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    Who's been brilliant this week?

    Monday 18th May – Friday 22nd May



    Fjola - for riding her bike without stabilisers!

    Juno - for learning to ride her pedal bike!

    Martha - for making delicious pizza for dinner for her family!

    Rory - for learning to ride his bike without stabilisers! You impressed Mrs Mylechreest and Miss Mills when they came to see you.

    Seth - for planting flowers and vegetables in the garden!

    Simon - for making a super junk-model robot!

    Will - for being brilliant at counting and planting seedlings in the garden!



    Wiley - writing botanical field notes

    Matthew - making an amazing robot

    Thea - a pyramid engineering project (check out the photo on the website)

    Juno - decorating the school garden – Mrs Mylechreest was SO impressed!

    Lola - confidence and perseverance with her maths

    Ethan - catching an amazing mirror carp!



    Meryn – Trying lots of new foods from around the world and doing fantastic reviews about what she liked/disliked and why (last Friday) AND this week she’s written an amazing story that takes you back in time to the Tudors!

    Blythe – Doing a brilliant job on White Rose maths and also improving her handwriting by trying really hard. Miss Mills was pleased to hear how nicely you and your sister have been working together.

    Flo – Working super hard on Spelling Shed and spontaneously making Mum breakfast in bed with Freddie! You are so lovely.

    Charlotte – Writing a great story AND showing amazing determination on Spelling Shed – you’re going to end up being a walking dictionary with all your amazing spelling!

    Walt – Writing his own story inspired by the Mr Men books, Tink (his cat) and Diary of a Wombat, for becoming super speedy at solving maths problems and demonstrating amazing catching and tennis skills!

    Matthew – Best home learning day since lockdown! Working so hard today with excellent attitude and achieving lots.

    Merry – For always living up to her name by being merry and cheerful!

    Daisy O – A beautiful nature creation!



    Primrose - learning to make a cup of tea and being thoughtful in making one for her family and a fab food poem

    Jake - making his amazing bug hotel

    Jacen - His amazing clock and his bundle of fab writing

    Arthur - mammoth amount of work on purple mash, rock stars and the two online spelling sites and lots of Lego building and cycling

    Milly - fantastic home baking and craft

    Gabriel - a very creative homemade café

    Hayden - A fab food poem

    Casper - his great knowledge of the world and sharing it with others

    Ralph - thoughtful card to celebrate a golden anniversary 

    Naomi - Detailed and thorough Eid research

    Georgie - thoughtful poem

    Louisa - great artwork and writing 

    Kristian - for pushing himself in his assessments demonstrating great proficiency



    Charlie, William, Zy, Freddie and Elliott - Spelling Shed champions!

    Tessa - amazing story writing

    Honey - making the biggest, tastiest carrot cake ever!

    William - fantastic thriller story writing

    Oscar - brilliant cookery 

    Rosa N - excellent PowerPoint about Diwali

    Conrad - using a spreadsheet program effectively to create a pie chart of sugar in food

    Elsie - using a whole range of DT skills to make a fantastic bird box for her garden

    Elliott-acid and alkaline experiment

    Perry- creating a Christmas Crisis game

    Bonnie- writing and illustrating her own book!

    Cora-stunning culinary skills

    Salome-excellent entries for the Photography competition 

    Sam - a brilliant nature documentary about Slow worms

    Charlie- delicious cooking

    Elizabeth-Super sentences

    Tessa-great costume design

    Freddie-making his Mum a lovely breakfast in bed



    Mark – for making a carrot cake using ingredients that he already had at home. The cake was delicious! Mark is awarded his second Brilliant Book for being very creative and making a donut using a 3D rendering software. Have a look at the pictures on the Owls page!

    Sam – for making toad-in-the-hole on Sunday evening. He was successful and very proud! 

    Finley – for SO much progress in his writing – he has written another wonderfully creative and interesting story. Another proud teacher moment!

    Tom – for undertaking EXTRA work by interviewing his Mum about how her job working for the NHS has changed recently, and the impact of this.

    Esme -  for baking cinnamon soft pretzels with a caramel sauce to dip and a batch of leopard biscuits as well. Delicious!

    Connor – for working exceptionally hard and showing resilience, determination and perseverance with a range of maths challenges. He has epitomised the Thrupp School ‘Resilience’ Learning Power!

    Kaden – for working hard and for being a kind big brother.

