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    Who's been brilliant this week?



    Friday 12th February, 2021


    Juno - for learning to tie a knot

    Mae - for making an amazing Chinese dragon

    Paloma - for doing well on a climbing wall

    Monty - for making a brilliant Chinese dragon

    Zack - using the stapler to make a Chinese envelope

    Max C - for learning the clap your hands song

    Harrison and Juno - for painting our huge dragon's eyes

    Grace - for working super hard to make her dragon puppet

    Corinne - for brilliant name writing on the dry-wipe board

    Happy Chinese New Year to everyone from Fledglings!



    Artie - reading every day and trying hard with his intervention work.

    Darcy - Working hard in everything.

    Fraser & Isla - Working really hard at everything.

    Orin, Hazel and Milo - Making amazing bridge for their toys.

    Poppy - Making an amazing dinosaur talking book with facts.

    All of Kestrels for being amazing and working really well at home and in live sessions.

    Mrs Bendle, Mrs Bovington, Mrs Spring, Mrs Southgate, Mrs Keally for supporting the Kestrels bubble so well.



    Matthew - Amazing independent writing at home about Traction Man.
    Wiley - Taking his science work even further and creating a wonderful poem about his senses.
    Harri - A wonderful diary entry as traction man.
    Juno - An amazing diary entry with lots of description.
    Daisy C, Leif and Riley - Contributing to our live lessons. You are all super stars. ⭐️
    Jude - Working hard with his home learning since the very beginning and always being keen to get involved. You are wonderful!
    Suzy - Always working hard no matter whether she is at school or home. Such a star.



    Charlotte - For amazing contributions in our LIVE sessions and a stunning effort in ALL her work!

    Meryn - Outstanding animation that was a stunning in its execution and it conveyed the story so well!

    Mia - Incredible effort in her Geography using scale

    Flo - A brilliant effort looking at what should be PUBLIC or PRIVATE as part of SAFER INTERNET DAY 

    James - A brilliant wanted Poster for Percy H Fawcett and amazing contributions in our LIVE sessions 

    Arabella - outstanding speedy effort in EVERYTHING



    Arthur, Joe, Ella, Casper - very powerful descriptions of the rainforest

    Casper, Charlie, Noth - outstanding rainforest music compositions

    Naomi - detailed work on persuasive advertsMeghan - excellent Amazon Rainforest weather
    broadcast - on video too!

    Finley C - brilliant persuasive writing about Kensuke’s Island

    Louisa - finding lots of examples of persuasive writing and for lots of effort and hard work

    Tessa - excellent research on passion fruit

    Tabby - super rainforest poster

    Arthur - brilliant maths work 

    Joe - amazing musical composition

    Kristian, Charlie, Milly, May, Fin L, Georgie, Zy, Arthur, Mabel, Tessa, Elizabeth, Bash & Casper for fantastic persuasive letters 

    Meghan - fantastic animal power point

    Zy - brilliant animal power point

    Mabel - super animal power point

    Gabriel - Brilliant Goliath tarantula poster

    Georgie - Excellent scientific diagram

    Casper - Brilliant internet safety poster

    Jacen - for drawing a super neat scientific diagram

    Fred - super science work

    Louisa - fantastic tree planting!

    Meghan - super science work with an additional peacock!



    William G - being top of the whole school leader board for 'Shed Score' with a phenomenal 30,543,912 points!

    Rosa N and Rosa S (double Rosa's) - for brilliant sewing skills making their teddy bears for our DT project.

    Elliott, Conrad, Evelyn and Theo - superb quality of writing for character descriptions. I think these children have been eating dictionaries with all of the amazing expanded vocabulary. Proud teacher alert! 

    Beatrice - for a super eco house design and always working assiduously. 


    Le French Brilliant Book!

    Herbie - Fantastic pizza sentences & menu

    Rosa S - Excellent extended vocabulary on her pizza

    Perry - a magnificent Tarte au Soleil

    Charlotte - a delicious, very french party and beautifully presented party menu.


    Friday 5th February, 2021.


    Darcy - for lovely singing

    Juno - for very kind sharing

    Zack - for his fantastic dinosaur island

    Max B - for being so helpful

    Alice - for beautiful painting

    Grace - for her amazing Spottyosaurus painting



    Shayla - Careful handwritting!

