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    Our topic this term is... 


    Extreme Earth!


    London dance

    Still image for this video
    You need to learn the dance please for the production!


    For homework Buzzards were set with the task to create a model volcano, we got a variety! It was so lovely to see everyone's creation, with lights on some and others even exploded!! 

    08/06- Jubilee theme week

    Today Buzzards created a collaborative art piece! It looks amazing and they really enjoyed it




    Today I took some children from Year 3 and 4, to a Quad kids sport event! They participated in jumping, throwing and running events, which they really enjoyed! 




    Today in English, we explored a scene in our new book, Oliver and the seawigs! 

    The children created their own scripts and then performed to the class, as the characters in the book 




    We started our History topic, by looking at pictures of artefacts and uncovering what our topic would be...


    The children really loved looking at the clues and a couple of them guessed that we will be looking at Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius! 

    Walking Bus at 8.25am from the Burger Van Layby. We would love to see you there. It runs every day.