    Leon – for sending in some wonderful photographs that he had taken of nature.

    Dougie – for learning new skills, including making a cup of tea and a delicious curry!

    Ben -  for coding this week using a language called ‘Lua’. He has made a game on Roblox (a gaming website and app). He has also made an obstacle course called ‘Jumpy Jumps’. Well done, Ben!

    Picture 1

    Monday 11th May – Friday 15th May:



    Kit - for his beautiful leaf print flower

    Ella - for her flower and leaf collage picture

    Dilys - for walking all the way to the woolpack

    Rory - for building a huge duplo tower

    Hazel - for her beautiful texture rubbings and writing

    Simon - for brilliant texture rubbings

    Poppy - for her frozen egg flowers

    Martha - for looking after her tadpoles so well



    Wiley -  Amazing writing about chocolate!

    Ethan - Fantastic sea life picture.

    Riley - Great ice cream design.

    Archie - Lovely pictures of his favourite fruits.

    Jude - Brilliant poem.

    Maeve - Lovely spring party preparation and celebration

    Juno - Having wonderful lust for life and brightening up her family’s days.

    Jude, Maeve and Samson and family for oodles of creativity.

    Artie for eating purple food, yum yum.

    Wiley for international food research.

    Billy for advanced technical drawing.

    Archie for his still life drawing.

    Jude for his non-rhyming poetry.

    Ellie-Mai - wonderful reading of the wonky donkey!



    Sam – An AMAZING detailed news report with his own painted and labelled weather map. He then acted this out – it was brilliant!

    Keir – Mastering riding his bike!

    Matthew – Focussing on making pizza dough – measuring all the ingredients and deciding he would make pizza shapes! Well done Matthew.

    Jasper – FIRST NOMINATION: he’s learnt all the year 1 spellings and is beginning to use them when writing his birthday thank you cards AND a brilliant news report telling us about the weather, VE day, coronavirus and his birthday! Super writing Jasper. SECOND NOMINATION: Mummy is so proud of you moving up a reading level and reading beautifully at home. After reading Viking Adventure, you made a fabulous Viking shield!

    Harri – A wonderful Strawberry Hug Mascot and recipe!

    Georgia – A super healthy fruity milkshake recipe that she told Miss Mills all about. AND 2nd nomination from Mrs Barwell for working in a group to create a powerful advert and drama in school.

    Daisy C – Designing a super yummy ice cream sundae recipe and writing a beautiful poem for mummy.

    Walt – The best school report he has ever received – Mum and dad are so proud of you! He also wrote a song for the Square football team in the Shapes league, spending time on getting his art work just tight and designing a fantastic vegan mint choc chip ice cream with great packaging.

    James and Ruby – Working in a group to create a powerful advert and drama in school.

    Charlotte – Working hard in all her lessons this week -super independent Maths problem solving, challenging herself on Spelling Shed and a wonderful menu.

    Flo – Being very thoughtful and making posters to email to her Danish great aunt in Sweden who is isolating alone. Flo wrote ‘Hello Else!’ in Danish for her!!



    May - her beautiful Haiku poem that she read out on the telephone

    Ella - working in a group to create a powerful advert for a new chocolate bar

    Fred - fantastic creative photos

    Naomi - apostrophe champ!

    Kristian - superstar writing

    Georgie - Wonderful combined effort of writing and artwork!

    Ralph - Wonderful work with writing and baking beautiful apple tarts



    Megan and Tabby – Working in a group to create a powerful advert and drama in school.

    Herbie - fantastic French menu

    Jasmine - delicious ice cream sundae creation

    Elliott - really brilliant reading 

    Salome - excellent descriptive poem about beavers

    Tabby, Evelyn - brilliant baking

    Perry- very creative photo shop art work

    Fin-fantastic times table knowledge(witnessed in person!)

    Rosa N- Come dine with me dinner

    Sam-excellent instructions for how to make a bonfire

    Rosa S-Designing a new chocolate bar

    Tessa-very interesting research on the sugar content of different breakfast foods

    Freddie-a multitude of activities



    Kaden – for being resilient and working hard on his home learning tasks.

    Laurie – for being a wonderful friend and for always having a superb attitude to his home learning.

    Finley – for being a wonderful writer and putting lots of effort into the writing process.

    Megan – for her resilience and extremely positive attitude to her home learning, and also for a wonderful jingle for her chocolate bar task. Your work ethic is admirable!

