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    Brilliant Book Term 6

    Friday 16th July -

    Final Brilliant Book for Term 6!


    All of the Fledgling children for such fantastic perseverance, sportsmanship and brilliant running, dancing, jumping and working together! Well done!



    Dilys - She wrote a book whilst being at home!

    Elena & Darcy - Brilliant tennis skills!

    Isla - Beautiful letter formation in super story!

    Darcy - Super sentence writing!



    Bobby, Ted, Ethan, Sophie, Daisy O and Matthew - Amazing Street Dancing!

    Ellie-Mai - Wonderful independent writing!

    Stanley - Beautiful description of a cave!



    Buzzards Class - for being outstanding on our trip!

    Kit - for amazing determination!

    Willow - for overcoming her difficulties!

    Nancy - for beautiful reading!



    Kristian - Fabulous co-ordinate work!

    Tabby - Brilliant History work!

    Joe - Brilliant end of Shang Dynasty comic strip!

    All of Eagles for being so sensible on Wednesday - Superb!



    Herbie - For excellent Maths working on time tables!

    Elliott, Jasmine and William G - For excellent reading aloud to the class as part of their Captain Smith biography!

    Mrs. Kelly - For amazing word of the week and French lessons throughout the year - We have loved them!

    Fin - For a very detailed plan as part of our final written piece for this year - a non-chronological report!



    Friday 9th July


    Annu - for painting a beautiful flower!

    Elijah - for super looking at books!

    Grace - for doing super handwashing!

    Juno - for being a kind friend!

    Betsy - for being so careful and not sunning when she was told not to!

    Iris - for being a brilliant leader!



    Pearl & Iitu - Brilliant descriptive free writing!

    Poppy - For showing tremendous resilience in her writing!

    Ava & Ayrton - Amazing reading!

    Milo - Drawing the most amazing detailed picture of a body's internal organs!

    Hazel - Brilliant reading!

    Fraser - Super problem solving!

    Ayrton, Rory and Karys - Making an amazing effort in phonics!

    Lily - For writing sounds independently!

    Lyra - Beautiful writing and use of the A-E diagraph!

    Iitu - Fabulous writing about bugs!

    Lily & Ollie - Amazing independent writing about growing up!



    Harri - learning his spellings at home
    Maeve - wonderful labelling of a plant and explaining their functions
    Matthew - being wonderful and caring towards nature at lunchtime
    Nylah - wonderful independent writing using skills we’ve learnt over the year
    Suzy - amazing description of a cave
    Bobby - wonderful attitude towards his learning. You’re making Miss Mills very proud!



    Sid - for outstanding writing on his Myth!

    Flo - for demonstrated her PE wonderfully in front of others!

    Arabella- for wonderful work on her 2D shapes!

    Charlotte- for super work on her 2D shapes!

    Rosa- for her amazing effort towards her spellings!

    Jake - for work INCREDIBLY hard on his spellings!

    Lola - Brilliant homework!



    Bash & Salome - Perseverance in Maths!

    Fin - Stunning handwriting!

    Alfie & Kristian - Awesome Angle work!

    Zy & Gabriel - Writing lots in English!

    Salome - Amazing description!

    Naomi - Fantastic thoughtfulness in RE!

    Alfie - Very clear story plot!

    Joe - Fantastic up levelling!

    Arthur - Stunning sentence using 'echoing and chorused'!

    Zy & William - For being kind and caring with YR child when teaching him skateboard tricks!



    All of Year 5 - Really impressive hard maths problems!

    Friday 2nd July


    Ezra - for making an amazing model using the mobilo!

    Juno - for amazing work making a new puzzle piece to replace a missing piece!

    Simon - for brilliant helping to tidying up when he had to stay late!

    Zack - for super turn taking on the scooters and bikes!

    Seth - for working very hard to create an amazing 3d slot-together model

    Max B - for brilliant joining in wake and shake!

    Miss C - for doing so much tidying up and cleaning all week!



    Darcy & Emilia - Excellent writing!

    Artie & Ollie - Excellent Church work!

    Poppy - Brilliant number writing 0-20!

    Artie, Isla, Lyra, Archie & Elena - Writing amazing Jam Sandwich instructions!

    Rory - Amazing reading!

    Darcy - Brilliant mental maths!

    Ayrton - For being brilliant at eating all his lunch!

    Artie, Lyra, Isla & Elena - Brilliant maths and beginning to grasp half past!



    Daisy O - Great comparisons between seaside holidays 100 years ago and today.

    Wiley - Wonderful description of the life cycle of a sunflower.

    Ethan - A lovely creative independent story.

    Juno - A creative story that made Miss Mills want to read more!



    Lacey - for an outstanding effort in her Maths work.

    Kit - for working incredibly hard with Mrs Black

    Finley - for learning lots about the country Greece and learning its climate!

    James - for learning lots about the country Greece and learning its climate!

    Blythe - for missing part of the lesson and still finding out about the reproductive parts of a flower!

    Jago - an outstanding attitude in school at the moment!



    Ella & Zy - Brilliant Maths!

    Primrose, May, Bash & Tabby - Excellent dialogue writing!

    Alfie - Brilliant independent story planning!

    May - Super thoughtful RE!

    Naomi, Alfie, Kristian, Fin, Zy, Salome, Bash, Ella, Meghan, Tabby, Tessa, Elizabeth and Summer - Fantastic drawing angles using a protractor - Protractor Ninjas!




