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    Hi pupils and parents,


    I hope you are all dong very well! Below are the links for the home learning resources.


    Also, our live sessions (via Teams) will be twice a day. Buzzards' times will be:


    - 10:00 -10:30am



    These sessions should allow us to touch base which will be so different to last year. I can't wait to see you in those sessions!


    Miss Barwell :)


    (Please feel free to email me at: if there are any problems.)



    Step-by-Step Power Point to show you HOW to see the assignments and HOW to upload work

    Term 4 

    St David's Day (1.3.21)


    Here are some resources that you might enjoy:

    Term 3 - 

    Chinese New Year 


    Below are some resources that you might like to use!


    Tally Charts - Monday Lesson

    Bar Charts - Tuesday/Wednesday Lesson

    Drawing Bar Charts - Thursday/Friday Lesson

    We are coming to the end of Term 1. INSET on Friday 22nd October 2021 and return to school on Monday 1st November. Remember to spread the word about our Open Morning on Tuesday 2nd November.