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    24th January: Inspired by Beegu text we made Aliens!

    24th January - Beegu is our new book in English. She is an Alien who gets lost on earth.

    21st January - We have had another busy week learning about space. We have used pastels to draw planets and today we have been testing materials. We used magnets, water and pipettes and tested which materials are magnetic and which are waterproof.

    14th January - We had an amazing assembly by the explorer Will Millard. We were so inspired by his photos, artefacts and stories.

    12th January - We have made rockets and planets!

    12th January - We turned our role play area into a space station!

    4th January We have made rockets and space stations. The role play area has boxes (rockets) to take us to the moon! We ordered pictures from 'Whatever Next!' by Jill Murphy and we loved playing with our space station, rockets and astronauts.

    January 2022 - Whatever Next? We started the Spring Term with a new story.

    Spring Term 2022

    16th December - What an exciting day today! Christmas dinner, Christmas party games and a very special visitor.

    10th December 2021 - What an exciting day today. We had a snow machine, hot chocolates, a teddy tombola and our year 6 buddies came to play!

    3rd December - We've been learning about animals. Here are our animal pictures and writing. We've been doing lots of practicing of our nativity and can't wait for you to see next week.

    1st December - Getting ready for Christmas

    26th November - what a busy week we have had in Kestrels! Our Nativity songs are sounding lovely and we have started making our headdresses to go with our costumes. We have written our Gingerbread man stories, learned about numbers 6 and 7 (reception), played with the large loose parts, junk modelled and played turn-taking games! In science today, Year 1 have been learning about what animals eat.

    19th November - we have had a super end to the week with Year 6 joining us this afternoon. We performed our Diwali song, read stories and played with our year 6 buddies.

    Week Beginning 15th November - 'Run, run as fast as you can you can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man'

    Friday 12th November - Today we have been learning all about animals. We had a visitor from the Dogs Trust who showed us how to be safe near dogs.

    Wednesday 10th November - we had a lovely, musical visit from Greg, Iitu and Maeve's Dad. Greg played the piano accordion, demonstrated how it works then they all sang a beautiful song together.

    Monday 8th November We all enjoyed the fun run!!

    Friday 5th November - We have investigated what happens when you mix vinegar with bicarbonate of soda. We filled a balloon with the gas and found it was heavier than air. We also made coloured potions using red cabbage indicator.

    Thursday 4th November - We thought about what we might need to pack in a rucksack to take with us exploring and we put up a tent! We had lots of fund pretending to be explorers.

    Thursday 4th November: We explored what would happen when you roll a marble in paint!! We chose 3 colours and make firework pictures.

    Wednesday 3rd November We made a balloon rocket and explored what made it travel faster and slower! 5... 4... 3... 2...1...Blast off!!!

    Tuesday 2nd November. Today we explored colour through fireworks. We enjoyed some weighing and measuring activities. We explored mark making with chalks and had fun with gloop!

    This week we have theme week and the theme is 'EXPLORE'. Monday 1st November we explored how many hops and jumps we could do in a minute and then explored to see if we could beat the clock and do better!

    14th October: We opened 'Kestrel's Art Gallery!'

    14th October This week we have read 'The Little Red Hen'. We have made and tasted bread, made patterns in flour, plated with grains, retold the story, made hens and enjoyed the farm

    12th October We collected Autumn leaves and made crowns for our harvest parade.

    8th October - This week reception have been continuing their work on The Rainbow Fish and learning all about the numbers 1,2,3. Today was Hello Yellow Day and we have drawn the things that make us happy.

    8th October - Today in science, Kestrels have been using their sense of taste and deciding on their favourite fruit. The Year1s made a pictogram.

    1st October - Year 1 have done some beautiful observations of trees in the school grounds. They will draw the same tree in each season to observe seasonal changes.

    1st October - Today we have been learning about our sense of touch. We have explored lots of different objects and enjoyed playing in cornflour and water!

    20th September We have enjoyed the Owl Babies by Martin Waddell. The Year 1 children did lots of lovely writing and the Reception children enjoyed crafts and role play of the story.

    Today we have been learning about our senses. The year 1 children did an obstacle course, in pairs, without using their sense of sight! Their partners had to give them really good instructions.

    Autumn Term 2021

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