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    Once again our wonderful PTA provided us with another Christmas treat - a circus skills workshop. Look at the photos to see the wide range of different activities we got to try!

    Finlay demonstrating the Diablo skills we learnt...

    Still image for this video

    Special surprise visitors! We were so lucky today to have two beautiful reindeers visit us. We had no idea what was waiting for us in the playground, they were completely gorgeous. We loved hearing their special click as they walked and feeding them lichen. We were very surprised to see that their antlers were so soft and velvety. Thank you to our fabulous PTA for such a lovely treat.

    Perfect Pizza Making! We used our Design & Technology skills today - kneading, mixing, cutting and grating to make pizzas. We all worked extremely hard to make the most perfect pizza dough with delicious results!

    We have all made huge progress with our clarinet playing skills! Next week we will be recording a Christmas song to share with you.

    Thrupp Literature Festival

    Click the link below to see what Eagles got up during our theme week. Our class also won the whole school Reading Bingo challenge, with over half of us completing a line or more of the bingo sheet. Here is Elizabeth completing some of the activities...

    This week’s Science Investigation showed some interesting results. We were investigating the best temperature to melt chocolate and we found that the different groups working in different areas of our classroom discovered different results. Why could that be?

    We have achieved our reading challenge!! Eagles are such avid readers that we have reached the top of the cupboard in less that one whole term. We are now moving the stack to the library door to see if we can reach the top of that next! Will we reach the ceiling by the summer?!

    Eagles are learning to play the clarinet! We are very lucky to have Mrs B in school for 5 sessions to teach us all how to play. We are aiming to learn a Christmas song to share at the end of term.

    We planned our own Science investigations. We were looking at the properties of different materials, including how waterproof and how durable they were.

    Science Investigation - Which material is the most effective in insulating the Ice cubes?

    Skill Zone Trip! Lots of really interesting and educational activities to help us to keep ourselves safe in the wider world.The volunteers commented on our fantastic behaviour, well done year 5!

    We designed our Christmas cards this week, they are beautiful and very individual!

    3.11.20 We have been learning about the famous Celtic warrior Boudicca in History this week. She was queen of the Iceni tribe, who led a huge army against the Romans in 60 AD. We carried out some socially distanced drama work to explore what different characters at this time would have felt about the events. We will then write recounts and newspaper reports in English.

    19/10/20 - Don't forget that this Friday is Hello Yellow day to raise awareness about mental health and how we can look after ourselves! 💛

    13.10.20 In History, we have been finding out about the Roman Army and what made them such a formidable force.

    13.10.20 Eagles were amazing during our school PTA Fun Run this morning. They showed strength, stamina and determination! Here are just a few pictures. There are more in the News and Events section.

    Black History Month

    October is Black History Month in the UK, an event that has been celebrated nationwide for more than 30 years. Its purpose is to recognise the contributions that black people have made to the UK over many generations.

    We have discussed in class how black people have always been present in the UK throughout history but that there has been a lack of representation in the history books, and this is particularly apparent in our Roman history topic.

    To help learn more about this month, we would like you to find out more about a black person from the past or present, who has made an important contribution to British or world history. You can present your research in any way you like - it could be a poster, PowerPoint, timeline, mini -book or leaflet, biography etc. 

    Please bring your finished work into school by 2nd November so that we can share what you have found out. 


    2.10.2020 This week in Computing we have been continuing with our E-Safety topic.  We have covered different elements over the last few weeks including spam emails, digital footprints and plagiarism.

    28.9.20 This week in RE, we have learnt about prayer. We designed our own prayer mats, thinking about symmetry and Islamic patterns.

    21.9.20 In RE, we are learning about Islam. We have started to find out about the Five Pillars of the Islamic faith and this week we looked at the 99 Beautiful Names of Allah. We each designed our own prayer bead.

    7.9.20 In English, Eagles have begun the new term by reading the book The Huge Bag of Worries. We created our own worry monsters and explored ways to deal with any worries we may have.

    Welcome back! We are extremely excited to finally have the children back in Eagles. Things will be slightly different, but we have worked hard to try to make the changes as child friendly as possible.  Our aim is to keep everyone safe and happy and back to learning.


    Our topic this term is The Romans are Coming! We will be learning about the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain.


    Explore these handy websites to start your knowledge journey!


    Questions to get you thinking:

    Who were the Romans?

    What were the Romans famous for doing?

    What was life like for a Roman in Britain?

    Welcome to our Summer Term. We have a PTA Meeting at school on Thursday 11th April at 3.30pm. All parents welcome.