    Connor – for his aesthetically pleasing chocolate bar design presented with a wonderful level of attention to detail.

    Dougie – for working really hard on his English tasks and for persevering with his learning. 

    Tom - for baking brownies and bread and documenting the process through pictures and annotations. Yummy!

    Martha - for being a wonderful big sister supporting her little brother with his learning and for making a really cool, creative musical instrument. Martha is also nominated for her consistently assiduous work ethic. 

    Sam - for baking a new, delicious dish of squidgy apple squares - the result was delicious!

    Lazlo - for his brilliant attitude to his home learning this week! Lazlo is also awarded a second Brilliant Book for his enthusiasm in the baking challenge - he made cookies (the 'Leaning Tower of Cookies') for the first time and helped to make stewed rhubarb - yummy! 

    Monday 4th May – Friday 8th May



    Juno - for watering the seedlings all by herself!

    Fjola - for recognising lots of numbers and counting to 100! Also for mastering the balance bike!

    Fraser - for making party hats for all his toys!

    Simon - for creating a tasty menu for his spring party and lovely invitations!

    Kit - for making beautiful leaf prints in clay!

    Hazel - for her amazing colouring skills!

    Will - for becoming an excellent homemade bread baker!

    Dilys - for super threading!

    Iitu - for making boats good enough to float in the river!

    Seth - for making beautiful butterflies and caterpillars!

    Charlie - for doing brilliant blending and sounding out!

    Mrs Aldridge and Miss Wood - for sorting, cleaning and organising the cupboard! Amazing!



    Matthew - independent writing to retell Thumbelina 

    Lola - doing really well with her reading

    Nylah - working through her work quickly

    Madison – learning to ride a bike with no stabilisers

    Artie - for his super electrical circuit with working light bulb. One proud little boy!

    Wiley - writing and starring in a super 'Tweedy' Video show!

    Billy – Wonderful mythical beast drawings.



    Jasper – Wonderful maths reasoning and taking on the additional maths challenges this week!

    Charlotte – Her amazing determination on Spelling Shed. Mum and Dad had to persuade her to stop so she could eat her lunch! AND an AMAZING news report using new vocabulary she'd learnt and using wonderful expression. I'm so proud of you.

    Lola – Creating beautiful posters to thank our key workers during this time. (And an added bonus - your handwriting was beautiful too!)

    Daisy C – Amazing art work when learning about Frida Kahlo and Claude Monet!

    Walt – Outstanding progress he continues to make on his handwriting. He is putting so much effort into it and making Mum, Mrs Bovington and I proud. He also produced an amazing weather forecast for Walt News UK!

    Freddie – Being so enthusiastic about his reading and his creative writing AND being a great teacher, to his sister Fjola, to help her learn numbers and letters.

    Arabella – Creating her own amazing song about saving the world and lovely ideas for a ‘fake news’ report.

    Merry – Super English work and making mummy happy with all her amazing outfit changes!

    Meryn - Writing not one but TWO news reports for her writing task this week, making her own weather station and her own recycled paper! WOW!

    Daisy O - An AMAZING independent news report - You have made mummy, Mrs Bovington and Miss Mills very proud! 



    Kristian - Amazing Fractions and decimals work

                  - Outdoor Maths

    Alfie - Wonderful writing 

    Naomi - Thoughtful charity letter

    Arthur -a poster and logo for a clean up’ robot and his drawing of a witch from Roald Dahls book
    Casper - Super work on his newspaper report

    Milly - A super picture of a magical rat called Hua

    Ralph - Fab recycling poster and wonderful VE celebrations

    Gabriel - A wonderful weather report



    Freddie-stunning project on endangered Okapis

    Salome-amazing Eagle art work

    Conrad - excellent character fact file

    Evelyn - brilliant information leaflet about her sheep

    Jasmine - very powerful poem about hope (read it on our class page)

    Honey - a beautiful poem about hope (read it on our class page)

    Elsie - excellent sewing skills

    Amelia - wonderful facts and diagram of Sea Turtles

    Herbie - for his amazing Stick Poem and all things 'Sticky'

    Charlie - baking delicious Carrot cakes

    Tessa- super animal poem

    Elizabeth-fabulous endangered species leaflet



    Luan – for making new latches for the chicken run completely independently and for baking some delicious heart shaped fudge cookies which he shared with people who live alone on his road – you are truly lovely!