    Emilia & Ethan - Fantastic map of the School!

    Karys - Trying really hard with his handwritting!

    Isabel - Excellent extra sentence writting!

    Lily - Brilliant home learning work!

    Hazel - Brilliant planting of Chillies & Cress!



    Wiley - Wonderful writing - using adverbs in his captions. Well done! AND creating a life size version of a human body for his science.

    Daisy C - Also wonderful writing! She has been adding more detail to her writing and using exciting adverbs.

    Harri - Having a go at writing even when he is worried about it and producing amazing writing as a result AND creating an amazing story with his Lego figures from home and writing thought bubbles for the characters.

    Bobby - Amazing writing at home - adding adjectives and an adverb to make his writing more interesting.

    Jasper - For wonderful independent work at home and always wanting to make sure his work is the best it can be. 

    Jude - Being super creative with his scene writing and showing lots of enthusiasm towards his learning.

    Bibi - Always having an enthusiastic attitude towards learning and choosing to do extra writing for her scene with the monstrous cat!

    Riley - Amazing effort with his writing and coming up with lovely ideas for his story.

    Merry - Working so hard at home and doing lots of maths for fun! Miss Mills is also super impressed with how involved she gets during our live lessons. Thank you!

    Madison - Working so hard at school and at home and getting involved in the live lessons and brilliant maths!.



    Finley - for persevering with his writing and making a real noticeable difference!

    Matthew - for a fantastic understanding with his Maths

    Blythe - for an amazing piece of instruction writing

    Archie - for increased independence and impressing the adults in his group

    Rosa - for increased communication of work

    Beau - for persevering when poorly - impressive attitude

    Sid - for an amazing piece of sewing done and a rainforest art box, and brilliant spellings!



    Megan - amazing work on Sloths, even including a clay model!

    Naomi - super power point about Ocelots!

    Charlie - fantastic effort in researching and producing information on a Mapinguari!

    Tessa - excellent work on expanded noun phrases!

    Casper - major effort in his presentation for his Piranha information!

    Arthur - fabulous Armadillo power point!

    Prim - brilliant Pink dolphin power point!

    Ella - super three toed sloth poster!

    Gabriel - superb effort in writing more than was expected of him!

    Noth - beautiful Toucan work Finlay Lloyd - huge effort with his writing!

    Casper - Brilliant Rainforest model *special guest appearance from Merry for a brilliant Rainforest model*

    Well done to everyone who sent us pictures of their Rainforest Dioramas but a special mention to Tessa, Milly, Joe, Salome and Charlie for stunning work!

    Tabby - excellent bar graph for science!

    Tessa - lots of effort to produce an excellent bar graph!

    Finley C - brilliant. bar graph!

    Louisa - fantastic bar graph work!

    Finlay Lloyd - Brilliant bar graph!

    Jacen - Brilliant graph work!



    Elsie - for sending Mrs Mylechreest lovely emails and being an absolute treasure in the online sessions. 
    Evelyn - for an amazing drawing of a rat. Impressive art skills.
    Cora - for an incredibly well-written biography about Queen Victoria. Excellent application of some tricky SPAG skills too!
    Freddie - for an amazing bird drawing. Amazing artisConnor - for a super biography about William Alsop. Mss Greenwood learnt lots from reading this - well done! Also, for excellent Science work learning about reflection. 
    Herbie - for amazing vocabulary shared as part of our writing in our live session.
    Rosa S - for applying excellent expanded vocabulary in our live session and being so confident and enthusiastic. 
    Oscar - for an incredible drawing of a Crested Basilisk Lizard. Amazing artist altert! 



    Le French Brilliant Book!:

    Florence - for great vegetable drawings and super neat writing

    Perry - excellent vegetable sentences.

    Freddie DS - great drawings and vegetable sentences

    Flo & Freddie's mum - great detail on the vegetable drawings, and near perfect French!

    Arabella & Amelia - great labelling of their lunch with lovely photos which brightened my day!
    Meryn - for consistently outstanding and creative French work




    Taze - for doing amazing maths work!

