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    Brilliant Book. Term 2

    Who's been brilliant this week?

    FRIDAY -  20.11.20.



    Paloma - Writing her name so beautifully!

    Annu - Being super at number work - sequencing 1-5!

    Taze - Having a super imagination and role-playing in the big sand pit!

    Amaya - Super colouring of her Rangoli picture!

    Ezra - Being super at cutting with the scissors!

    Kit - Having a super imagination and role-playing in the big sand pit!

    Mae - Super throwing and catching with the ball!

    Grace - Fantastic throwing and catching!



    Karys, Iitu & Orin - Brilliant Number 8 work!

    Elena - Brilliant greater than, less than and equals in Maths!

    Rory - Brilliant counting!

    Ayrton - Great Name writing!

    Fraser - Amazing tidying!

    Sophie - Super independent writing!



    Ethan - Great work on Nessy using sounds to read new words!

    Thea - Wonderful progress in reading!

    Lily - Amazing writing about her animal that learnt to do something new

    Daisy C, Suzy and Georgia - Being super caring friends and looking after some of the reception children!



    Florence - Amazing speedy Maths with her column addition!

    Archie - Fab progress in his reading! 

    Keir - Using the features of INSTRUCTIONS in his written work!

    Hayden - Accurate spellings that ensures he stands out at in his spelling sessions!

    Lola - A wonderful mathematician who shines in her sessions!

    Sid - Superb reading and enjoyment when reading aloud



    Primrose - Making at Boudicca PowerPoint at home, and fantastic research on Boudicca!

    Filip - Independent writing!

    Ella - Brilliant Chariot Racing Advert completed at home!  And fantastic silhouette work in Art!

    Alfie - Fantastic writing!

    Salome & Fred - Super body forms in Art!

    Gabriel - For awesome Artwork!



    Rosa N - For a brilliant model and homework for our Black History homework!

    Charlie - For excellent clarity and confidence with his Black History homework presentation!

    Connor - For an excellent model for his Black History homework based on Sir David Adjaye!


    Week Ending 13.11.20.



    Seth - Being a great mechanic on our "Bus"!

    Cosmo - Working together with a friend to build a great wooden tower!

    Monty - Working together with a friend to create a big tower!

    Harrison - Doing fantastic climbing on the climbing wall!

    Paloma - Doing fantastic climbing on the climbing wall!

    Juno - Doing fantastic climbing on the climbing wall!

    Grace - Doing fantastic climbing on the climbing wall!

    Iris - Doing amazing sewing on her Autumn leaf!



    Ollie, Iitu, Milo & Darcy - Brilliant Reading!

    Shayla - Brilliant Number 6's!

    Artie, Archie, Isla, Elena - Trying so hard in Phonics!

    Rory - Brilliant listening at playtime when bell went!



    Daisy. C. - For reading a whole chapter in one night!

    Billy - Amazing team work with his brother at home!

    Wiley - Wonderful engagement with phonics!

    Maeve - Wonderful effort in maths, always up for a challenge!



    Kit - Pushing himself in writing and feeling proud of himself!

    Willow - Pushing herself in Maths!

    Archie - Independent and accurate adding of a single digit to a 2-digit number using a 100 square!

    Lacey- Independent and accurate adding of a single digit to a 2-digit number using a 100 square!

    Freddie - A stunning piece of writing work!

    Rosa - Achieving an impressive standard in our first lesson on Column Addition! 

    Arabella - Achieving an impressive standard in our first lesson on Column Addition!

    James - Working hard in Hockey to develop his skills set!

    Otis- Working hard in Hockey to develop his skills set!



    Bash - Brilliant book corner tidy-up

    Elizabeth - Brilliant book corner tidy-up

    Salome - Brilliant book corner tidy-up

    Meghan - Brilliant book corner tidy-up

    Kristian - Great planning for Newspaper Article!



    William. P., Fin & Beatrice - For winning Medal designs!

    Evelyn - For an amazing ghost story with lots of suspense and excellent plot!

    Honey - For outstanding Roman numerals maths work!

    Luke - For working assiduously on his animal adaptations work in science!

    Freddie - For being amazingly thoughtful and appreciative towards Mrs. Booker - What a polite young man!




    Week Ending 06.11.20.



    Ezra - For working with a friend, building a dinosaur cave!

    Seth - Good team work, building a dinosaur cave!

    Harrison - Building a great track!

    Mae - Completing a matching and counting puzzle 1-10!

    Alice - Super digging for treasure in the sand!