    Tom – for a brilliant and thoughtful acrostic poem to thank the NHS.

    Beatrice – for a wonderfully creative and colourful front cover for a book about caring for rabbits.

    Finley – for an amazing NHS thank you poem with so much thought – the word ‘gratitude’ perfectly summed up the appreciation. Finley has also been nominated for his SECOND Brilliant Book of the week for being a wonderful writer!

    Connor – for a fabulous voice recording singing Old MacDonald in French - très bien! Connor has also been nominated for his SECOND Brilliant Book of the week for a maths project where he had to find all the numbers from 1 to 20 using four 4s and any operation - wow!

    Leon – for going above and beyond with creative ways of making his bookmarks!

    Ben – amazing artwork for a wonderful Owl design – please have a look at the picture on the website!

    Scarlett – a wonderfully creative and appreciative NHS thank you poem!

    Humphrey – for his excellent perseverance, time management and his dedicated hammock making and science. Also, his SECOND Brilliant Book for an incredible NHS poem (look on the home learning page – it is written to a famous tune). Wow!

    Laurie - for being a caring and kind friend willing to put others first. 

    Monday 27th April – Friday 1st May:


    Children in school:

    Laurie, Zy, Ben, Charlie, Ella, Ruby, Taby, Georgia, William, James and Megan - For continuing brilliant enthusiasm, (even on rainy days), in our morning workouts.



    Paloma and her mum - making an amazing bug hotel

    Annu - for making a wormery and collecting worms to go into it!

    Iitu - making caterpillar egg collage picture and some beautiful fruit printing

    Rory - baking delicious caterpillar and butterfly biscuits

    Simon - for super cutting skills and completing the life-cycle sheets

    Fjola - creating a gorgeous butterfly

    Dilys - for doing very tricky maths on the computer

    Will - for dressing himself everyday and even doing his buttons!

    Kit - for making super tasty thumb print biscuits!

    Juno - for an amazing caterpillar picture!

    Mrs Aldridge and Miss  Wood - super cleaning of the nursery and all the toys!



    Matthew – For his lovely animal picture (on Purple Mash) with a sentence he wrote himself and a very lovely message to go with it.

    Maeve – Brilliant animal project.

    Leif – Great confidence and chatting on the phone.

    Shelley Tester – Her amazing work on the garden

    Wiley – Brilliant 3D diorama about Lions

    Jude – For his 2.6 challenge – He raised £200 for Meningitis Trust. Wow!!

    Isla - Being a fantastic member of her household; decorating, cooking, caring, making art and learning the new skills of diving and skipping.



    Merry – Learning to ride a bike with confidence and amazing gymnastics!

    Lola – Helping Mummy paint the living room and working really hard on the computer.

    Daisy C – An AMAZING story about Daisy the Detective and the mystery of the stolen dogs. I was blown away by your amazing writing and am so proud of you.

    Sam – A wonderful fact file about Otters using his best joined up handwriting.

    Flo – You are a wonderful fashion designer (reviewing your product and improving it) and a keen mathematician – you are a star.

    Walt – Being so enthusiastic about all of our learning this week – I particularly enjoyed your tiger catching his prey video!

    Jasper – Excellent independent use of Microsoft Word.

    Harri – Continuing with his wonderful Coronasaurus story.

    Meryn – Creating a wonderful fact file about emperor penguins and an amazing published picture book which she read beautifully to Miss Mills.

    Arabella – Working unbelievably hard at all her home learning! So impressed with your animal designing and creating. Super D&T skills.

    Matthew – Fabulous White Rose fractions

    Otis –Showing a wonderful attitude to learning and working extremely hard on spelling shed!

    James - Leading a brilliant warm up activity in the morning warm up at school.



    Casper - has been finding out about fractals and has done some super bike riding.

    Arthur - for a mammoth amount of effort in his home learning tasks.

    Ralph - for his AMAZING ice cream parlour

    Kristian - for a mammoth amount of work

    Fred - Stunning rainbow photos of the allotment

    Kit  - Speedy knowledge of his timestable

    Gabriel - For his fab news report on his own created beast

    Primrose - Huge improvement in her fraction work

    Milly - For emailing a beloved author

    Naomi - Her wonderful work on an animal

    Ella - Her beautiful bug hotel

    Georgie - Her wonderful haiku poem

    Beau - AMAZING spellings and AMAZING project work

    Alfie - wonderful project work



    Tessa - lots of lovely work with super presentation

    Elizabeth - fantastic French

    Bonnie - an unbelievable amount of work-utterly amazing!

