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    Brilliant Book Term 6

    Friday 16th July -

    Final Brilliant Book for Term 6!


    All of the Fledgling children for such fantastic perseverance, sportsmanship and brilliant running, dancing, jumping and working together! Well done!



    Dilys - She wrote a book whilst being at home!

    Elena & Darcy - Brilliant tennis skills!

    Isla - Beautiful letter formation in super story!

    Darcy - Super sentence writing!



    Bobby, Ted, Ethan, Sophie, Daisy O and Matthew - Amazing Street Dancing!

    Ellie-Mai - Wonderful independent writing!

    Stanley - Beautiful description of a cave!



    Buzzards Class - for being outstanding on our trip!

    Kit - for amazing determination!

    Willow - for overcoming her difficulties!

    Nancy - for beautiful reading!



    Kristian - Fabulous co-ordinate work!

    Tabby - Brilliant History work!

    Joe - Brilliant end of Shang Dynasty comic strip!

    All of Eagles for being so sensible on Wednesday - Superb!



    Herbie - For excellent Maths working on time tables!

    Elliott, Jasmine and William G - For excellent reading aloud to the class as part of their Captain Smith biography!

    Mrs. Kelly - For amazing word of the week and French lessons throughout the year - We have loved them!

    Fin - For a very detailed plan as part of our final written piece for this year - a non-chronological report!



    Friday 9th July


    Annu - for painting a beautiful flower!

    Elijah - for super looking at books!

    Grace - for doing super handwashing!

    Juno - for being a kind friend!

    Betsy - for being so careful and not sunning when she was told not to!

    Iris - for being a brilliant leader!



    Pearl & Iitu - Brilliant descriptive free writing!

    Poppy - For showing tremendous resilience in her writing!

    Ava & Ayrton - Amazing reading!

    Milo - Drawing the most amazing detailed picture of a body's internal organs!

    Hazel - Brilliant reading!

    Fraser - Super problem solving!

    Ayrton, Rory and Karys - Making an amazing effort in phonics!

    Lily - For writing sounds independently!

    Lyra - Beautiful writing and use of the A-E diagraph!

    Iitu - Fabulous writing about bugs!

    Lily & Ollie - Amazing independent writing about growing up!



    Harri - learning his spellings at home
    Maeve - wonderful labelling of a plant and explaining their functions
    Matthew - being wonderful and caring towards nature at lunchtime
    Nylah - wonderful independent writing using skills we’ve learnt over the year
    Suzy - amazing description of a cave
    Bobby - wonderful attitude towards his learning. You’re making Miss Mills very proud!



    Sid - for outstanding writing on his Myth!

    Flo - for demonstrated her PE wonderfully in front of others!

    Arabella- for wonderful work on her 2D shapes!

    Charlotte- for super work on her 2D shapes!

    Rosa- for her amazing effort towards her spellings!

    Jake - for work INCREDIBLY hard on his spellings!

    Lola - Brilliant homework!



    Bash & Salome - Perseverance in Maths!

    Fin - Stunning handwriting!

    Alfie & Kristian - Awesome Angle work!

    Zy & Gabriel - Writing lots in English!

    Salome - Amazing description!

    Naomi - Fantastic thoughtfulness in RE!

    Alfie - Very clear story plot!

    Joe - Fantastic up levelling!

    Arthur - Stunning sentence using 'echoing and chorused'!

    Zy & William - For being kind and caring with YR child when teaching him skateboard tricks!



    All of Year 5 - Really impressive hard maths problems!

    Friday 2nd July


    Ezra - for making an amazing model using the mobilo!

    Juno - for amazing work making a new puzzle piece to replace a missing piece!

    Simon - for brilliant helping to tidying up when he had to stay late!

    Zack - for super turn taking on the scooters and bikes!

    Seth - for working very hard to create an amazing 3d slot-together model

    Max B - for brilliant joining in wake and shake!

    Miss C - for doing so much tidying up and cleaning all week!



    Darcy & Emilia - Excellent writing!

    Artie & Ollie - Excellent Church work!

    Poppy - Brilliant number writing 0-20!

    Artie, Isla, Lyra, Archie & Elena - Writing amazing Jam Sandwich instructions!

    Rory - Amazing reading!

    Darcy - Brilliant mental maths!

    Ayrton - For being brilliant at eating all his lunch!

    Artie, Lyra, Isla & Elena - Brilliant maths and beginning to grasp half past!



    Daisy O - Great comparisons between seaside holidays 100 years ago and today.

    Wiley - Wonderful description of the life cycle of a sunflower.

    Ethan - A lovely creative independent story.

    Juno - A creative story that made Miss Mills want to read more!



    Lacey - for an outstanding effort in her Maths work.

    Kit - for working incredibly hard with Mrs Black

    Finley - for learning lots about the country Greece and learning its climate!

    James - for learning lots about the country Greece and learning its climate!

    Blythe - for missing part of the lesson and still finding out about the reproductive parts of a flower!

    Jago - an outstanding attitude in school at the moment!



    Ella & Zy - Brilliant Maths!

    Primrose, May, Bash & Tabby - Excellent dialogue writing!

    Alfie - Brilliant independent story planning!

    May - Super thoughtful RE!

    Naomi, Alfie, Kristian, Fin, Zy, Salome, Bash, Ella, Meghan, Tabby, Tessa, Elizabeth and Summer - Fantastic drawing angles using a protractor - Protractor Ninjas!




