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    19.07.19 Eagles designed and made games with electrical circuits for younger children. The design criteria were that they looked good and worked! They worked really hard to get them finished and overcame lots of challenges. All groups succeeded in making a game that worked and we invited Buzzards to come and try them out. They had great fun hearing the buzzer or being rewarded with a fan if they matched the right answer!

    28/06/2019 - Eagles joined with Owls and had a fantastic morning learning lots of Bollywood dances. The sun was shining and the dancing was epic!

    25.6.19 In Science, we have been carrying out experiments to find out how light travels and how shadows change depending on the position of the light source.

    27.06.19 Theme Week

    In Eagles we celebrated Refugee Week and looked at refugee journeys. We thought about what we might take with us if we had to leave home in a hurry. We learned about the experiences of refugees through the book 'The Journey' and wrote poems in response to what we learned. We then looked at a journey that has imprinted on our memory and used symbols and techniques from aboriginal art to create our own art work. The poems and art work are in class so feel free to come in and browse.


    18.6.19 Our theme week continued with a whole school mix-up day inspired by the fantastic picture book 'Journey' by Aaron Becker. Through out the day we did a range of art, music and drama activities in groups of children from Year R to Year 6. We will share our work at our open afternoon on Friday. 
    17.6.19 Our 'Journeys' theme week began with a whole school trip to Cranham Woods. Eagles joined up with Owls class to do a variety of activities including caving and mini raft building. To find out more, look at the photos page under 'Events'.


    The children have created their own Lost Things ready for their own version of The Lost Thing that we will be working on in the next weeks.

    21.5.19 In Science this term, we are learning about light. Today we learnt that light travels in a straight line, reflecting off the surfaces that it hits. Can you spot the yellow wool representing the light in our photos?


    Eagles were busy this morning answering each other's questions about local bus and train timetables. They are now fully equipped to take a bus and train as far as London! They have really made progress in their skills of reading timetables. Thanks for support from everyone at home to make this maths session a success.

    13.5.19 For homework this week, we have been creating our own Utopias for Lost Things, inspired by Shaun Tan's Utopia in 'The Lost Thing'. There was a wide range of interpretations - here are just a few...

    In English, we are reading The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan. This text is inspiring us for lots of different types of writing.

    Our topic for Summer Term 1 and 2 is called ‘Lost and Found’. We will be learning about all sorts of things that have been lost, forgotten, discovered and invented!

    Eagles have been carrying out their own maths enquiry! Each group came up with a question they would like to investigate. They collected data and have begun presenting it in a bar chart or line graph. Questions included 'How many reptiles can children name in a minute?' How many dictionaries can children stack in 30 seconds?' 'How many star jumps can someone do in 100 seconds?' The children were excited to be responsible for their own learning and we will be working on interpreting the data and graphs next week.

    26.04.19 Rainforest batik bags (made last term) in use!

    Welcome to our Summer Term. We have a PTA Meeting at school on Thursday 11th April at 3.30pm. All parents welcome.