    Amaya - Creating birthday cakes with the sand!

    Paloma - Working with friends to create soup and cakes with the sand!



    Isla - Great poem ideas!

    Archie - Brilliant poem ideas and writing!

    Dilys, Will & Hazel - Amazing Autumn writing!

    Ava & Poppy - Brilliant writing name independently!

    Archie - Brilliant independent maths!

    Artie - For being a kind friend!



    Merry - getting her hair chopped for charity

    Ellie-Mai - amazing effort with her maths

    Thea - wonderful maths

    Daisy O - taking on a deepen challenge independently

    Lily - amazing concentration in maths

    Sammy - choosing to do extra maths and working so hard!



    Matthew - Fab Attitude in Maths!

    Willow - An amazing piece of writing that left the adults in the room speechless!

    Finley - Being the ONLY person in the class to finish the work and to do it in a correct way! Well done!

    Beau - An amazing piece of writing that was outstanding!

    Rosa - Wonderful working with her in English! 

    Charlotte - Noticed for her kindness and her reading!



    Fred - Brilliant effort with handwriting!

    Filip - Amazing work on Boudicca!

    Charlie - Fantastic recount writing!

    Finlay & Alfie - Brilliant playing at playtime!



    Conrad: For being a wonderful role model and friend!

    Luan - For being a marvellous mathematician with negative numbers!

    Emily - For amazing artwork for our nature sculptures!





    Brilliant Book. Term 1.

    Week Ending 22nd October, 2020.



    Alice - Putting her coat on all by herself!

    Grace - Putting her coat on all by herself!

    Max - Joining in "Wake & Shake"!

    Darcy - For being a kind friend!

    All the Fledgling Children for being so clever at learning the "Autumn Leaves" song!



    Fraser - Writing his name independently! 

    Ayrton - Great maths work - numbers 1-5!

    Hazel - Brilliant reading!

    Elena, Isla & Artie - Brilliant creation of a 3D model of Kestrels class.



    Matthew - Amazing Maths and always being up for a challenge!

    Bobby - Wonderful effort with his reading!

    Lily - Trying really hard with her maths and helping others!

    Riley - Reading lots at home and practising his number bond. Super attitude - well done!



    Walt - For a fantastic positive week!

    Lacey, Lola, Archie - Brilliant maths this week.  Number bonds to 10 and 20!

    Otis - Confident, fluent reading!



    Elizabeth, Jasmine & Cora - For looking after our school environment!

    Bash - Fantastic Yellow Day poster!

    Naomi & Millie - Great Myth writing!

    Filip - Amazing Maths!

    Naomi - Geography settlement work!

    Joe - Geography place name work!

    Filip - Brilliant building sentences!



    Luan - Excellent engagement with the Morse Code work!

    Evelyn - Excellent use of a new technique for English to analyse a text!

    Honey - Being noticed for such polite manners!

    Luke - Excellent analysis of a text using new techniques!



    Week Ending 16th October, 2020.



    Simon - Being brilliant at the fun run and even when he fell over, he got up and carried on!

    Grace - Being very confident at feeling and exploring the pumpkin seeds and flesh!

    Juno - Being the first to put her hands inside the pumpkin to feel the seeds and flesh!

    Ezra - Using the push along ride-on toy and sharing it, and working together with his friends!

    Mae - Having a go on the scooter and pushing herself along and balancing well.

    Jackson - Being super at using the hole puncher and scissors to make his picture!

    Betsy - Being brilliant at the fun run - running really fast and not stopping!



    Ava - Enthusiasm in her learning!

    Iitu - Brilliant number work!

    Ayrton - Trying hard to put his coat on independently!

    Fraser - For being a lovely friend!

    Karys - Trying hard with his name writing!

    Lily - Trying hard with her sounds!

    Orin - Amazing reading!

    Poppy - Trying hard to ride a pedal bike!

    Rory - Playing brilliantly with Harri, and brilliant following of instructions!

    Will - Lovely conversation and incredible general knowledge!



    Ellie-Mai - Wonderful Maths - having a go at twist it and not getting distracted!

    Silvan - Amazing concentration in maths adding and subtracting 10!

    Nylah - Being the 'teacher' and helping others with their Maths!

    Harri - Making a lovely friendship with a new Reception child!

    Wiley, Juno and Bibi - Amazing Maths working on their number bonds!



