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    16.12 - The beginning of our week was full of cake and Christmas trees!

    13.12 - What a lovely week we’ve had! We did our wonderful nativity of ‘higgledy pickledy’ and we’ve started making some christmas decorations.

    6.12 - We’ve been busy rehearsing our nativity this week and can’t wait for you all to see it!

    29.11 - This week, we became Boxton the rat from Vlad and the Great Fire of London and we wrote our own diary entries on the day of the fire.

    22.11 - This week we had a visit from the fire service. We had fun learning even more about the fire service, trying on their clothes and even having a go with their water hose!

    15.11 - We had fun celebrating Children in Need this week. Here we are dressed up doing our Thrupp 10.

    25.10 - What an amazing first term we've had. This week, we visited Pizza Express in Cirencester and got to make our own pizzas. We even tried some pizza toppings and guessed what they were. When we got back to school, we wrote instructions about how we made our yummy pizzas.

    19.10 - We have been comparing life in the present day to life back in 1666. We learnt about some of the different jobs that they did in 1666 and how children worked as apprentices. We then compared this to jobs that we know people do in the present day - we found some similarities but lots of differences. Hawks class couldn't believe there wasn't an organised fire service in 1666!

    10.10 - We completed another Science investigation this week. We were testing which paper was the most absorbent. Ask a Hawks child how we made it a fair test...

    We've also enjoyed our 'Thrupp Ten' and dressing up as farmers for Harvest.

    4.10 - We had fun completing a Science investigation about materials. We were rebuilding the houses in London after the fire but we only had marshmallows, cocktail sticks, lego and sweets to build them!

    27.09 - We enjoyed ‘This is our house’ today and talked about being fair. We all decorated our ‘house’ - come and see it in our classroom.

    20.9 - We’ve been learning all about democracy and have enjoyed having the chance to vote for what book we read at the end of the day.

    12.09 - What amazing artists we have in Hawks class! We’ve had a busy week of learning and have created some wonderful masterpieces. We’ve predicted where we think Claude might go on his adventure with Sir Bobblysock and we’ve also learnt about famous landmarks in London.

    06.09 - What a fun first week back we've had! We have made our birthday cards for the year and made some of our own items for our bakery role play area. We can't wait to find out more about our London topic...

    Welcome to our Summer Term. We have a PTA Meeting at school on Thursday 11th April at 3.30pm. All parents welcome.