    Elsie - learning a new life skill-sewing

    Cora - taking part in lockdown crew films

    Elliott - Tremendous Times table practicing and decimal work

    Rosa - Fantastic French poster

    Zy - great first day in school

    Evelyn - amazing 3D model of Lake Moraine

    William - gripping story opening

    Theo - fantastic French sketches

    Oscar - brilliant purple mash work

    Bash - Fantastic hundredths work & fantastic French(cochon d’inde)

    Luke - beautiful sketches and a super pigeon poem

    Freddie- being an amazing archaeologist

    Sam- TTRockstars champion

    Tessa-creating a brilliant lockdown soundtrack

    Herbie – Amazing map work!

    Megan - Brilliant bendy moves in the morning workout at school!



    Martha – for a brilliant pencil drawing of a duck and for organising a wonderful 2.6 fundraising event running 26 laps of her garden for 5 days to help Meningitis Now. With her brother Jude, together they have raised a fantastic £300! 

    Frank – a wonderful viewpoint creation of the Niagara Falls.  

    Tom – excellent viewpoints work about responsibility in learning contexts.  

    Lazlo – thoughtful PSHE responses and amazing artwork! 

    Esme – a brilliant piece of perspective art and a phenomenal owl sketch.  

    Beatrice – for making a model of the Holy monastery of Simonos Petra out of a milk carton for the base of the mountain, papier-mache and air-drying clay for the buildings. 

    Owen - for wonderfully creative viewpoint baking! 

    Sam – for a beautiful depiction of a pygmy owl through the medium of sketching. 

    Dan – for creating a wonderful animated Owl. It really made Miss Greenwood smile!  

    Finley - for going above and beyond and using two different techniques to produce brilliant Owl sketches.  

    Luan – for a wonderful sketch of a long-eared owl. Amazing artist!  

    Connor – for a brilliant piece of work with lots of detail about Degus.  

    Monday 20th April – Friday 24th April:



    Martha – Learning to ride her bike without stabilisers. Wow!

    Ella – Creating beautiful mosaic collages and mini-beast drawings.

    Iitu –Writing and illustrating stories with Maeve

    Fjola – Creating a beautiful rainbow with Freddie for their window.

    Kit – Making an amazing guitar!

    Fraser – Learning how to ride his bike without stabilisers. Wow!

    Poppy – Making rainbow cards for all her neighbours.

    Dilys – Editing photos on the ipad and creating some fantastic pictures.

    Juno – Making amazing 3D butterflies.

    Rory – Making some great insect prints on salt dough.

    Paloma – Learning to sew!

    Will – Making an amazing birthday banner!

    Mrs Roselli – Growing very large tadpoles!



    Bobby – Amazing drawings and team work.

    Jude – Working hard with his sisters to create an amazing rainbow.

    Riley – Fantastic maths work using coins and a ruler to help him.

    Madison – Lovely neat sentence writing.

    Matthew – Marvellous mini beast work AND completing the fiendishly tricky maths puzzle.

    Jude - Wonderful rainbow.

    Archie - Writing about his chocolate eggs.

    Wiley - Making us laugh with the Purple Burple story.

    Sophie - Such enthusiastically friendly waving!

    Ellie-Mai - Chomping through reading books!

    Ethan - Looking after wildlife in his pond.

    Artie – Persevering and writing number 18 all by himself!

    Mrs Bendle – Coming in on her day off to help sort intervention packs.



    James – a wonderful poem about a dog.

    Matthew – just being a general superstar always! Including learning how to do burpees with Joe Wicks.

    Georgia – Wonderful playing shops with Tabby and using coins.

    Walt – A wonderful diary entry. Keep the amazing writing up!

    Jasper – An amazing, yet disgusting, recipe for spider soup and reading it aloud so beautifully.

    Sam – Writing an amazing letter to Miss Mills with beautiful handwriting and description.

    Charlotte – Wow! Reading 22 books since lockdown started – keep up the impressive reading Charlotte!

    Harri – A wonderful list of things he would do this week to be kind.

    Meryn – Writing an amazing poem called ‘The Storm’.

    Flo – Holding a plank for 3.5 minutes! (a gymnastic challenge) Being creative and sewing her own backpack on her own AND beautiful writing. You are a super star Flo.

