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    Brilliant Book Term 4

    Friday 2nd April

    Happy Easter!!


    Paloma - for super writing and correctly forming letters

    Theo - for brilliant perseverance with a tricky 20 piece puzzle

    Juno - for tying a knot in her string

    Annu - for cutting out her rainbow all by herself

    Simon - for brilliant using the hole punch and then threading wool through the holes

    Monty - for amazing drop kicks



    Karys - Excellent more or less!

    Pearl - Brilliant reading!

    Fjola & Emilia - Amazing sentence construction!

    Rory - Brilliant phonics work!

    Aryton - Beautiful handwriting!

    Orin - Super speedy number bonds 1-10!

    Darcy - Amazing independent writing!

    Elena - Super helpful at lunchtimes!



    Jasper - amazing number work
    Matthew - wonderful addition using a number line
    Maeve - lovely Supertato story opening
    Ellie-Mai - super use of her phonics to spell in her Supertato story

    Bobby - reading at home - you superstar!

    Matthew - Brilliant lunchtimes!

    Maeve & Iitu (Kestrels) - Lovely caring Sisters!




    Blythe - for incredibly detailed and thorough reading record comments- WOW!

    Beau - for amazing spelling result in a test

    Charlotte - for an awesome spelling result in the world's longest spelling test

    Matthew - for catching up and having a brilliant Maths lesson

    Otis - for making great progress with division

    Mia - for catching up after missing the first lesson

    Ruby - Stunning piece of writing - her last line in her creative writing was just OUTSTANDING



    Milly - Fabulous computing!

    Casper & Fred - Unbelievable sprinting!

    Meg, Zy & Summer - Brilliant Percy Fawcett recounts!

    Fin. C - Brilliant maths relating his knowledge!



    Bonnie and Beatrice - being noticed by Mrs Kelly for their thoughtful design for marble run task and consistently throughout the construction unit. 

    William and Sam - for working well and exhibiting lots of teamwork skills. 

    Elliott - for winning the competition against Miss Greenwood and Mrs Kelly and being a superstar continually with such wonderful manners.

    Jasmine - for being a polite member of our class and making us smile!





    Friday 25th March


    Ezra - for showing such care and understanding about single use plastics and the impact on our oceans and sea creatures (there is hope for our future generation)

    Elijah - for writing his E on his drawing!

    Maximus - for being super safe with the scissors and cutting carefully!

    Paloma - for copying all the writing from the puzzle box!

    Corinne - for writing her own name so carefully!

    Seth, Grace and Corinne - for a great game of Dotty Dinosaurs - cheering each other on and waiting patiently! 

    Darcy - for fantastic counting out the small dinosaurs and helping to sort them into the correct number egg!

    Arthur - for great work making his magic egg!



    Fjola - Brilliant making to 10 work!

    Lyra - Amazing phonics!

    Karys & Ava - Super writing in phonics!

    Ayrton - Brilliant blending!

    Dilys & Fraser - Having some super ideas about different forms of transport!

    Poppy - Being able to sequence transport on a timeline!



    Madison x 2! - Amazing Maths - super spotting of tens and ones And being caring and understanding on the playground.
    Merry - Super expanded noun phrases.
    Suzy - Great understanding of how animals grow and helping others.
    Juno - Being resilient with her science work.
    Daisy O - Super comparison of 3D shapes
    Harri - Wonderful independent shape work
    Ethan - Brilliant writing about his vegetable villain!


    Walt - for an outstanding piece of writing

    Jake - Stunning Maths

    Beau - Amazing Maths

    Jake - Fantastic Japanese Revision (1-5)

    Freddie - Wonderful Japanese Revision (6-10)

    Arabella - Super Japanese Revision (Yes)

    Finley - Great Japanese Revision (No)

    Otis - Brilliant Japanese Revision (Goodbye)



    Georgie - Brilliant fractions pattern and Kensuke's Island!

    Finlay L - Amazing work on Kensuke Kingdom comprehension questions.

    Jacen - Fantastic handwriting!

    Bash - Fabulous Percy Fawcett recount!

    Tabby - Great ending to her recount!

    Gabriel - Super writing!

    Tessa - Amazing paragraph!



    Elliott - for winning the competition this week and putting Miss Greenwood’s rounding and estimating skills to shame!

    Elliott - for the most amazing piece of writing from the perspective of Wallace the lion for our English unit. Miss Greenwood is so proud and may have shed a few tears from being so proud of your work! 

