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    26/11/19 - Preparing for our upcoming Fashion Show - upcycling our t-shirts!

    21/11/2019 - We had a fantastic STEM workshop yesterday where we got to make wind turbines using cogs, elastic bands and plastic propellers. We also learnt lots about renewable sources of energy! Our workshop linked directly to Science, Maths and Design Technology. We had so much fun!

    13/11/2019 - 🌍 'What a Wonderful World' Theme week artwork designed and created by Owls 🌍 🌸 Did you know that today is 'World Kindness Day'? We discussed examples of kindness, and how kindness manifests in our school lives 🌸

    06/11/2019 - Super Maths Challenges!

    24/10/2019 - Eco Day 🌳

    21/10/2019 - Today, Owls started designing their own Eco houses. They learnt about solar panels, insulation, double and triple-glazing, natural resources and locally-sourced materials, and applied this to their own designs. Owls will exhibit their finished designs (with floor plans) during their assembly next term! Owls are very much looking forward to Eco Day this Thursday!

    20/10/2019 -  MUMBAI: The sun was out, skies were a clear blue, the usually murky waters of the Arabian sea at Versova beach reflected a brightness too that enveloped the 3000 volunteers who had gathered for the coastal clearup.

    20/10/2019 - Owls based their writing in Mumbai this week, learning about the recent Versova beach clean. They produced short stories about the beach clean, and the writing produced was of a phenomenal quality!

    11/10/2019 - Quel temps fait il...

    08/10/2019 - We are wonderful writers! We have been writing first person accounts to describe the problem with plastic, and steps that can be taken to make the world a more environmentally conscious and friendly place 🌍

    07/10/2019 - Expanding our vocabulary! We are working on understanding the meaning of new words and their context, and applying them to our own sentences

    05/10/2019 - We've got the whole world in our hands! 🌍

    30/09/2019 - We are developing our French speaking, reading and writing skills every day by thinking about the weather forecast. We also have French homework this week. We are amazing linguists!

    26/09/2019 - Street Dancing fun!

    17/09/2019 - FranΓ§ais: learning about the months in relation to the seasons in French. Happy Autumn Term! πŸ‚

    15/09/2019 - This week, we have been learning about the fundamental British Values, linking in with our Monday afternoon assemblies with Mrs Mylechreest. The British Values are: democracy; the rule of law; individual liberty; mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith. We now know in depth about what these mean, and will be including information about this as part of our upcoming workshare and parent assemblies. Come and see our amazing posters on display in the classroom!

    10/09/2019 - Super synonyms and sentences construction

    05/09/2019 - Sharing the knowledge we already have about saving the planet, and considering the questions that we would like to find out the answers to as part of our topic 🌍

    Welcome back to a new term. I hope that you had a lovely summer.  The children are settling back into routines very well! 


    Our new topic ‘Saving Planet Earth’ is Geography based. Our aim is to investigate the causes and effects of environmental change, which will include looking at global warming, climate change, sustainability, conservation and  deforestation. We will be focusing on the impact these changes have on different countries, as well as looking at world trade links, sustainability and natural resources. This will then lead onto finding out about ways to address these environmental problems for a better future at a local level, including how we can play our part at Thrupp.


    Other curriculum areas will also link into our global awareness themes where possible, including through mathematics where possible. In English, we will be focusing on balanced arguments, persuasive writing, and poetry and stories about environmental issues. In Art, we will be creating collages based on different environments and in D.T. we will be designing and making clothes from renewable and recyclable materials. We will be holding a fashion show as part of our class assembly at the end of term!

    Welcome to our Summer Term. We have a PTA Meeting at school on Thursday 11th April at 3.30pm. All parents welcome.