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    This term our topic is 'head, shoulders, hoove and tails'. The children are going to be learning about themselves, their families and other animals. They will be using the outdoors as much as possible and being creative within the environment. 

    It's been lovely to welcome the new children and to see the older ones help them to settle in happily.


    We asked the class what they had most enjoyed so far.


    Being with the other children was top of the list. They have also really enjoyed learning about map reading and compasses, examining the honey comb on the day we learnt about hexagons and starting on their musical theater sessions. They have been interested in learning some sign language and their favourite maths lesson so far was the one conducted on the play castle, about positional language.


    We are looking forward to our teddies picnic, cooking Islamic food in RE, building an island and making a map of it in geography and teaching the rest of the school some sign language in our assembly.

    Thrupp Primary School Open Morning for new parents: Wednesday 23rd October 2019 from 10am-11.30am. You would be most welcome to join us and experience our school.