    Rosa S - for a phenomenal piece of writing from the perspective of Mrs Ramsbottom about her son being eaten by a lion. Rosa used a range of punctuation effectively and her cohesion was on top form!

    Charlie - for an excellent quality of writing based on our narrative poem. 

    Rosa N - for being the competition Word of the Week winner using the word 'magnanimous' accurately and with an interesting sentence. 

    Jasmine and Herbie - for phenomenally mathematically accurate answers for the mean, median, mode and range - not just for integers, but also for decimal notation!


    Friday 19th March


    Jackson - for super counting and matching the whole number puzzle

    Annu - for her amazing flower picture

    Harrison - for brilliant planting in our pots

    Darcy - for brilliant planting in our pots

    Mae - for super counting to 20

    Kit - for amazing beating out the rhythm to jingle bells

    Betsy - for brilliant playing the musical instruments

    Seth - Brilliant team spirit



    Iitu - Fantastic appetite!

    Pearl - Brilliant reading and going up a stage!

    Artie, Elena & Isla - For just having a go in Maths!

    Dilys - Brilliant writing numbers to 45!

    Rory & Ayrton - Super number formation!

    Iitu - Super independent writing!

    Elena - Being a very kind and caring friend!

    Archie - For a positive and confident attitude this week!

    Sophie - Working hard in Hawks!

    Isla - For being super helpful!



    Riley - amazing symmetry work
    Matthew - superb day! All smiley faces.
    Bobby - amazing maths - taking on a deepen challenge.
    Merry - taking on new challenges in Maths




    Sid - for showing amazing resilience when faced with a problem!

    Lola - for being incredibly kind with the feedback she gives!

    Finley - for working hard when faced with a challenge!

    Hayden - for being brave!

    Kit - for always being Kit! I love listening to his fab contributions!



    Meg, Tessa, Finlay L, Charlie, Elizabeth, Ella & Mabel - Aspiring in Maths!

    Naomi, Milly, Charlie - Tallest Tower!

    Joe & Gabriel - Showing resilience in Maths!

    Noth, Casper, Summer & Finlay L - Resilience with bouncy balls and spoons!

    Charlie - Amazing relating skills in Maths!

    Joe & Ella - Amazing relating skills in English!

    Alfie - Fantastic fraction work!




    Humphrey - for excellent skills in the RESILIENCE counter challenge and being the only person to solve the problem!

    Honey and Evelyn - for being kind and considerate class members and thinking of others.

    Luan - for an outstanding application of our Word of the Week 'Magnanimous' in a complex-compound sentence - superb relate learning power applied!

    Rosa S - for super work for our new unit 'The Lion and Albert'. 


    Friday 12th March 2021


    Theo - for brilliant listening

    Corinne - for settling into nursery so well

    Zack - for drawing a super alien

    Iris - for building a fantastic car with the big builder

    Alice - for being a find friend

    Amaya - for lovely planting

    Taze - for super number work



    Dilys & Pearl - Brilliant independent maths counting to 20!

    Artie - Fantastically fluent reading!

    Ollie - Super number work!

    Pearl, Lyra and Isabel - For settling into Kestrels so well!

    Archie - Amazing independent measuring work!



    Bobby - amazing independent writing and putting lots of effort in
    Riley - super phonics and reading - you super star!
    Lola - super speedy phonics sounds
    Daisy C - wonderful settling back into school and looking after the younger children

    Ellie Mai - for wonderful phonics!

    Suzy - completing Miss Mills’ secret challenge



    Ruby - For cleaning up the playground with an amazing attitude

    Willow - For cleaning up the playground with an amazing attitude

    Blythe - For cleaning up the playground with an amazing attitude

    Charlotte - For cleaning up the playground with an amazing attitude

    Flo - For cleaning up the playground with an amazing attitude

    Arabella - For cleaning up the playground with an amazing attitude

    Freddie - For stunning Maths this week

    Rosa - Impressive work on Perimeter

    Matthew - Amazing recollection of his times tables

    Ruby - For growing with her feedback and making significant improvements

    Otis - For independently tidying up their line

    Arabella - For independently tidying up their line

    Jago - For independently tidying up their line

    Lola - For independently tidying up their line and brilliant spellings



    Finley L - for aspiring!

    Meghan - beautiful handwriting!

    Georgie - beautiful handwriting (if she can keep it up all week)!

    Zy - brilliant multiplication fractions!

