderful residential. They made the week so enjoyable and fun. Lots of lovely memories will come from this week and stay with us for ever.

    Last full day!

    We can't believe that we are at the end of day 4! Where has the week gone?

    The children are all settled for the last night in their rooms. We have had a great day; field zorbing, sensory challenge, buggy building and the Thrupp In2action Olympics.

    After tea we had a camp fire, singing songs, playing games and generally having a lovely time!

    We have been spoilt this week with our wonderful instructors; Kelsey and Laura.

    Manic bag packing tomorrow before breakfast and then our last morning before travelling back to Thrupp.


    Wednesday At Whitemead!

    All tucked up in bed after a busy, sunny day.

    The Year 6 children had another fantastic In2action day. The morning was spent raft building and then testing their design skills in the pool. All floated and carried their load.

    This afternoon, all the children did either archery or crate challenge and some team building games. Dinner was followed by a quiz. We'll let the children tell you on Friday who won!! 

    Lots more fun tomorrow, the end of the week is coming too quickly.


    Tuesday was a fun day.

    After a good night's sleep all the children woke up to 'mad hair and multi coloured day!' They did us proud with their whacky looks!

    Activities were body zorbing, crate challenge, low ropes and water wars. There was no mercy when it came to water wars! We dripped our way to the showers before another tasty tea followed by a night hike. The children slept like logs needing to be woken on Wednesday morning.

    All are very happy, having too much fun to miss their families.

    Hooray. We have contact with Thrupp!!

    Slight INTERNET problem but we are now with you!



    Monday summary:

    Short, speedy journey, all settled in quickly, ate well and I can even say now: Slept well!

    Photos below of our first day at In2action.


    Year 6 have arrived and are busy having fun!

    Just off to breakfast to start the day!

    Just off to breakfast to start the day! 1


    Superheroes 1