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    Our topic this term is EXPLORE! We will be learning all about where we live and exploring significant events and people that link to our local area.

    04.04 - We have been doing our own data collection for science this week and creating bar charts. We also had the pleasure of watching some of our class perform in the Rock Steady concert.

    We also learnt about the Jewish festival Passover and created some of our own art work to retell the story of Exodus.

    22.03 - We have been enjoying the sunshine!

    23.03 - We shared what we had learnt from our grandparents and parents about their childhood. We used the questions we'd come up with last week to find out. We then looked at some diary entries and discussed what time period we think it would have been in.

    15.03 - In science, we’ve begun learning about plants. We went on a plant hunt and labelled the different parts of a flower.

    We also became history detectives this week. We looked at photographs of household chores like washing clothes and cooking and tried to order the photos based on when they were taken.

    Our Year 2 children have been learning about 3D shapes and some of them enjoyed spending some of their free time creating their own 3D shapes.

    07.03 - We enjoyed our first session of Cricket on Monday. We played some games that helped us to practise our listening skills, catching and underarm throwing. We also had to try really hard to aim at the wickets to score our team cones/points.

    02.03 - WORLD BOOK DAY! We had a lovely day dressing up, sharing our favourite stories, doing a book scavenger hunt and meeting Tom Percival.

    17.02 - Miss Mills has been so incredibly proud of Hawks class this week. They’ve written some wonderful stories based on our class book.

    10.02 - We’ve been learning all about animal habitats and have used collage to create our own rainforests.

    We still need to add our animals onto the different layers of the rainforest.

    04.02 - This week we’ve learnt about Chinese New Year and created dances around this. Year 2 children also created lanterns in their Be The Best Friday.

    28.01 - In Science we’ve been looking at different world habitats. This week we looked at ocean habitats and learnt about how animals survive in this habitat.

    21.01 - This week we’ve been looking carefully at our focus book ‘The Secret Sky Garden’. We have been using expanded noun phrases to describe the main character Funni.

    11.01 - This week Hawks have been thinking about our local environment. We have been talking about littering and have made posters to encourage people to dispose of their rubbish safely.

    We also looked at an image from our new focus book and wrote our own list poems in groups. Have a read because they are wonderful!

    04.01 - We’ve had a lovely first week back at school. We have begun our topic by looking at where we live and our lives so far. We created our own passports and timelines of important events in our lives so far.

    Welcome to our Summer Term. We have a PTA Meeting at school on Thursday 11th April at 3.30pm. All parents welcome.