    Kristian - fabulous fraction work!



    Bonnie - for being an exceptionally caring class member and helping out a friend.

    Herbie - for producing an epic space poster containing lots of amazing learning.

    Evelyn and Honey - for winning the tallest tower with spaghetti and marshmallows for the second competition!

    Jasmine and Cora - for winning the tallest tower with spaghetti and marshmallows for the first competition!



    Friday 5th March, 2021


    Jackson - for brilliant settling back in after a long break!

    Theo - for brilliant singing our rocket song!

    Mae - for making an amazing shape rocket picture!

    Kit - for super writing his name!

    Paloma - for being very kind when another child was feeling sad

    Ezra - for being very patient, waiting for a book to be read to him!



    Rory, Emilia, Isabel & Shayla - Super imaginative rhyming sentences!

    Ollie, Ava, Will, Lily, Artie, Rory & Emilia - Being able to demonstrate accurate use of propositional language!

    Ayrton - Doing really well with his reading and writing!

    Pearl - Great start to Kestrels Class!

    Kestrels Parents - Being the best TA's during lockdown!

    All of Kestrels for doing so well on live lessons and working really hard at home!



    Bobby - Continuing to write his wonderful story at home and working hard on his maths.

    Daisy C - Independent maths work. Super star!

    Jasper - Wonderful independent writing about how to be a superhero. 

    Jude - His motivation and enthusiasm towards learning and getting creative.

    Ellie-Mai - Coming into school on her own and working super hard.

    All of Hawks class for being SO amazing during their time learning at home. All of them have worked so hard (in school or at home) and they should be unbelievably proud of themselves.



    Mia - Last week produced some amazing work that impressed the adults,

    Archie - Incredibly amazing handwriting - WOW!

    Freddie - An incredible piece of writing for persuasive advert.

    Keir - A stunning piece of writing for persuasive advert

    Kit - An outstanding of writing for persuasive advert

    Sam - An amazing piece of writing for persuasive advert

    Arabella - A brilliant piece of writing for persuasive advert

    Lacey - cheerful smiling that makes my day!



    Casper - for sharing his fantastic scientific and geological knowledge on our class lives

    Arthur - Brilliant story writing

    Alfie - fabulous effort with English at home

    Fred - Brilliant and heartfelt deforestation poster

    Fin L - beautiful presentation in science 

    Arthur, Kristian, Summer, Casper, Bash, Mabel, Tabby, May, Tessa - Stunning Rainforest Stories - to be made into a class book(with the other stories - very hard to not put all of Eagles in for their stories!)

    Casper - deforestation flow diagram

    Georgie - fantastic quiz about Hiroo Onoda

    Milly - great interview with Hiroo Onoda

    Bash and Ella - excellent fractions work

    Georgie - Brilliant use of inverted commas

    Millie - fantastic punctuation

    Casper - excellent punctuation work using inverted commas



    Amelia - for an amazing set of instructions about how to look after gerbils. Amelia's writing was extremely detailed, well-constructed and coherent.
    Emily - for a brilliant set of instructions for a maths concept - Emily, you are a wonderful writer and a marvellous mathematician! 
    Elsie - for coming up with an amazing 129 imperatives to use in her writing! 
    Bonnie - for brilliant, detailed and coherent writing for her heatbreak rolls made as part of her DT task. Super engagement with our home learning. 
    Herbie - for a brilliant set of instructions for making guacamole. Miss Greenwood is so proud of your assiduous work ethic! 
    Oscar - for making a delicious healthy lunch and presenting the table beautifully. Oscar has continually demonstrated what a fantastic work ethic he has! 
    Finley - for an excellent and detailed set of instructions for making a healthy lunch and taking into account health and safety also. Fin is a wonderful writer! 

    Miss Greenwood - for always being Super organised!


    Le French Brilliant Book:

    Meryn for her wonderful introduction of Ruby, who was immaculately behaved (or asleep!)

    Perry and Eli for their entertaining video - looked like it was great fun filming it!

    Sam and Jasmine for introducing us to their guinea pigs - very cute!

    Luan - for speaking French to camera, whilst holding a chicken... not easy!

    Rosa S - for introducing us to her very contented cat!

    Herbie - for his beautiful duet with Woody

    Louisa - for introducing us to her grandfather's dog, and her cows. Fabulous work (loved the waggy tail!) 

    Evelyn - for her excellent novelty pet, which included labelling the different body parts in French too.

