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    Brilliant Book Term 5

    Friday 28th May - End of Term!


    All of the Fledglings children are in the brilliant book this week because they all worked together to fill up our kindness jar. Because it was full, we were able to choose a treat...we chose lollies! Well done everyone!



    Rory - Super writing about planting acorns!

    Darcy - Showing resilience in writing her numbers!

    Artie - For super reading!

    Isla - Great reading and moving up a level!

    Darcy - For independent writing!

    Lily - For writing numbers 1-15 independently!

    Poppy - For writing numbers 1-15 independently!



    Billy - wonderful handwriting
    Sammy - being a wonderful friend
    Ellie-Mai - trying so hard in maths and learning her number bonds
    Matthew - an awesome day! Lovely playing at lunchtime and making the right choices
    Bobby - choosing to read a page of a chapter book at home. Great motivation!

    Billy - amazing work in Fizzy and great listening!



    Beau - for incredibly speedy work in his Maths!

    Walt - for incredibly speedy work in his Maths!

    Lola - for leaving the class speechless with her outstanding handwriting!

    Jake - for the inclusion of Fronted adverbials in his work!

    Lacey - for amazing 1:1 work with Mrs Black on 1 more and 1 less!

    Sid - for a BRILLIANT effort in his writing!

    Freddie - for ALWAYS doing and pushing himself on the DEEPEN IT tasks!



    Louisa, Alfie and May - Excellent history writing!

    Milly - Amazing sharing a city plan!

    Kristian - Reading so much at home!

    Finlay L - Excellent maths strategy!

    Salome, Bash and Ella - Fantastic film review!

    Salome - Amazing tennis coaching!



    Bonnie and Rosa S - for amazing writing from the perspective of a suffragette in our slow writing session. For both of these girls, this was their best piece of writing EVER!

    Conrad - for winning the Word of the Week sentence competition with an epic sentence using the word plaintive. 



    Friday 21st May



    Amaya - For being a brilliant leader!

    Annu - For an amazing drawing!

    Cody - Amazing Counting and shape recongnition!

    Simon - For making Mrs. Rosselli wings!

    Seth - Super number sponge printing!

    Ezra - Super number sponge printing!

    Betsy - Super number sequencing 1-5!



    Dilys - For writing a lovely story about Squirrel adventures at home!

    Will - Super subtraction work!

    Iitu & Hazel - Writing a tricky sentence in phonics!

    Shayla - Using ck correctly in Jack!

    Rory - Super writing about planting acorns!



    Bibi - lovely creative diary entry as a snail!
    Daisy C - beautiful description of the gentle breeze and the palm trees waving
    Suzy - lovely descriptions of a tropical beach and improving her word choice
    Bobby - learning to tie his shoe laces. Amazing!
    Jude - super sentences in phonics
    Ethan - independent sentences about the rainforest
    Wiley - great description of the ocean in our snail dairies



    Jago - Outstanding Maths!

    Sam - for excellent Maths!

    Ruby - a stunning poem that captures the loneliness of Echo!

    Willow - for bravely reading her work out and raising money for charity - WOW!

    Kit - Great work and impressing adults in the class!

    Mia - for amazing use of Fronted  Adverbials!

    Sam and Meryn - for tiding the book corner!



    North - Brilliant writing!

    Alfie S - Super reading with KS1 pupils at Thruppers!

    Milly, Georgie, Primrose, Fred, Meghan & Elizabeth - Brilliant Genre Chapter homework!

    Meghan - 2 days of accurate maths!

    Casper - Brilliant punctuation!

    Jacen & Ella - Fabulous book reviews!

    Alfie - Brilliant adding decimals!

    Jacen - For being Maths genius!

    Meghan - Brilliant book review!

    Arthur - Brilliant book review!



    William P and Oscar - for being noticed by Mrs Westwood for being sporting superstars!

    Elliott - for winning in the competition (again) against Miss Greenwood and Mrs Kelly! 

    Bonnie - for marvellous maths, including very very tricky percentages and some epic mental maths!

    Perry - for being a star cricketer and bowling champion on Tuesday in our session with Eric. 

    William G - for an amazing sentence for the Word of the Week challenge using the words plummet, myriad, beguiling and asinine. The sentence was: 'The myriad of idyllic flying fish sprung out of the water and after a few quick seconds, the beguiling flying fish plummeted back down into the crystal-like water'.

    Sam - Brilliant work on reflection.

    Jasmine & Emily - A spectacularly tall spaghetti and marshmallow 3D structure.

    Elsie - For being a very kind and thoughtful friend.

    Friday 14th May


    Darcy - For brilliant persevering at a tricky puzzle until it was finished!

    Juno - For painting beautiful Butterflies!

    Harrison - Making a beautiful card for Paloma!

