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    New Build

    See below to keep up to date with the progress of our new build.

    Getting nearer

    Decking taking shape

    Week 14 - The flooring is down!

    Nursery Fledglings
    Main entrance and cloakroom

    Week 13 - The ceilings, sinks and toilets are in place, but there is still a lot to do!

    Week 12 - Work is continuing inside and out

    The plasterer has been busy
    Plastering in Kestrels is complete
    Plastering has started in Hawks
    Outside Nursery and Kestrels
    Nursery Fledglings and Kestrels with cladding
    Kestrels before cladding
    Kestrels after cladding

    Week 11 - Electricians have been busy inside.

    Quiet Room
    The corridor
    Kestrels and the Quiet Room

    The PODS starting arriving on Tuesday and by the end of Wednesday they had all been put together to create our new building!

    The crane is ready for action.
    The first POD is lifted into place.
    The second POD flying high!
    Third POD being lowered.
    Nursery Fledglings have a classroom!
    View from the top.
    Craning in the first section of Hawks.
    Hawks starting to take shape.
    Looking towards Nursery Fledglings.
    Hawks almost complete.
    End of the first day - 8 PODs in place.
    The first section of Kestrels is put in position.
    Another section is in place for Kestrels.
    Kestrels nearly complete.
    The final piece of the jigsaw!
    Kestrels is complete.
    Inside Kestrels
    Inside Fledglings.
    Looking out from Fledglings.
    Inside Hawks
    The corridor

    Week 9 - Ready for the building to arrive!

    Week 8 - Drainage had been put in and the pads are finished ready for the new buildings!

    Week 7 - The retaining wall is finished and the pads for the new build are being prepared.

    The top of an old well found in the playground!
    Soak away in progress

    Week 6 - The retaining wall is really taking shape

    Week 5 - Building the retaining wall

    Week 4 - Laying the foundations

    Week 3 - Digging the foundations