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    Spring Term 3 and Term 4

    Watch our amazing Victorian dance!!

    Still image for this video

    In Science we made it rain in our classroom!

    Eagles are really enjoying their cricket tutoring led by Kieran from GCC!

    We had a wonderful time for World Book Day! Tom Percival visited us and led a super illustration and character creation workshop

    We have designed and printed our own William Morris inspired wallpaper!

    We have been investigating electrical insulators and electrical conductors. Prim's shoe completed the circuit and lit the bulb!

    We have been investigating and making circuits in our electricity topic in science.

    Monet inspired painting for French day...

    In Art we have been life drawing different plants that we have found on the school grounds.

    In English, we have become biographers! We interviewed each other and then wrote a short biography of our partner’s life so far.

    In RE this term, we are learning about the Hindu beliefs of samsara, reincarnation and karma. We made board games to explore the idea of karma and achieving moksha.

    This week in History, we have been learning about Victorian inventions such as the typewriter, telephone, steam engine, lightbulb and bicycle. We created adverts for some of these inventions.

    We have been finding out about Victorian buildings in Stroud for our homework. Our research is on display in the classroom.

    In English, we are learning about biographies and autobiographies. To support this, we are reading a biography about Victorian author Charles Dickens.

    This week in History, we learnt about Queen Victoria and what made her such an important British monarch.

    Year 5 had an amazing trip to SkillZONE, where they learnt about a range of health and safety real-life situations, including fire, roads, home and online safety. What a fantastic and informative trip with lots of hands on learning. Thank you to the wonderful staff at SkillZONE!

    Our topic in terms 3 and 4 is Victorian Stroud.


    In History, we will be researching what life was like in Victorian Stroud.  We will investigate various aspects of Victorian life in order to compare with life today including, the mills, the arrival of the railway, and what life was like for children at this time. We will try to build a picture of what Stroud looked like in the Victorian era and what it would have been like to live in Stroud during that period of history.

    Welcome to our Summer Term. We have a PTA Meeting at school on Thursday 11th April at 3.30pm. All parents welcome.