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    Week 2 - I've loved seeing what you've all been busy doing this week. Keep it up!

    Week 1 - What an amazing week you've all had! I have loved seeing all your smiley faces and what you've been up to. Have a look at these lovely pictures and see what your friends have been up to.

    Our topic this term is...


    Location, location, location..

    13.03 - We've created some of our own zig zag books. We've been reading a story about Belle who goes on the same journey every year (we don't know where yet!), and we created our own lists like hers about what we'd pack to go on holiday.

    06.03 - A busy week of dressing up for World Book Day, a workshop from Mini Grey, maths problem solving and writing letters to the local council about how to improve Stroud.

    28.02 - What a wonderful theme week we've had making rockets and planet pancakes, designing our own planets, learning about the order of the planets and so much more!

    13.02 - We have been comparing Stroud with a village in Mexico called Tocuaro. Tocuaro is famous for making masks from soft, white wood. We recreated some of our own.

    7.02 - We have been learning all about different types of houses this week and describing what our homes are like using lists and conjunctions.

    31.01 - This week we've had two new things in our classroom. We were the first class that got to use our new chromebooks which was very exciting! We also had a visitor from a puppy called Chester. We learnt all about how to care and look after dogs.

    24.01 - We've continued our work around 'The Secret Sky Garden' and we have designed and created our own kites that show our personalities.

    17.01 - We've been world explorers and artists this week. We've begun thinking about where we live and how that relates to the rest of the world.

    10.01 - This week we've been learning all about multiplication and using lots of practical maths.

    and we have written some wonderful list poems about our new focus book.

    Welcome to our Summer Term. We have a PTA Meeting at school on Thursday 11th April at 3.30pm. All parents welcome.