    Simon - for singing us the Jolly Phonics songs!

    Harrison - for building a tower of 115cm!

    Betsy - for making delicious current buns for the current bun shop song!

    Max C - for brilliant banana cake making!

    Seth and Ezra - for making fantastic lego models together

    All of Fledglings for their amazing snowmen!! (have a look at our classpage)!



    Isabel - Wonderful story writing!

    Ayrton - Super bug journey map!

    Milo - Super sentence writing!

    Dilys - Super chatty when she visited school!

    Iitu - Creative snowman making!

    Will - Wonderful sounds work!

    Ava - Amazing writing about the Naughty Bus and brilliant sounds work

    Lily, Elena and Rory - Super writing about the Naughty Bus

    Rory - Concentrating really well in his phonics



    Georgia - Working so hard in all her work at home and a lovely story about Little Polly Pink!

    Daisy O - Being an absolute superstar and working so hard on all her home learning, even when her mummy and daddy are working and can't help her!

    Daisy C - For being so helpful and kind at home - washing and tidying up to give Mum a break.

    Ethan – For some lovely descriptive writing about red pandas!

    Suzy - Some amazing extra work learning about Florence Nightingale AND always being so involved and engaged in our live lessons.

    Harri - Having a lovely, positive attitude towards learning and keeping us all smiling.

    Billy - Writing a wonderful story about Barney the dog that included a question mark and some speech.

    Jasper - Counting with confidence in his 5s. Well done Jasper!

    Bobby - Brilliant science work and sounding out of different animal names!

    Sammy - Up to stage 4 reading!

    Ethan - Up to stage 3 reading!

    Jasper - Taking the maths challenge!

    Madison - Reaching her target on Nessy!



    Matthew - for being an amazing brother and helping Elliott when he needed a bit of support. A lovely sibling relationship!

    Hayden - fantastic paired work on Countries and Capitals!

    Charlotte - Outstanding amount of effort that she shows to her learning. She is trying hard at spelling shed and also for her sewing work which included a FaceTime sewing lesson with Grandma

    Ruby - Impressive research on British astronauts

    Lola -  Impressive  research on British astronauts

    Jake - An wonderful piece of snow writing with rhyming

    Meryn - For consistently using Teams Assignments  amazingly and producing some brilliant work

    Keir - For consistently using Teams amazingly and producing some fantastic work

    Freddie  - - For consistently using Teams amazingly and producing some outstanding work

    Arabella - For consistently using Teams amazingly and producing some brilliant work

    Sam - For the being the FIRST response on the very first TEAMS ASSIGNMENT

    James - For responding well using computing for his TEAMS ASSIGNMENT



    Joe - Brilliant maths!

    Naomi - Fabulous Rainforest diagram!

    Kristian - good layers of the rainforest diagram!

    Joe - amazing live art video!

    Arthur - super layers of the rainforest diagram!

    Casper - beautiful leaf lino print!

    Primrose - Excellent diagram of a life cycle of a frog!

    Tabby - Brilliant detailed work on climates!

    Gabriel - Fantastic sentence -  'like an untuned orchestra the jungle played on’!

    Milly - Super life cycle science work!

    Finlay Lloyd - for adding a lot of detail to his!

    Arthur - super hard work catching up after internet failure!

    Naomi - brilliant descriptive writing!

    Charlie - excellent answers during our live sessions!

    Arthur - speedy assignment work with excellent rainforest animal facts!

    Gabriel, Meghan  - excellent rainbow of promises!

    Noth - amazing information sentences about rainforest animals!

    Tabby - consistently high standard of presentation in all your work!

    Bash - excellent real life Maths investigation work!



    Sam - for working assiduously with his home learning and producing an excellent book review to be really proud of! 

    Rosa S - for working so hard across a range of subjects for her home learning. Proud teacher alert! 

    Cora - for super contributions to our live sessions and producing work to be really proud of. Well done! 

    Herbie - for such a high-level of enthusiasm with our live sessions and an incredibly positive approach to home learning!

    Oscar - for going above and beyond with his Anglo-Saxon lyre. Oscar, you are amazing! 

    Honey - for writing an outstanding book review with a clear structure and very mature stylistic choices. Proud teacher alert! 

