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    14th - 18th December

    We made our own wreaths today with resources provided by the PTA

    We’ve also been busy doing our nativity! The school will send out a secure link for you to watch it on.

    What fun we had playing party games today!

    7th - 11th December
    30th November - 4th December

    1st of December - The arrival of Nelly the elf!

    23rd - 27th November

    Click the link below to see more of what we've been up to during our Literature Week

    As part of our literature festival we made our own front cover for ‘Little people, big dreams’ by Maria Isabel Vegara

    16th - 20th November

    It is anti-bullying week...

    We talked about who we could go to for help if we were being bullied or if we saw someone else being bullied.

    We talked about friendship, being kind and celebrating all of our differences.

    We have been learning all about having a growth mindset and we are all now going to say ‘I can’t do that YET’!

    9th - 13th November

    We’ve begun this term learning all about Seasons in science and we’ve done some lovely art work for 3 of the seasons...

    19.10.20 - 22.10.20


    What a wonderful term we've had! Look at how full our WOW wall is - you have all been absolute super stars and I hope you enjoy your lovely week off.

    We've had a lovely last day celebrating 'Hello Yellow Day' and creating our own puppets.

    12.10.20 - 16.10.20


    We've had a lovely week learning about Harvest in RE. We talked about what we were thankful for, created our own 'Wheat Field' picture like Van Gogh's and learnt some Makaton sign language to the song Cauliflowers Fluffy. Check these out on the link below:

    We have also been working hard on our Maths this week. Our year 1 children have been working super hard on their number bonds and all of Hawks class did a code breaking challenge (one of which was created by Merry!). We had to use our addition and subtraction knowledge to figure out the secret message.

    05.10.20 - 09.10.20


    We read a book today called Kind and we have begun using our own kindness jar. Ask your child how our kindness jar works.

    We have been investigating what materials are waterproof this week and deciding which would be best for Ted's umbrella!

    28.09.20 - 02.10.20


    Thank you so much to parents who sent in photos of their toys - we really enjoyed looking at them! We have begun going back in time by starting to think about how toys have changed over the past 60/70 years. We have been sorting toys into 3 groups: toys we play with now, older toys our parents/grandparents played with and toys that fit in both categories!

    Hawks have also enjoyed their music sessions so far and have been finding the pulse to music in lots of different ways (tapping our head, stomping our feet etc). We’ve also begun to learn our focus song for this term in sign language.

    21.09.20 - 25.09.20

    We’ve had fun doing a Science investigation this week. We can name objects and the materials they are made from and we have been testing whether they’re bendy or transparent. We also had lots of fun at Forest School - check out the Be The Best Friday tab for photos!

    14.09.20 - 18.09.20


    We've had Mrs Bovington teaching us lots this week and we've had lots of fun. We have been continuing our PSHE and talking about who is special in our lives. We have been learning about the Christian creation story so we went exploring to find things that we thought made the world wonderful. After that, we made our own collages of the world.


    If you want to see more pictures of us during BTBF - Have a look here:

    07.10.20 - 11.09.20


    We've had a lovely first full week back. We've begun our topic on toys and have talked about our favourite toy. We also went on a materials hunt around the school to find things that were plastic, metal, brick, wood, rubber and fabric. 

    03.09.20 - 04.09.20

    What a lovely day we've had meeting all of our class mates. Today we've been looking at the book 'The Colour Monster' and talking lots about our emotions. There will be some photos uploaded soon...


    Welcome to our Summer Term. We have a PTA Meeting at school on Thursday 11th April at 3.30pm. All parents welcome.