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    Our topic this term is Beside the Seaside! smiley

    Monday 3rd May - Friday 7th May

    This week we’ve been doing lots of sharing in Maths. Our year 1s have been making arrays and dividing numbers by 2, 5 and 10 with lots of practical sharing. Our year 2s have been looking at unit and non-unit fractions and finding thirds and quarters of amounts.


    We’ve also been exploring different animal habitats in Science. We had lots of fun drawing our own coastal habitats and labelling the things in the picture with living, dead or never been alive.

    Monday 26th April - Friday 30th April

    This week we've had lots of fun learning and reciting poems. We've also planted some potatoes in the school garden and had a lovely time playing a 'cricket' game in PE.

    Monday 19th April - Friday 23rd April

    This week we took a virtual trip to the seaside. We were thinking about all the things you can see, hear and taste at the seaside so we just had to taste some chips and icecream ourselves!

    Our summer term has started well. The children are happy and working hard. The sunshine always helps!