    Jasmine - for producing an incredibly fantastic book review with mature language choices and an excellent level of detail!

    William G - fantastic paired work on Countries and Capitals!


    Le French Brilliant Book!

    Meryn - for making the most amazing play-doh vegetables.

    Charlotte - for a great french menu and using a dictionary to add additional detail.

    Rosa N - for a lovely menu and also using a dictionary to add additional detail.  

    Bonnie - for excellent sentences and what has to the be the top score ever for 'shoot the duck'!

    Bravo tout le monde!


    Friday 22nd January 2021


    Harrison- for writing his name, his mummy's name and his daddy's name!

    Betsy, Juno and Paloma - for brilliant working together to link the chain pieces to go all the way from the door in nursery across the decking to the gate!

    Mae - for learning to play the piano!

    Elijah - for lovely turn taking on the bikes!

    Jackson - for doing super vacuuming at home!

    Simon - for brilliant puzzle making!

    Ezra - for being super brave when he had his pre-school jabs



    Dilys - brilliant mountain climbing with Monty! 

    Fjóla - beautiful handwriting and a great cat land for a new story setting 

    Milo - excellent number pair work using dice and smarties!

    Archie - great beach painting for a new story setting.

    Isabel - fantastic phonics work

    Lyra - great writing and illustrations with your work

    Rory - brilliant snow in space picture with chalk and super sentence work



    Lola - great job ordering numbers!

    Madison - reading all her H.F. words!

    Leif - Amazing effort with all of his home learning and wonderful use of commas in a list

    Suzy - Writing an amazing story independently and filming it as an audiobook!

    Lola -  Amazing maths work with Miss White

    Madison - Having amazing motivation to learn at home and school

    Juno - An amazing opening to her story 'Little Orange Riding Hood' including adjectives!

    riley - Super fluent reading. Amazing progress Riley.



    Jake - Super sewing practice with his stitching of a button

    Jago - Great sewing on his smiley face flag

    Freddie - Detailed sewing practice and following a template

    Ruby - Beautiful sewing practice with her vintage style purse

    Flo - For going above and beyond with EVERYTHING (especially her shadow animals)

    Lola - Dividing by 8 (WOW)

    Kit - An outstanding piece of writing and brilliant contributions to our Y4 Maths LIVE session



    Mabel - excellent sentence uplevelling. 

    Finlay - really positive attitude to home learning and online sessions

    Summer, Mabel, Finley C, Zy - brilliant relative clauses booklets.

    Bash - Brilliant Amazon River poster using the facts from our online session.

    Casper - entertaining and accurate relative clauses

    Gabriel - brilliant Amazon River poster full of information

    Noth - fantastic postcard from the Amazon

    Naomi - Brilliant scientific drawing of parts of a flower

    Naomi - Super Amazon poster

    Arthur - fabulous scientific diagram of parts of a flower

    Meghan - Brilliant comprehension skills and super realtive clause booklet

    Elizabeth - Brilliant dissection of a plant work

    Prim - Brilliant work handed in every day!

    Finlay L - brilliant long multiplication work!

    Bash - excellent descriptions of the different layers of the Rainforest

    Noth - brilliant map work on the continents

    Ella - beautifully presented work on the layers of the rainforest

    Milly - fabulous descriptive writing

    Salome - Brilliant Amazon poster



    Connor - for a lovely piece of creative writing applying a range of literary techniques. Well done!

    Perry - for a wonderfully descriptive and detailed piece of creative writing about the rainforest and sharing this aloud in our live session. Fabulous work! 

    Freddie - for making an incredible model of an Anglo-Saxon house. You put so much effort into this task and really went above and beyond. Seriously proud teacher alert - see the Owls webpage to see pictures of the creation. 

    William P - for being really creative by making Oreo cakes using a new recipe and teaching the class about this during our live lesson. Miss Greenwood will certainly be trying this recipe out - yummy! 

    Bonnie - for working assiduously with her home learning and producing work to be really proud of. 

    Luke - for an incredible Anglo-Saxon house using a range of materials and techniques. You should be very proud!



