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    This morning we held a mini ‘sports day’. KS2 had lots of fun doing a variety of races which tested a whole range of skills!

    This week is Sports Week! We started off our week joining Owls class for a dodgeball tournament organised by James from Atlas Sports.

    Scrummy jammy buns this week...

    Be the best Friday Orienteering - Map skills!

    We have been learning about earth and space in Science. We represented the planets as different sized fruits. We then placed them at intervals on the school field, away from the sun(a golfing umbrella) It was amazing how far from the sun some of the 'planets' are and the size difference between the blueberry and the water melon! was pretty impressive too!

    PTA Treat! Today we were really lucky to have a visit from Wye Valley Falconry and get to meet some beautiful birds of prey. We all got a chance to hold an owl!

    In English, we have been using the book The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan to inspire lots of fantastic creative writing. We have created our own ‘lost things’ and this week we are writing our own stories inspired by Shaun Tan’s.

    Our finished dragon bones

    School trip to We The Curious - Eagles (and the Year 5s in Owls) were very excited to finally get to go on our first school trip for a long time. We had a brilliant time at We The Curious in Bristol as you can see from the photos. We also got to travel through space in the planetarium: the perfect start to our Earth and Space Science topic!

    History - This week we have been finding out about ‘dragon bones’ and how their discovery was so important for teaching historians about the Shang Dynasty. We learnt that the bones were used as oracles to ask the gods questions about the future. We made our own bones!

    Cricket! Eagles had a fantastic 6 week block improving their cricket skills.

    Number Day!

    More Fabulous Forest School...

    Forest school on site this week, we had lots of fun and even managed to lift our class members up using ropes!

    History - Eagles have been learning lots about the Shang Dynasty of Ancient China. We have looked at artefacts from tombs, written in role as people from different classes in Shang society and created our own plans of a Shang city. 

    Shang Dynasty city designs

    Some examples of our fantastic accounts of life in the Shang Dynasty.

    Forest school fun - building dens, making fire, building stages, making clay objects and using tools, just to name a few things!

    In science this week we investigated levers.

    More fun at Forest School...

    We have been investigating another force - Friction!  We tested which materials had the most friction when pressed against a spinning wheel.  Stop watches at the ready, we carefully timed the length of time it took for the wheel to slow down.

    Eagles have been enjoying our cricket sessions with Eric. Today we had a boys v girls bowling competition and Charlie won our class game of ‘clap catch’!

    Forest School - one week apart. Glorious sunshine versus rain. We still had a brilliant time, the sunshine even came out for us in the end!

    In science this week we were exploring forces. We investigated how the size of the parachute affected how quickly it fell. We discussed the pull of gravity, air resistance, friction, area of the canopy and the mass of the falling object!

    In English, we are looking at different fiction genres. We will be thinking about what features each genre has and which are our favourites!



    Eagles' topic for Summer (Terms 5 and 6) is ‘China!’ Our main focus will be Ancient China, and the Shang Dynasty. We will be looking at a range of artefacts from the Shang Dynasty and will be using our skills as history detectives to ask and answer questions about how these people lived, and influenced life in China today. We will also look at modern day China as a contrasting locality to the UK in our work in Geography.


    Our challenge was to eat a fortune cookie with chopsticks!

    Read our topic letter for this term...

    Welcome to our Summer Term. We have a PTA Meeting at school on Thursday 11th April at 3.30pm. All parents welcome.