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    Catapults 14.12.18


    Over the past couple of weeks, Eagles have been exploring how catapults work and have designed and made their own. Today we tested most of them in the classroom and so far Conrad's catapult has propelled the load (a sweet!) the furthest with a whopping distance of 3m 36cm and Oscar's reached a distance of 2m 11 cm. We were all very impressed!

    07.12.18 Pizza making - Thank you to Mrs. Westwood who helped Eagles make these yummy pizzas. We hope you enjoyed them!

    30.11.18 Making Lego catapults

    23.11.18 Circle Time - How are we all connected? The children found connections with all the members of our class showing that although we are all different we share a lot too!



    Well done Eagles for speaking clearly, singing beautifully and sharing all your Roman knowledge in the Parent's Assembly on Friday. You were all fantastic!


    Thank you parents for coming to support us and for all your effort that you put in with costumes and learning the song.

    15.11.18 Trip to Corinium Museum

    Meeting an Author   08.11.18


    Eagles thoroughly enjoyed our talk with the best selling author Caroline Lawrence at the Subscription Rooms today. We learnt a lot about her books, characters, how to write a great story and Roman toilets!


    I know the children are keen to get reading and may persuade you to spend their £1.00 book token on one of Caroline Lawrence's books. The first book in her new series 'The Roman Quests' is set in Roman Britain and is called 'Escape from Rome'. She also has a series of Roman Mysteries and the first one is 'The Thieves of Ostia' which also caught the children's interest.


    Thanks to all the parent helpers who made the trip possible. We are looking forward to our trip to the Corinium Museum next Thursday.

    Roman sculptures with modroc. The class really enjoyed making their Roman figures and after half term they will paint their mini gods, philosophers, soldiers, citizens and senators in bronze paint! 19.10.18

    9.10.18 We have been busy in Science over the last few weeks investigating the properties of materials and which fabric is the best insulator.

    Look at our figurative sculptures. Can you work out which emotions are being expressed? 05.10.18

    27.09.18 This week Eagles have been writing poetry and pretending to be Romans and Celts!

    Roman Homework 21.09.18 - 3 week challenge

    20.09.18 Acting out Roman myths: Jupiter and Baucis; Pandora's Box; Arachne and Minerva; Prometheus; Ceres and Proserpine; Echo and Narcissus.

    The Romans are coming to Cirencester this weekend!

    12/09/2018 - Historians at work ordering world events and adding some of their own.

    07/09/2018 - Hundred Square challenges!

    Welcome to our Summer Term. We have a PTA Meeting at school on Thursday 11th April at 3.30pm. All parents welcome.