    Meryn - Her creative response to our Art lessons

    Matthew - Outstanding friend this week who has had a significant impact on someone else

    Jake - Positive approach to everything when working with adults

    Jago - Super progress in his work with Mrs Black

    Finley and Walt - Speedy Maths and challenging themselves

    Blythe - A wonderful friend this week.




    Alfie - Fantastic improvement in his writing!

    Finley L - Amazing presentation!

    Naomi - Fantastic Roman myth writing!

    Millie - Stunning myth writing!

    Primrose - Fantastic Black History homework!

    Jacen - Amazing addition!

    Alfie - Amazing History poster!

    Filip - Amazing Maths!

    Jacen - Stunning capital letters and full stops!



    Beatrice - Fabulous work on long multiplication!

    Bonnie - You are a long multiplication whizz - super progress!

    Cora & Jasmine - For saving a Frog from getting hurt!

    Humphrey - Being really thoughtful and aware of other children's needs and feeling!

    Week Ending 9th October, 2020.



    Grace - For doing super counting to 10 in the playground!

    Paloma - For being a super kind friend and including other children in her play!

    Arthur - Being a great leader and counting the children at circle time!

    Betsy - Counting up all the bones in the Spotty Dog game!  Brilliant "how many altogether"!

    Alice - Brilliant tidying of the farm animals and farm!

    Annu - For writing her name independently!

    Cosmo - Competing a tricky "Bob the Builder" jigsaw puzzle!

    Theo - Super listening and making the right choice!



    Iitu & Isla - Excellent creation work!

    Rory & Karys - Sharing a game together!

    Will - Careful tidying without being asked!

    Shayla - Perservering with using her scissors to cut!



    Dotty - Using tricky words in her sentences!

    Sammy - Wonderful Maths and using his number bonds!

    Leif - Also wonderful Maths and using a part-whole model!

    Georgia - Being brave and adventurous on the playground pole!

    Daisy C - Her lovely encouragement to a class member and being a great friend!

    Ethan - Amazing Maths work when finding his number bonds within 10.



    Kit - For amazing home learning of homophones and wowing class adults!

    Sam - Outstanding act of kindness and noticed!

    Otis - Making the right choices and being noticed for the right reasons!

    Beau - Approaching work with a positive attitude!

    Finley - Stands out for everything he does!

    Willow - Determined effort to do well!

    Freddie - Wonderful work on Skara Brae!

    Ruby - Fantastic work on Skara Brae!



    Bash - Brilliant First Aid Poster!

    May & Naomi - Super writing! 

    Alfie - Work on the Roman Army!

    Joe, Charlie, Elizabeth & Gabriel - Super writing paragraphs!



    Oscar - Amazing alliterative, astonishing work!

    Sam - Times table superstar - proud teacher!

    Theo - A fantastic amount of effort for our Harry Potter unit!

    William G - Super wizard writing!

    Rosa S - Amazing efforts with regular reading!



    Week Ending - Friday 2nd October 



    Iris - For being brilliant at tidying up!

    Jackson - Printing his footprints even when he was feeling very unsure!

    Juno & Amaya - Playing the Spotty Dinosaur game and taking turns really well!

    Max - For great building with the Duplo!

    Kit - Being brilliant at wake and shake!

    Mea - Being patient and kind to her friends!

    Paloma - Making brilliant signs for the shops she was making with her friends!




    Sophie - Very careful painting!



    Fjola - Brilliant Pig painting!

    Darcy - Building Mobiolo longer than her and Mrs. Harris!

    Fraser, Poppy, Dilys, Emilia - Brilliant acting out of Goldilocks & the three Bears!



    Jasper - Amazing sentences in phonics

    Nylah - Brilliant maths and counting in your fives.

    Madison - Wonderful maths work and creating her own counting in fives number line to help her complete her work

    Jude, Billy and Lola - Amazing sentences in phonics



    Charlotte - An outstanding effort is given to everything she does

    Keir - A stunning piece of writing last Friday. It reflected ALL the learning objectives.

    Lacey - Making huge progress in Writing and Maths

    Lola - Making huge progress in Writing and Maths

    Archie - Making huge progress in Writing and Maths

    James - Being a Japanese expert!

    Rosa - Making incredibly thoughtful and sensitive comments in our P.S.H.E work



    Finley C & Georgie - Brilliant Maths problem solving!

    Georgie - Fantastic fronted adverbials!

    Tabby - Goddess of Roman Numerals!



    Finley B - Prime number Superstar!

    Charlie - For outstanding effort across the curriculum, and approaching all learning with a smile!

    Beatrice & Elsie - For a phenomenal propaganda poster for World War One! 


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