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    Theme Week: February 2020

    26.02 - Today was mix up day. In Hawks class we were discussing what it is like on Mars. We then tried to design a creature with features that would help it survive on this planet.

    25.02 - What fun Kestrels and Hawks had together today. We made some of our own multi-coloured planets out of pancake mixture.

    26.02.20 - Owls had a fantastic day undertaking 3 different Science Experiments. They learnt lots about Newton's work through practical investigation, measured their heart rates and related this to their mathematical skills, and also learnt how to make raisins dance!

    25.2.20 Eagles carried out a range of activities and investigations about our planet's position in the Universe and the other objects that make up this enormous, incomprehensible place!

    Monday 24th February - Wonderstruck


    Thrupp were treated to an amazing day of STEM activities provided by Wonderstruck. The day began with an exciting Science show full of fire, explosions and bangs! The children then worked in groups to create compressed air rockets. We braved the rain to witness the rocket launches and see whose rocket could fly the furthest - several left the school grounds! In the afternoon, Key Stage 2 made fan-powered cars. Each class sent their two fastest cars into the grand finale. The fastest car was made by Luan, Tom and Dan - well done! It was a really hands-on and inspiring day.

    24.02 - Kestrels and Hawks were amazed at the Science show and really enjoyed creating their own rockets and testing them.

    24.2.20 Eagles had a fantastic day building, firing and racing air rockets and fan-powered cars.

    24.02.20 - Owls learnt about propellers and Newton's Third Law of Motion, relating this to the potentiality for anomalous results in Scientific investigations or experiments. Along with the other KS2 classes, they then built their own Fan Powered Car, and raced these to ascertain which was the fastest!

    24.02.20 - Owls were in awe of the Science Show and then loved making and testing their own rockets! 🚀

    Welcome to our Summer Term. We have a PTA Meeting at school on Thursday 11th April at 3.30pm. All parents welcome.