    Freddie – Being amazing! So much home learning and trying so hard to learn to tell the time and use measurements. He even created a lovely Hawks colouring sheet for his friends to complete (it’s on the Hawks home learning page if you want to do it!) and creating a beautiful large rainbow with his sister (including measuring the window!).

    Blythe – Showing a love of learning and completing her phonics activity booklet.

    Mrs Bovington – Cheerful singing around the building and keeping Miss Mills smiling.



    Louisa – Making bread over the Easter holidays.

    Ralph – Amazing artwork designing a new front cover for the book he’s reading.

    Sid – Amazing drawings and team work.

    Hayden – Learning to ride his bike on his own. Amazing determination Hayden! AND creating a delicious homemade pizza.

    Prim, May, Joe, Georgie, Fred, Beau, Jacen and Mabel – Great efforts on timetable 2dos on purple mash.

    Primrose – An amazing leaflet

    Milly – Finishing the class novel before the rest of the class.

    Alfie – Clever Corona Virus Time Capsule!

    Naomi – A contrasting retelling of the Owl and the Pussycats from a different point of view.

    Georgie – Clever maths!



    Jasmine, Rosa, Perry, Amelia and Theo - Great animations created

    Bonnie, Tessa, Bash, Charlie, Tabby, Finlay and Evelyn - Good effort completing times tables 2dos

    Oscar – Learning to knit

    Amelia – Carrying out a half marathon with her dad in the back garden and raising over £1000 for charity.

    Meghan – A fantastic poem!

    Freddie – Brilliant hairdressing, gardening and being creative with socks!

    Tabby – Real life maths playing shops with her sister.

    Perry – Creating a lung from a bottle and a balloon.

    Herbie – Mrs M spotted the best rainbow ever on the windows above your front door.

    Jasmine - Brilliant maths.

    Sam - Persevering and succeeding with maths. 

    Emily - A whole range of brilliant-ness at home!



    Sam – Amazing art work for the BTBF bus shelter project.

    Alfie – for being helpful by supporting his Dad with jobs, and making some yummy bread from scratch. Great work!

    Megan – beautiful canvas artwork using oil paints. The sunset that Megan painted was stunning and showed real artistic flair (see a picture of the artwork on the Owls page).

    Esme – for being an all-round STAR: learning new tricks on her trampoline, making an aircraft model and making a gorgeous heart banner with her sewing machine to show her gratitude towards the NHS and key workers. Wonderful and inspiring – have a look at the pictures on the Owls page!

    Nancy – for working hard with her maths challenges and an all-round excellent attitude to home learning!

    Hope – for an amazing amount of effort in all of her home learning tasks and making everyone proud!

    Connor – making an assiduous effort rechecking his work and spotting mistakes and correcting them independently in maths.

    Ben - for using a BBC Microbit to create a light sensor. Firstly he built the electronic circuit and wrote a program for it to display a sun or a moon depending on the amount of light striking the sensor. He then amended the code to make an intermediate ‘sunset’ setting and added animated graphics. Wow!



    Monday 6th April – 17th April:


    Mrs Mylechreest – Sending morning texts to brighten everyone’s day.



    Bobby – Writing his own book AND amazing independent maths at home.

    Matthew – Brilliant baking and bug work AND an amazing book about martins.

    Billy – Brilliant bike riding and chatting to Mrs Harris.

    Isla – Brilliant ball games with her dog

    Archie – Amazing bike riding.

    Madison – Creating a beautiful colourful picture for everyone.

    Samson – Creating amazing lego displays and losing his first tooth!

    Jude - Making an amazing rainbow collage to cheer people up along the lane.

    Wiley – Making collagraphy prints.

    Thea - Animation

    Mrs Harris – Adapting to the new challenge – a fab delivery driver and teacher now!

    Mrs Bashford – Arranging and sorting out the outdoor area in school.



    Merry – Creating their own volcano!

    Finley – Working hard at home and challenging his parents at scrabble!

    Matthew – Using some brilliant vocabulary in the holidays (including agile and infinite!)

    Harri – Coming up with creative ideas for how to create a bird feeder and a hedgehog house.

    Lola – Helping taking the shopping in for her Mum – super helpful Lola thank you!

    Jasper – After much determination, learning to skip with a skipping rope!

    Keir – Creating wonderful lego displays – even some flying items!

