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    Remember, to find your home learning from 1st June, Y5s need to go to the Y5 tab, and Y6s to the Y6 tab. This Owls page will no longer be updated. Click on the links below to find the new home learning pages for each year group. 

    21.05.20 Update: Y6 Letter from Miss Greenwood

    20.05.20 Update: Y5 Owls Letter from Miss Greenwood

    Owls, you have worked super hard over the last two months and I am very proud of you all. You have shown resilience, determination and enthusiasm, and have continually demonstrated the Thrupp Learning Powers.


    From Monday 1st June, remember that Y5s will all be working on Y5 only learning, which will be under a new tab on the main home learning page - if you need to contact a teacher with any photos, queries or questions, these will need to be sent to 


    The Owls email address will be restricted (the only emails that will be replied to from this address are for the Y6 children who will not be coming back to school). Hence, please do not send emails to the Owls address, instead please ask any questions to either myself or Miss Barwell when you are in school. The Brilliant Book will revert back to nominations from staff in school for those who are in, and for Y6 children who are continuing their learning at home, please email nominations by 3.00pm on a Thursday through the Owls email address.

    Week 7 Answers so that you can mark your work 🖊️✅

    Week 6 Answers so that you can mark your work 🖊️✅

    For Week 7, why not enter the Thrupp School Photography Competition? The details are below - the deadline is Monday 1st of June by 3pm! 📷 Entries must be sent to

    We are running a photography competition - please send your photo to our Owls email address. Only one entry per child. The closing date is Monday 1st of June by 3pm. All photos will be available to view on the website and will be judged by some local professional photographers. The winner will be announced after half term. Good luck!


    Week Seven Home Learning (18.05.20)

    From now on, there will be a slight change to the logistics of White Rose Maths:

    • The White Rose worksheets that go with the videos will need to be downloaded from the Owls Home Learning Page (click on the notepaper subfolders below).
    • The videos will continue to be on the White Rose website.
    • If you would like the answer pack for the White Rose Maths so that you can mark your work before Friday, then please send me an email.

    Digital copy of the latest First News Newspaper

    SkillZone Poster Competition - if you would like to, then take part in Child Safety Week by designing a poster with a key safety message and then send your entry off to SkillZone 🦺

    Week Six Home Learning (11.05.20)

    Times Tables Rock Stars – we need to score lots of points for the Gloucestershire Times Table Rock Stars Competition this week (running from May 12th - May 14th). Score as many points as you can on the website between 10am-1pm! We could win the highest scoring class, or you could win the highest individual score on the leaderboard. Good luck!
    Week Five Home Learning (04.05.20)

    Friday (8th May) is a bank holiday. I have included activities for 5 days, but you are more than welcome to complete 4 days of activities and have the Friday off. However, the work is there for anyone who wants to do it! 😊 I would like your compulsory English task (to write a detailed poem to thank NHS staff and Key Workers) emailed to me (as a photograph) via by 3pm on Thursday 7th May. 


    This year, the bank holiday is on a Friday to commemorate 75 years since VE Day. Perhaps you could find out about VE Day or hold a VE Day party in your home on that Friday? I have included some VE Day resources below this week's home learning if you would like to find out more or undertake some additional learning! 

    For the White Rose Maths this week, please complete Summer Term Week Commencing 4/05 (Y5: Multiply 2-digit numbers and Y6: Simplify Fractions).

    Digital copy of the latest First News Newspaper

    VE Day Resources 
    Week Four Home Learning (27.04.20)

    Spelling Shed login details have been emailed out to you all. This will form part of home learning every week - enjoy!

    A letter to Parents about Times Tables Rockstars. Login details have all been given out. The expectation is that this is used regularly.

    21/04/20 - An additonal Maths Challenge if you would like to have a go at it this week! (non-compulsory)

    Week Three Home Learning (20.04.20)

    Please note: there was an error with Q2a for Maths Sheet 2, this has now been amended (20.04.20)

    Digital copy of the latest First News Newspaper

    The Historical Association currently have an amazing competition open where you are invited to write your own piece of Historical Fiction. Please find the entry form and FAQs in the below documents should you wish to take part 📜 (This is non-compulsory, additonal learning).

    Entries for the Historical Fiction Competition must be received by 26 June 2020 and should be emailed to or sent to ‘Write Your Own Historical Story Competition’, The Historical Association, 59a Kennington Park Road, London, SE11 4JH. Email entries are preferred at this time. 

    A great opportunity to deepen problem-solving skills for Y5 and Y6

    Week Two Home Learning (30.03.20)

    Happy April! We hope that you are all well and just wanted to let you know that we are missing you all. Please remember that if you need any help with the home learning tasks, then email us! We are proud of you! Miss Greenwood and Mrs Kelly 🌷🌻


    Follow the link below if you would like to practise some times tables at high speed (this is NON-COMPULSORY, and you can do both multiplication and division). I have just challenged myself to do 500 questions and I am now seeing if I can improve my time! I challenge you to a times tables competition, and if you wish, let me know your score and time! Miss Greenwood 😊


    Week One Home Learning (23.03.20)

    Please do not spend too much time on any one activity. We have discussed how to undertake the activities, and given recommendations about time limits. As we have also discussed in class, if you get stuck with anything, stop and do not suffer in silence - see if you can use the school website or internet site to help, talk to an adult, or ask your guardian to send an email to and myself or Mrs Kelly will aim to respond within 24 hours (during normal school hours).


    Take care – we are proud of you!

    P.E with Joe - Daily Live Workouts at 9am!

    Daily PE With Joe Wicks, Monday to Friday everyday starting on Monday 23rd March at 9am. Stay active, stay fit, stay healthy.

    Connecting Puzzles, Y5 & Y6

    In this video, connections are made between algebraic shape puzzles and a range of word questions. Great for building understanding of problem-solving!

    Four Numbers Challenge, Y5 & Y6

    This video introduces the Four Numbers Challenge: will you be able to find all the possible answers? A great challenge for Y5 & Y6 children!

    I have uploaded a range of documents below to support English, Maths and Spelling learning. These documents provide guidance, a range of ideas and lots of challenging activities to support learning, as well as some website links.

    Additional Learning Tasks (added 10.05.20)
    Welcome to our Summer Term. We have a PTA Meeting at school on Thursday 11th April at 3.30pm. All parents welcome.