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    Autumn Term 1 and Term 2

    Reading in Eagles!


    We began the term discussing the types of books we enjoy reading and when and where we like to read. We created our own Reading Identity posters to tell everyone a bit more about what we are like as readers. We also looked at the books we are currently reading - there is a diverse selection! We will be creating a wish list for new books in the following weeks and starting our reading stack challenge to see how many books we can read throughout the year as a class. 



    Our topic in terms 1 and 2 is Invasion!


    In History, we will be looking at the Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England.


    Some questions we will be focussing on will be:

    • Where did the Vikings come from?
    • What made the Vikings so successful?
    • What made the Viking Longship a good mode of transport?


    Our work on Vikings will also continue in other areas of our curriculum such as English, Art and DT.


    These handy websites may be a place where your child can start their knowledge journey...




    Eagles Class Topic Letter - Term 1 and Term 2