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    More fun at Forest School...

    We have been investigating another force - Friction!  We tested which materials had the most friction when pressed against a spinning wheel.  Stop watches at the ready, we carefully timed the length of time it took for the wheel to slow down.

    Eagles have been enjoying our cricket sessions with Eric. Today we had a boys v girls bowling competition and Charlie won our class game of ‘clap catch’!

    Forest School - one week apart. Glorious sunshine versus rain. We still had a brilliant time, the sunshine even came out for us in the end!

    In science this week we were exploring forces. We investigated how the size of the parachute affected how quickly it fell. We discussed the pull of gravity, air resistance, friction, area of the canopy and the mass of the falling object!

    In English, we are looking at different fiction genres. We will be thinking about what features each genre has and which are our favourites!



    Eagles' topic for Summer (Terms 5 and 6) is ‘China!’ Our main focus will be Ancient China, and the Shang Dynasty. We will be looking at a range of artefacts from the Shang Dynasty and will be using our skills as history detectives to ask and answer questions about how these people lived, and influenced life in China today. We will also look at modern day China as a contrasting locality to the UK in our work in Geography.


    Our challenge was to eat a fortune cookie with chopsticks!

    Read our topic letter for this term...

    Our summer term has started well. The children are happy and working hard. The sunshine always helps!