    Grace - Drawing a beautiful spotty Ladybird!

    Maximus - Super drawing of a Spider!

    Taze - Brilliant drawing of a Snail and writing his name!

    Mrs. Rosselli - For always working very hard!



    Lyra, Darcy & Orin - Amazing independent story writing!

    Dilys - Showing us the lovely Golden Den!

    Isabel, Poppy, Pearl, Hazel and Emilia - Working as a super team to independently draw a story map for Jack and the Beanstalk!

    Artie, Archie and Elena - Amazing halving work in maths!

    Ollie - Fabulous retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk!

    Lyra - Great independent work on suffixes!



    Billy, Jasper, Daisy O, Silvan and Bibi - Wonderful clear singing of the backing vocal in our friendship song we're learning.

    Daisy O - Amazing fraction work - you are a superstar!



    Charlotte - For being able to say the months of the year backwards in French!

    Sid - for working incredibly hard in our lessons and getting EVERYTHING done!

    Sam - for an amazing retelling of Daedalus and Icarus!

    Blythe - for an outstanding retelling of Daedalus and Icarus!

    Matthew - for an awesome retelling of Daedalus and Icarus!
    Keir - for an excellent retelling of Daedalus and Icarus!
    Ruby - for a wonderful cleaning after our paintwork!

    Rosa - for a wonderful cleaning after our paintwork!

    Willow - for creating a piece of art that left us all speechless!



    Gabriel, Arthur & Finley C - For setting on goals and exceeding them!

    Finlay L & Alfie - Great teamwork in maths and numeracy!

    Tabby, Georgie, Joe & May - Fabulous 'slow' writing!

    Mabel - for being super polite and patient!

    Elizabeth, Arthur, Salome, Bash, Noth, Naomi, Gabriel & Fred - Fantastic parachute homework!

    Salome & Elizabeth - Amazing teaching and resilience!

    Noth - Brilliant working with Mrs. Hepper!



    Amelia - for an epic coastal erosion animated diagram using Purple Mash in her own time at home - Miss Greenwood was so proud and it shows so much enjoyment of the learning we have been doing!
    Oscar - for being noticed by Mrs Westwood for being an enthusiastic sporting superstar! Also for being noticed by Eric in Cricket for being a star!
    Evelyn - for being an enthusiastic and respectful sporting superhero. 
    Freddie, Luan and Oscar - nominated by Elliott for helping to bring his equipment and checking in with him - super friends. 
    Connor - for winning the WOTW competition in Owls for his opulent toilet paper sentence!
    William G - for being a respectful and engaged sports star in Cricket. 



    Friday 7th May, 2021


    Annu - for creating beautiful drawings on the drywipe boards!

    Zack - for creating a super digger with the big builder!

    Simon - for making a brilliant fluffy monkey!

    Jackson - for being such a kind friend!

    Kit - for super turn taking while playing a board game!

    Monty - for playing so nicely with his friends in the sand!

    Paloma - for being the first to notice that one of the tadpoles had legs!

    Miss Wood - for being so great at growing a baby and still working so hard!



    Orin, Archie & Elena - Excellent throwing in Cricket!

    Elena & Lyra - Excellent resilience in Maths!

    Lily, Hazel & Pearl - Super independent writing in Geography!



    Bobby and Daisy C - super cricket and over arm throwing
    Maeve - using apostrophes in her writing
    Dotty - lovely creative writing about what characters were thinking
    Nylah and Sophie - amazing effort learning our new verse of our song in music
    Sammy - amazing independent writing. What wonderful progress you’ve made!
    Wiley - lovely independent prediction using the conjunction because!


    Hayden - for a stunning piece of Super Superhero Speech!

    Willow - for an amazing piece of Super Superhero Speech!

    Ruby - for a wonderful piece of Super Superhero Speech!
    Blythe - for offering to support others in the class!

    Freddie - for offering to support others in the class!

    Nancy - for settling into Thrupp so confidently - even with a sore hand!

    Otis - for pushing his writing, I was very impressed with him!

    Keir - for pushing himself in History - I loved the comments made by him!



    Salome, Zy, Charlie, Finlay - Excellent skills and attitude in P.E.

    Finley C & Georgie - For brilliant cheering up!

    Elizabeth - Fabulous sharing.

    Finlay L - Fantastic hitting the target in tennis!

    Summer & Louisa - Super ball and racquet control!

    Gabriel - For continuing to work to get the job done!

    Bash & Ella - For being so helpful at lunchtime!



    Emily & Bonnie - For super persuasive writing!

    Conrad - Excellent effort in Maths!

    Cora  Super homework effort!

    Friday 30th April


    Mrs Aldridge - for doing all of the tidying up while we were outside having fun on the bikes!