    Kristian - for an amazing score of 2302 on farm pong - and being in the top 10 high scores!   

    Honey - for eggsellent animal eggs!

    Fin B - for consistent improvement in French over the weeks - great job!


    Friday 26th February 2021


    Arthur - for coming in without his sister for the first time and being very confident!

    Juno - for sharing her scooter beautifully!

    Harrison - for brilliant building of a very very long snake with the big builder!

    Darcy - for brilliant pedalling on the bike!

    Simon - very careful cutting the hungry caterpillar pictures!

    Amaya - amazing 'let it go' singing!

    Ezra and Max B - for lovely turn taking while playing the snail race game!

    Kit - for being a kind boy!



    Ollie, Karys, Ava, Emilia and Artie - For amazing syllable counting in phonics!

    Ollie - For trying hard, not giving up and cutting brilliant circles for his Viking ship!

    Milo - For writing well constructed sentences about materials!

    Hazel - For creating a super Viking Longboat AND testing it in the bath

    Isabel - For drawing a very detailed story map of Town Mouse and Country Mouse!



    Madison - Being so brave and having a go at riding a bike with no stabilisers.
    Silvan and Dotty - Wonderful dancing in our tricky word disco!
    Daisy O - Always wanting to improve her writing and using brackets in her story opening.
    Bibi - Choosing to use a thesaurus to improve her word choice in her story and wonderful story writing.
    Harri - A wonderful story opening with great ideas about Scrubbing Brush and Traction Man.
    Wiley - An amazing piece of writing at home with wonderful concentration AND reading his work to Miss Mills with excellent expression. You’re a super star!
    Sammy - A wonderful Traction Man story with adverbs, amazing description AND beautiful handwriting.

    Daisy C - An amazing story based on Traction Man with wonderful vocabulary and ideas.

    Jude - Working so hard on writing his story including wonderful vocabulary, questions and exclamation marks.

    Merry - Wonderful story that made Miss Mills smile. She is clearly using things she has read to influence her writing.

    Sammy - Amazing writing with exclamation marks, questions and an adverb. You are a super star!

    Ethan - Great reading on Nessy!

    Bobby - For his Traction Man Story!



    Flo - playing a piece called Hiding in the Long Grass which made her think of an adventure.

    Willow -incredibly committed to her work this week and even asked for me to add more questions to her maths work and learning how to ride her bike without stabilizers 

    Walt - for really persevering when in a tricky spot! 

    Otis - for his work on writing about the South Pole explorers - focused and detailed!

    Sid - fantastic taking turns at playtime!

    Jago - For writing some fantastic sentences

    Blythe - A beautiful piece of work

    James - For littering his work with SO many amazing features WOW!

    Ruby - A stunning piece of writing



    May - Super science work - chicken egg diagram and table of information Fred - excellent comparison of his life and a child living in the amazon rainforest Fin - fantastically brilliant presentation Arthur, Kristian, Joe, Elizabeth, Georgie, Milly, Casper, Naomi, for amazing recounts Noth - super internet safety poster Finlay L - Brilliant effort with his writing Noth - Lots of fantastic very well presented maths work Gabriel - amazing enthusiasm and brilliant ideas on our lives AND super story writing Mabel - superb story writing, really getting into the characters thoughts and feelings Summer - fantastic effort in story writing Joe - for an outstanding Rainforest story



    Freddie (and Flo in Buzzards) - for excellent teddy bear sewing and designing skills. Both of them put lots of effort into this task and worked really hard 🙂

    Fin and Amelia - for super work taking on an extra cube numbers challenge. Well done both of you marvellous mathematicians!

    Cora - for being such a polite, kind and helpful member of Owls.

    Oscar, Conrad, Bonnie and Emily - for super application in their sentence construction of our new words this week: asinine and premonition 


    Le French Brilliant Book:

    Théo for his wonderful video about his cat, Zola, with lots of additional description, well done!

    Freddie M - for his film about Gracie, you are destined to be a film director one day!

    Freddie and Flo for their two Tartes au Soleil - that's a lot of sunshine!

    Casper and Merry for their excellent Tarte au Soleil (with bonus points for Merry for the beret - très chic!)

    Charlotte for her excellent introduction of her cat Saphi - great French and beautifully spoken.

    Connor and Naomi for introducing us to their degus, with some very sophisticated French sentences - well done!


    Welcome to our Summer Term. We have a PTA Meeting at school on Thursday 11th April at 3.30pm. All parents welcome.