    Daisy C – Learning to ride a bike and doing really well! Mum is very proud of you.

    Meryn – Making wonderful collagraphy prints over Easter and writing sentences about the type of hummingbird she created.

    Miss Mills - for the brilliant work she is doing with this website and making staff send things for her to put on!



    Casper – Creating their own volcano!

    Primrose – For being so helpful by learning to use the washing machine and doing a washing load every morning.

    Naomi - Excellent work following an origami tutorial to make an Easter basket.

    Miss Barwell – Looking after the key worker children in school over the Easter holidays.



    Cora – Making a yummy birthday cake!

    Elsie – Amazing art work including a beautiful NHS poster and an exciting ice hand experiment.

    Sam – A whole variety of ways he has been brilliant in his home learning

    Rosa -  Doing some lovely junk modelling and playing lots of football with her brothers.

    William – Amazing hoverboard skills

    Perry – Fantastic miniature Victorian food

    Elliott – Changing his insulin pump pod entirely independently – amazing achievement!

    Mrs Bass – Working super hard on home learning tasks, supporting in school and finding lots of new reading resources for our children.

    Mrs Catt – Creating a wonderful Easter hat for the parade and sending in her photo to Miss Mills (and working super hard on everything else school related!)



    Lazlo – Super attitude to his home learning and for making his parents and Miss Greenwood really proud!

    Dougie – Sharing an original newspaper article with Miss Greenwood and showing an amazing historical awareness.

    Tom – Amazing artwork, specifically with lots of attention to detail with drawing.

    Mark – Excellent cooking skills making buns and documenting the process – they were super tasty!

    Martha – Making an amazing rainbow collage to cheer people up along the lane.

    Connor – Excellent work following an origami tutorial to make an Easter basket.

    Hope – Truly outstanding artwork. Miss Greenwood is so proud of it, and genuinely couldn’t believe at first that it wasn’t a piece from an art gallery! Amazing artist award.

    Miss Greenwood – Always working hard and continuing to research and share ideas to support the children’s learning.

    Monday 30th March – Friday 3rd April:



    Juno – Writing a lovely email to her teachers

    Matthew – Working hard at home

    Archie – Enjoying doing lots of learning with Mummy

    Lola – Lots of lovely outdoor learning!

    Riley – Mastered counting in 2s!

    Wiley – Has been very busy and has made a tuck shop.

    Madison – Great reading and baking.

    Jude – Researched and coloured in a red eyed tree frog.

    Billy – Working super hard at home!



    Harri – Writing an amazing story opening about the ‘Coronasaurus’.

    Lacey – Being up early on a Monday and working super hard!

    Matthew - Great research about Secretary birds

    Georgia – Working independently on tasks at school

    Daisy O – Amazing work on purple mash and writing at home

    Lola – Writing at home with Mummy

    Jago – Excellent effort towards his home learning and creating their own BTBF activity (a minecraft tote bag!).

    Daisy C – independent creative Art activities at home and continuing to work super hard at home.

    Jasper - Creating a family tree and writing a lovely letter to Miss Mills.

    Walt – lots of wonderful home learning going on.



    Alfie - Being up early on a Monday and working super hard!

    Gabriel - Excellent effort towards his home learning and creating their own BTBF activity (a minecraft tote bag!).

    Hayden – Lots of reading and writing at home.

    Naomi – Creating a rhubarb crumble for BTBF and lots of creative writing at home.

    Fred – Writing a lovely email to Miss Barwell.

    Sidney – Writing his own book!

    Prim – Creating a family tree

    Arthur – Working super hard at home!



    Elliott – Great research about Secretary birds

    Tabby – Continuing to work in school independently and looking after her little sister.

    Rosa S – Working hard at home with both her brothers.

    Salome – An amazing family portrait

    Herbie – Working hard from home

    Amelia – Fab piece of writing

    Tessa – Working super hard at home – keep it up!

    Elsie - An amazing subtraction poster.



    Dougie – Brilliant attitude to learning

    Connor – Making his own website for BTBF. Wow! If you want to look click here: 

    Mark – Creating his own computer from scratch!

    Leon – Amazing art work for the bus shelter exhibition

    Humphrey – Amazing work ethic and attitude to his home learning

    Martha - A wonderful canvas painting for the bus shelter exhibition

    We hope that you are all well and happy. Exciting photographic competition is coming to you. Look on the home learning pages for more information.