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    Week 5

    Le Dîner


    This week’s lesson is the last one in our ‘food’ topic.  It focuses on dinner in France.  After this lesson, you should be able to have a successful trip to a supermarket, a café or restaurant.


    As always, start off by watching my video.  The link is: .The password is: thrupp

    Below is the vocabulary sheet for the lesson:

    1.  This week’s song is ‘En voici, en voila’, by our old friend Alain Le Lait.


    2. As it is nearly half term - imagine you are on holiday in France.  You’ve had a great day out, mum and/or dad are cooking some tea, and you have 10 minutes to watch some French TV.  Here is a link to a Mr Men (Les Monsieur Madame) episode about food - la nourriture.  Can you hear any words you have learnt recently?


    3.  Here is a page from a French magazine ‘Allons-y' (Let’s Go).  It is titled: This week’s menu.  In France, students eat their lunch in the canteen. What do they eat?  Look at the pictures and read the article

    4. The main task:

    You might need to use a dictionary to help you, or you can stick to the foods we have learnt over the last few weeks.

    You are throwing a French style party for all your friends and family to celebrate the end of lockdown and return to school!   

    Remember the French love their food and this type of party will typically involve a meal of 5 to 7 courses.  As it is your party, you can chose what food to serve.


    Choose one of the following options:

    • Design a menu (in French) showing everyone what will be served at the party.  Remember, it is a celebration, make it colourful and jolly!
    • Draw or make a collage of the foods you will be serving at your party.  Label them so everyone knows what they will be eating.
    • Make models of the foods you will be serving and label them


    5.  By now you should be able to say a lot of food names in French. Have a go!  At each mealtime this week, have a go at saying what you are eating in French - challenge your family to do the same.  The more you speak French, the easier it becomes.


    6. Cuisiner avec Mme Kelly. (Cooking with Mrs Kelly).  Watch the video about how to make une Tarte au Soleil. The link is:  the password is: thrupp  

    I have also attached written instructions (in English)

    If you are able to have a go next week or over half term, send in a photo of your finished article… or even better send me a piece!!

    Welcome to our Summer Term. We have a PTA Meeting at school on Thursday 11th April at 3.30pm. All parents welcome.