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    Click here to see photos of our Year 1 bubble in school...

    Summer 2 Week 6 - We’ve enjoyed playing happy birthday, jingle bells and row your boat on bells on Monday. We’ve also enjoyed a day in the outdoors.

    Summer 2 Week 5 - We've started the week off tasting different fruits from around the world and completing some sports day challenges.

    Summer 2 Week 4 - We’ve welcomed a few more children into our bubble this week. We learnt about the famous artist Kandinsky and recreated a piece of his work. We’ve also had fun in the woods and fields again!

    Summer 2 Week 3 - Having lots of fun climbing in the woods and playing hide and seek! We have also been using tricky words to write sentences on the playground floor and making our own wonderful rainforests.

    Summer 2 Week 2 - We've been enjoying our time outside so far this week...

    We are coming to the end of Term 1. INSET on Friday 22nd October 2021 and return to school on Monday 1st November. Remember to spread the word about our Open Morning on Tuesday 2nd November.