    Theo - for great listening to the story and predicting rhyming words

    Iris- great singing Incy Wincy Spider

    Amaya - for being super helpful and tidying up all of the cars

    Max - for brilliant cutting and sticking

    Darcy - for being a super doctor and making everybody better

    Zack - for building a great dinosaur house with the duplo blocks

    Corinne - for lovely cutting and sticking



    Ollie & Emilia - Brilliant Independent writing!

    Orin, Lily & Dilys - Being super curious and asking fabulous questions!

    Isla, Elena and Lyra - Super doubling work!

    Ava - For persevering with writing and lovely neat writing!



    Billy - 6 Pokemon for making good choices!

    Riley - Working hard on Nessy!



    Beau - for being understanding about lunchtime mix-up!

    Meryn - for being understanding about lunchtime mix-up!

    Sid - for working incredibly hard in his lessons and impressing all the adults in the class!

    Jago - for making impressive progress with his Fractions work!

    Lacey - for trying hard with her doubling and adding!

    James - for ASPIRING and thinking of his next steps!

    Charlotte - for taking the time to research extra SAID is DEADs!



    Naomi, Arthur, Bash & Louisa - Amazing genre writing.

    Noth - Amazing reading!

    Alfie & Fin. L - Brilliant working together to practice their times tables!

    Zy - For being 'King Splat'!

    Bash - For being 'Queen Splat'!



    Emily, Oscar, Herbie, Honey, Rosa S - for brilliant pieces of writing for homework based on a story starter. These children applied a range of punctuation accurately and had such wonderfully descriptive expanded vocabulary.

    Elliott - for winning the competition against Miss Greenwood and Mrs Kelly (again!) You are a star!

    Herbie and Oscar - for being noticed in PE during the session on the field for being enthusiastic sporting superheroes.

    Cora - for being a polite and caring member of the class, always!

    Honey and Oscar - for an excellent start to their writing about Grace Darling with a range of high-level punctuation and grammar. 

    Luan - for an amazing DT project at home making a bench


    Thrupp School PTA:

    Duck Hunt:
    Harri for CLEARING the road route.
    Jasmine, Sam and Emily for CLEARING the Woodland route. We appreciated their help at the end of a long day. 
    Cora and Elizabeth for making cakes and volunteering to run the WOODLAND CAKE STALL with Jackie.
    Jude and family for loaning their drive and running the ROAD CAKE STALL.
    Elliott and Matthew for COUNTING VOTES for the favourite ducks and helping to carry things.

    Friday 23rd April


    Arthur - for super tidying up

    Grace - for working so hard to complete the alien puzzle

    Taze - for brilliant bouncing the balls and catching them

    Harrison - for brilliant bouncing the balls and catching them

    Alice - for trying really hard at naming shapes

    Mae - for brilliant practicing forming her letters correctly in her name

    Elijah - for super shape naming

    Cody - for starting nursery so bravely and already making friends



    Milo - Independent writing and spelling.

    Karys - Fabulous listening in maths.

    Archie - Amazing counting in Ten, and asking really sensible questions.

    Darcy - Brilliant phonics.

    Aryton - Excellent plant labelling.

    Ava - Brilliant blending.

    Ava & Fraser - Brilliant reading.



    Jasper - beautiful description of sounds at the seaside

    Lola - lovely description of the waves at the beach

    Thea, Daisy O and Bobby - wonderful effort finding the pulse in our music lesson



    Freddie - for remembering what the acronym MRS GREN stood for at was at the end of the Science lesson

    Blythe- for remembering what the acronym MRS GREN stood for at was at the end of the Science lesson

    Sam- for remembering what the acronym MRS GREN stood for at was at the end of the Science lesson

    Arabella - for remembering what the acronym MRS GREN stood for at was at the end of the Science lesson

    Charlotte - for remembering what the acronym MRS GREN stood for at was at the end of the Science lesson

    Hayden - for an amazing Maths lesson

    Rosa - standing out for the outstanding effort shown in our lessons

    Flo - a determined attitude in our lessons this week



    Finley C and Gabriel - Brilliant Maths.

    Mabel - Amazing recount.

    Arthur & Gabriel - Brilliantly completing the Deepen it. 

    Naomi - A huge amount maths work.

    Fred & May - Excellent teamwork.

    Bash & Salome - Splendiferous duck painting.



    Bonnie - for being a polite member of the class and considering others.

    Herbie and Evelyn - for splendid statistics showings some seriously super skills. 

    Honey and Archie - for impressing Mrs Westwood with their line graph skills

    Oscar and Jasmine - some brilliant cricket skills and being excellently enthusiastic in the lesson

    Welcome to our Summer Term. We have a PTA Meeting at school on Thursday 11th April at 3.30pm. All parents welcome.