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    Autumn Term 1 and Term 2

    We had a special visitor today...

    Ooooooh La La! Madame Kelly prepared a wonderful French breakfast for us as we earnt the most French stickers!

    We hope you enjoy our performance of ‘The Happiest Christmas Tree’ by Nat "King" Cole

    Still image for this video

    The wonderful Mrs Jenkins made some fabulous baths salts with us!

    In science we investigated different materials to see which one had the best sound proofing qualities.

    Theme Week: Explore!

    Our first challenge this week was to explore the power of paper!

    We used the book 'Lifesize' to explore how we measure up against different animals...

    We researched the actual size of different animals and animal body parts, and then created our own lifesize pictures.

    Today we explored the power of the brain! We began by creating our own brain using instant mash, salt and hot water! The blob was the weight and feel of an actual brain.

    This experiment demonstrated how our skull protects our brain!

    We carried out lots of different activities to investigate the variety of things are brain can do!

    What caused the dinosaurs to become extinct? We carried out an investigation to find out if a meteor makes a greater impact when it falls from a higher height...

    Today we explored the Ocean, we were inspired by film footage from the Blue Planet series. We also read an amazing book by Jennifer Berne called 'Manfish' all about the famous oceanographer and explorer Jacques Cousteau. Inspired by our underwater work we used watercolours to create some beautiful paintings...

    In RE this term, we have been learning about the Holy Trinity and what it means to Christians. We designed our own triptych pictures to show our own representations of the Holy Trinity.

    ‘The Wonderful World of Water’ - As part of our Geography topic, Beth from Severn Trent Water came to talk to Eagles. We learnt about how drinking water reaches our taps and we pledged to reduce our water use by turning off the tap when we brush our teeth, taking shorter showers and only filling up our baths halfway.

    We investigated how we could change the volume and the pitch of a sound.

    In Science we have been investigating how musical instruments make sounds!

    Happy Harvest from Eagles class!

    Visit out school Harvest Festival page to see the amazing Harvest Wreaths that we made...

    Vicious Vikings! We have been learning about what made the Vikings such successful invaders. Here are some of the posters we made to warn the Anglo-Saxons about the threat of Viking invasion...

    Reading Rivers - we have been thinking about all the different reading that we do throughout the day. Here are some of the reading rivers we made for homework.

    Reading in Eagles!


    We began the term discussing the types of books we enjoy reading and when and where we like to read. We created our own Reading Identity posters to tell everyone a bit more about what we are like as readers. We also looked at the books we are currently reading - there is a diverse selection! We will be creating a wish list for new books in the following weeks and starting our reading stack challenge to see how many books we can read throughout the year as a class. 



    Our topic in terms 1 and 2 is Invasion!


    In History, we will be looking at the Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England.


    Some questions we will be focussing on will be:

    • Where did the Vikings come from?
    • What made the Vikings so successful?
    • What made the Viking Longship a good mode of transport?


    Our work on Vikings will also continue in other areas of our curriculum such as English, Art and DT.


    These handy websites may be a place where your child can start their knowledge journey...




    Eagles Class Topic Letter - Term 1 and Term 2

    Welcome to our Summer Term. We have a PTA Meeting at school on Thursday 11th April at 3.30pm. All parents welcome.