    Miss Greenwood is nominating Flo in Buzzards for a Brilliant Book for engaging in an extra task from the Owls home learning and making a fantastic Anglo-Saxon house with her brother Freddie. 






    Friday 15th January 2021




    Jackson - for brilliant wake and shake at home!

    Alice - for super fritter making!

    Max C - for using the nursery toilets for the first time!

    Max B - for great throwing and catching!

    Kit - for making an amazing fish!

    Theo - for a beautiful frozen collage!

    Harrison - for great throwing and catching!

    Simon - for making a brilliant robot out of the big builder!

    Juno - for making beautiful butterfly prints!

    Annu - for lots of lovely watercolour paintings!





    Ollie, Shayla, Emilia, Archie and Sophie for being brilliant Kestrels and coping so well with our new way of working in Kestrels this week.

    But also......

    Archie - for brilliant instruction writing

    Ollie - for trying really hard with his letter formation

    Shayla - and Emilia for working really hard with their one more/ one less problems

    Sophie - for careful planning and creating of her car in DT

    Isabel & Lyra - a very warm welcome to you both and well done for joining in the live sessions and working hard, you look like you have always been with us in Kestrels.

    Poppy - Brilliant 'long' train making and computer work.

    Hazel - Amazing astronaut picture.

    All of Kestrel's children that have come to sessions and worked hard at home - I am super proud of you all.





    Harri - A wonderful missing poster about Red Riding Hood.

    Daisy C - Creating some beautiful art work to raise money for charity.

    Matthew - Excellent independent writing at home using adjectives.

    Nylah - Working so hard at home with great motivation to learn.

    Sammy - Wonderful writing and amazing involvement in our live lessons.

    Maeve - Doing extra writing to retell the story of The Little Red Riding Hood and using conjunctions

    Riley - Working SO hard at home on his phonics, maths and writing.

    Bibi - Joining in during our live sessions and amazing piano practice which Miss Mills had the pleasure of watching!

    Merry - Sewing a lovely little bag all on her own and wonderful sentences using speech and !.

    Matthew – cursive letters and great maths.

    I wish I could add all of them to be honest as they've all been wonderful at adapting to this new way of learning!!





    Sid - For amazing multiplication and division work

    Matthew - For stunning piano playing

    Keir - For beautiful watercolour of an albatross

    Sam - A fantastic poster on China and some proud contributions to our home learning sessions

    Meryn - For an amazing drawing of a Mosque

    Walt - For really pushing himself with his home learning of languages

    Hayden - For his incredibly descriptive writing





    Bash - For fantastic writing -  including a relative clause.

          Mabel - Brilliant Michael Morpurgo poster

          Finley C - super piece of writing and sharing it with everyone on Teams!

          Casper - excellent slow writing, even using speech marks.

          Primrose - Brilliant vocabulary choices in her slow writing

          Charlie C - fantastic slow writing.

          Primrose - excellent Michael Morpurgo poster and fabulous fronted adverbials!

          Kristian - great Michael Morpurgo drawing

          Casper - fantastic Noah’s Ark comic strip in RE

          Milly - Excellent writing - really effective vocabulary choices

          Arthur - For general hard work and positive attitude

    Elizabeth - for being totally organised and having extra resources including an atlas to hand

         Tabby - Brilliant effort in producing her Michael Morpurgo poster.





    Jasmine - for finding a phenomenal 116 words for our English task that start and end with the letter 'e'. What a brilliant achievement!

    Elliott - for excellent engagement with your home learning. You have produced some fantastic work and have been exhibiting a brilliant work ethic. Proud teacher alert!

    Rosa N - for working assiduously with your home learning this week. You have approached the tasks set with enthusiasm and an admirable work ethic. Great work!

    Amelia - for designing and making a brilliant space themed poster about the planets. I cannot wait to proudly display it in the classroom. Thank you and well done! 

    Humphrey - a wonderful and creative approach to his home learning task. Proud teacher alert!






    Meryn (Buzzards) for a beautiful French fruit drawing - great detail on the fruit and perfect French.

    Freddie M (Buzzards) for his French fruit drawing with lots of additional description. Very impressive!



    Welcome to our Summer Term. We have a PTA Meeting at school on Thursday 11th April at 3.30pm. All parents welcome.