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    We played end of term team games with the parachute.

    Father Christmas came to visit us during our class party today.

    16.12.19 Today we wrote letters to Santa and then we sent them with Mrs Mylechreest to send them up her chimney like the little girl did in the story we read, I wonder if we will get a reply!

    Today we enjoyed a cello performance.

    11.12.19 We enjoyed our taster cricket session

    Our school trip, to the museum. We looked at lots of interesting artifacts, especially old toys which were not plastic nor electric.

    02.12.19 Today we opened our class Advent calendar and we decorated the Christmas Tree.

    In music today we heard the bass guitar and learnt all about it. Thank you Ned, you were great.

    26.11.19 Today we started our sewing projects, the children were brilliant at it and really enjoyed making their faces.

    A big thank you to Juno and her gardening friends and helpers. They grew lovely vegetables in the school garden and cooked them for us. They were careful to save some bean seeds to plant next year.

    In history we had a visit from a wonderful baby and a wonderful granny. We talked about changes in living memory.

    We learnt about Ramadan today and the feast to break the Ramadan fast. The children were interested in this. We all tried the vegetable and rice dish. It was popular.

    19.11.19 Today we baked some Gingerbread Men after reading the story, we hope they don't escape out of the oven!!!

    12.11.19 In DT we have been practicing cutting and we loved making our own Mr Potato Heads!

    06.11.19 Today we had a lovely freeflow morning to celebrate fireworks. We made chocolate apples and different firework paintings. Some children made a giant rocke with the loose parts.

    24.10.19 In History we did and archaeological dig and ordered our finds. We made a pop-up museum and added some very interesting artefacts that children brought from home.

    18.10.19 Apple juicing at the farm


    This week we are learning the story of the Old Woman and the Red Pumpkin. We have made story maps, written our own story and retold the story using props.

    09.10.19 We are enjoying our 'Welly Wednesdays' we love exploring and so far we have been on a senses scavenger hunt and also collected natural objects to make faces, people and other pictures!

    Eating the potatoes we harvested last week, very nice! The children fed the leftovers to the hen.

    We read the Little Red Hen story this week and had a visit from a real hen. Reception children wrote their first words, well done! We made bread and had to decide whether or not to share it. Most children did, unlike the Little Red Hen. 

    01.10.19 We made faces outside using clay and natural objects!

    30.09.19 The children loved exploring out new loose parts. They made a lamborgini and a wall to keep people out, beds for Barbies as well as a bus this afternoon.


    Reception children were interested in the pips in their snack so we planted them in pots. We also planted bulbs outside, which Billy told us will flower when it is his birthday. Ethan was interested in the bugs in the compost.


    The children did not understand what 'harvest' meant in our harvest song until we

    dug up potatoes from the school garden. The children were thrilled when they found them under the ground. Ms Bashford promised to cook some for snack time next week. 

    18.09.19 After reading lots of Elmer stories we made our own elephant biscuits and decorated them.

    16.09.19 Whizzing around on the bikes and scooters!

    12.09.19 Enjoying number activities

    09.09.19 Exploring the play areas outside.

    We have got down to work this week, although a lot of it feels like play.


    Massive congratulations to a few reception children who read their very first words, a wonderful moment to see. The reception children already know a handful of sounds.


    Several of our lessons were based on Elma this week. We looked at the squares on her body. Everybody talked about the setting for her story and then made models of the island where she lives. The Year 1s went on to make maps of their models.


    The Star of the Day box has been popular and children have been confident to talk to the class about their special things from home.


    The highlight of the week for Year 1s was the teddy bears' picnic, closely followed by handwriting for some, perhaps surprisingly! The new purple handwriting books have proved very popular, with some children asking to stay in at playtime to improve their handwriting.

    Settling in


    It's been lovely to welcome the new children and to see the older ones help them to settle in happily.


    We asked the class what they had most enjoyed so far.


    Being with the other children was top of the list. They have also really enjoyed learning about map reading and compasses, examining the honey comb on the day we learnt about hexagons and starting on their musical theater sessions. They have been interested in learning some sign language and their favourite maths lesson so far was the one conducted on the play castle, about positional language.


    We are looking forward to our teddies picnic, cooking Islamic food in RE, building an island and making a map of it in geography and teaching the rest of the school some sign language in our assembly.

    This term our topic is 'heads, shoulders, hooves and tails'. The children are going to be learning about themselves, their families and other animals. They will be using the outdoors as much as possible and being creative within the environment. 
    Welcome to our Summer Term. We have a PTA Meeting at school on Thursday 11th April at 3.30pm. All parents welcome.