    Luan - amazing moves in our dance lesson this week!

    Rosa S - fabulous work in Science this week learning about the dynamic of the Earth.

    Jasmine - excellent effort in our races as part of the sports trials.

    Freddie - for brilliant work on volcanoes in Geography, including knowing the three main types and how volcanologists work.

    William P - excellent word of the week sentence using the new word ‘fumble’. 

    Friday 25th June 


    Max B - for mixing colours and exploring making new colours!

    Cody - for brilliant listening!

    Taze - for super kind sharing!

    Theo - for great sharing, even when it was really hard!

    Simon - for brilliant cutting with the scissors!

    Arthur - for great sand play!



    Dilys, Poppy and Isabel - Brilliant life cycle ordering and caption writing!

    Ayrton - Amazing writing in phonics!

    Isabel - Brilliant independent story writing!

    Shayla and Darcy - Super independent writing!

    Will - Brilliant discussion about feelings!



    Ellie Mai and Silvan - Wonderful team work at Forest school
    Riley - Wonderful effort and concentration in phonics



    Matthew - for a stunning diary entry as Jason after finding the golden fleece!

    Rosa - for an amazing diary entry as Jason after finding the golden fleece!

    Keir- for a brilliant diary entry as Jason after finding the golden fleece!

    Otis - for a wonderful diary entry as Jason after finding the golden fleece!

    Hayden - for an awesome diary entry as Jason after finding the golden fleece!

    Sid - making the working hard with his reading

    Jake - for just being AMAZING!



    Noth - Independently working in English and Maths x 2!

    Charlie - Fantastic report writing!

    Elizabeth - Amazing planning!

    Zy & Kristian - Hard work in Maths!

    Casper, Gabriel and Mabel - Brilliant lost thing reports!




    Emily - for amazing writing about a 'tidy your bedroom machine'. Miss Greenwood would really like one for the classroom! Epic writing. 

    Sam and Finley - epic throwing in PE and being noticed for skills in this area by Mrs Westwood. 

    Luan and Rosa S - super proficiency in PE on Monday and being noticed by Mrs Westwood.

    Friday 18th June


    Max C & Theo - Brilliant sharing and taking turns on bike!

    Darcy - Learning to use brake on bike!

    Kit - Amazing number work and persevering!

    Ezra - Super patience and perseverance doing his puzzle!

    Grace - Brilliant 'Wake & Shaking'!

    Alice - Great name practice!



    Pearl - Brilliant conflict resolution!

    Ayrton - Brilliant writing in phonicas!

    Artie - Brilliant independent reading!

    Milo - For excellent tidying of the classroom everyday!

    Rory - Brilliant listening in Fizzy!



    Thea - Super conclusion for our science experiment.

    Bobby - Wonderful sounding out and writing sentences independently.

    Merry - A great description of a journey to the seaside.

    Maeve and Lola - Wonderful pair work creating their own music on the computer.



    Jago - for his amazing work on 24hour clock!

    Walt - Superb cleaning!

    Nancy - Excellent cleaning!

    Meryn - Wonderful cleaning!

    Keir - HUGE improvement in his Maths assessment!

    James - Extremely clear and loud in our drama work!



    Elizabeth, Tabby, Naomi, Louisa, Georgie & Joe - Fabulous poetry!

    May - Using multiclause sentances!

    All of Eagles plus Year 5's Owls for being fabulous on the School trip!




    Bonnie - amazing athletics ladder skills during the PE lesson

    Perry - fabulous effort in PE and being noticed by Mrs Westwood

    Evelyn - for a super athletics session and being the master of relay races

    Y6 - everyone in Y6 for being superstars on residential

    Mrs Mylechreest - for saving the day and being the best ambulance driver on residential 

    Mrs Westwood and Miss Greenwood - for being the role models and stars of the week for residential!


    Friday 11th June 2021


    Theo - for beautiful singing the tidy up song while tidying up!

    Taze - for brilliant cutting and sticking 'the life cycle of a butterfly'!

    Monty - for very enthusiastic mark-making!

    Seth - for building some super lights with the big builder!

    Paloma - for brilliant rhyming!

    Mae - for amazing sequencing numbers!

    Miss Wood - for working until she was 35 weeks pregnant and for always being brilliant! We wish you all the best on your maternity leave!




    Dilys, Orin and Pearl - Brilliant doubling work!

    Karys - Beautiful letter formation!

    Artie and Isla - Amazing independent 'Hungry Caterpillar' writing!



    Samson - wonderful independent writing
    Maeve and Dotty - applying all their writing skills independently



    Mia - Awesome start to spellings!

    Kit - Super attitude to the Word Wasp and a fab clay pot!

    Meryn - her amazing attitude to everything!

    Finley - Super Time work

    Flo - Her clay work

    Nancy - persevered when feeling poorly!



    Noth - Fantastic Dragon model!

    Naomi, Mabel and Meghan - Brilliant 'Lost Thing' homework!

    Tessa, Perry, Joe, Charlie and George - Brilliant Rounders!

    Gabriel - Fabulous personification!

    May & Meghan - Brilliant poetry work!



    All of year 5's for being amazing whilst year 6's on their residential!


    Welcome to our Summer Term. We have a PTA Meeting at school on Thursday 11th April at 3.30pm. All parents welcome.