    Luan - amazing moves in our dance lesson this week!

    Rosa S - fabulous work in Science this week learning about the dynamic of the Earth.

    Jasmine - excellent effort in our races as part of the sports trials.

    Freddie - for brilliant work on volcanoes in Geography, including knowing the three main types and how volcanologists work.

    William P - excellent word of the week sentence using the new word ‘fumble’. 

    Friday 25th June 


    Max B - for mixing colours and exploring making new colours!

    Cody - for brilliant listening!

    Taze - for super kind sharing!

    Theo - for great sharing, even when it was really hard!

    Simon - for brilliant cutting with the scissors!

    Arthur - for great sand play!



    Dilys, Poppy and Isabel - Brilliant life cycle ordering and caption writing!

    Ayrton - Amazing writing in phonics!

    Isabel - Brilliant independent story writing!

    Shayla and Darcy - Super independent writing!

    Will - Brilliant discussion about feelings!



    Ellie Mai and Silvan - Wonderful team work at Forest school
    Riley - Wonderful effort and concentration in phonics



    Matthew - for a stunning diary entry as Jason after finding the golden fleece!

    Rosa - for an amazing diary entry as Jason after finding the golden fleece!

    Keir- for a brilliant diary entry as Jason after finding the golden fleece!

    Otis - for a wonderful diary entry as Jason after finding the golden fleece!

    Hayden - for an awesome diary entry as Jason after finding the golden fleece!

    Sid - making the working hard with his reading

    Jake - for just being AMAZING!



    Noth - Independently working in English and Maths x 2!

    Charlie - Fantastic report writing!

    Elizabeth - Amazing planning!

    Zy & Kristian - Hard work in Maths!

    Casper, Gabriel and Mabel - Brilliant lost thing reports!




    Emily - for amazing writing about a 'tidy your bedroom machine'. Miss Greenwood would really like one for the classroom! Epic writing. 

    Sam and Finley - epic throwing in PE and being noticed for skills in this area by Mrs Westwood. 

    Luan and Rosa S - super proficiency in PE on Monday and being noticed by Mrs Westwood.

    Friday 18th June


    Max C & Theo - Brilliant sharing and taking turns on bike!

    Darcy - Learning to use brake on bike!

    Kit - Amazing number work and persevering!

    Ezra - Super patience and perseverance doing his puzzle!

    Grace - Brilliant 'Wake & Shaking'!

    Alice - Great name practice!



    Pearl - Brilliant conflict resolution!

    Ayrton - Brilliant writing in phonicas!

    Artie - Brilliant independent reading!

    Milo - For excellent tidying of the classroom everyday!

    Rory - Brilliant listening in Fizzy!



    Thea - Super conclusion for our science experiment.

    Bobby - Wonderful sounding out and writing sentences independently.

    Merry - A great description of a journey to the seaside.

    Maeve and Lola - Wonderful pair work creating their own music on the computer.



    Jago - for his amazing work on 24hour clock!

    Walt - Superb cleaning!

    Nancy - Excellent cleaning!

    Meryn - Wonderful cleaning!

    Keir - HUGE improvement in his Maths assessment!

    James - Extremely clear and loud in our drama work!



    Elizabeth, Tabby, Naomi, Louisa, Georgie & Joe - Fabulous poetry!

    May - Using multiclause sentances!

    All of Eagles plus Year 5's Owls for being fabulous on the School trip!




    Bonnie - amazing athletics ladder skills during the PE lesson

    Perry - fabulous effort in PE and being noticed by Mrs Westwood

    Evelyn - for a super athletics session and being the master of relay races

    Y6 - everyone in Y6 for being superstars on residential

    Mrs Mylechreest - for saving the day and being the best ambulance driver on residential 

    Mrs Westwood and Miss Greenwood - for being the role models and stars of the week for residential!


    Friday 11th June 2021


    Theo - for beautiful singing the tidy up song while tidying up!

    Taze - for brilliant cutting and sticking 'the life cycle of a butterfly'!

    Monty - for very enthusiastic mark-making!

    Seth - for building some super lights with the big builder!

    Paloma - for brilliant rhyming!

    Mae - for amazing sequencing numbers!

    Miss Wood - for working until she was 35 weeks pregnant and for always being brilliant! We wish you all the best on your maternity leave!




    Dilys, Orin and Pearl - Brilliant doubling work!

    Karys - Beautiful letter formation!

    Artie and Isla - Amazing independent 'Hungry Caterpillar' writing!



    Samson - wonderful independent writing
    Maeve and Dotty - applying all their writing skills independently



    Mia - Awesome start to spellings!

    Kit - Super attitude to the Word Wasp and a fab clay pot!

    Meryn - her amazing attitude to everything!

    Finley - Super Time work

    Flo - Her clay work

    Nancy - persevered when feeling poorly!



    Noth - Fantastic Dragon model!

    Naomi, Mabel and Meghan - Brilliant 'Lost Thing' homework!

    Tessa, Perry, Joe, Charlie and George - Brilliant Rounders!

    Gabriel - Fabulous personification!

    May & Meghan - Brilliant poetry work!



    All of year 5's for being amazing whilst year 6's on their residential!


    Walking Bus at 8.25am from the Burger Van Layby. We would love to see you there. It runs every day.