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    Week 4

    Le déjeuner


    This week’s lesson is all about lunch.

    The first step is to watch my cracking video!  The link is:  .The password is: thrupp


    I’ve had to be a bit more creative this week, so the structure is a bit different:


    1. Have a look at the vocabulary sheet, to see how the foods I told you about in the video look when they are written down.

    2.  Every great French lesson has to include a song and this week I will also treat you an English (or more accurately American) version of the song.  Listen to that one first, and then listen to the French version.


    3. The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

    I have attached a link to Eric Carle reading the story in English so watch that first to remind yourself of the story, and then watch the link for the French animation.


    The word for ‘a hole’ is un trou.  This word is repeated quite often… see if you can put your hand up every time you hear it.  This story is also good for numbers and days of the week.

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar

   La chenille qui fait des trous (the caterpillar who makes holes) You could listen to it once, and then turn the (French) subtitles on and watch it again.  This might help you understand some more of what you are hearing.


    4. I have made a pairs / memory game for you to play at home.  You will need to print off the two sheets and ideally stick them onto some card or paper so you can’t see through, and then neatly cut them into 32 oblongs (2 sets of 16).  If you can’t print easily at home, but could pop to school to collect a set, let me know and I can print some off at school.

    There are two ways you can play the game:

    • If you are on your own, see if you can match the words to the pictures. (You can check your answers on the vocab sheet)
    • If someone is available to play with you, place all the cards (shuffled) upside down and then the first player turns two cards over.  If you match the right word with the picture, you win the pair and have another go.  If they are not the right match, turn them back over and it is the other player’s turn.  The winner is the player who finishes the game with the most pairs.

    5. I have attached a French pizza menu.  Have a look at it - I bet that by now you can understand most of the menu!

    • Which pizza would you chose to have?  Can you order it in French, with a drink (un boisson)?

    You would start with je voudrais…

    • Pick your favourite and least favourite, can you say in a sentence which one you like and don’t like?

    J’aime le…..  mais (but) je n’aime pas le….

    • Can you understand why there are two different prices?
    • Can you draw your own pizza - make it as fanciful as you like, but make sure you label the toppings so I know what’s on it.  Don’t forget to give it a name too!

    6.  Play this heads & tails game with someone.

    7. Finally, every breakfast and lunch try to see whether you can say what you are having, in French.  Just these few minutes practice every day will help build your confidence in speaking a foreign language and help you remember the vocab.  Repetition is the key to success!


    I hope you all have a great week

    Mme Kelly

    Welcome to our Summer Term. We have a PTA Meeting at school on Thursday 11th April at 3.30pm. All parents welcome.