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    Week 7

    La Ferme


    Bonjour!  Today’s lesson is about some of the animals we can see on a farm.


    First of all, listen to my lesson using the following link:   password: thrupp


    Here is a link to a French version of Old MacDonald (le vieux MacDonald) song for you to listen to and join in with: .

    There is an interesting choice of animal in the middle - I’m sure most farms do have them, but there are possibly more obvious animals to choose from!


    Here is the the vocabulary list to go with this lesson:

    Here is a link to a ‘pong’ game for animal names - let me know your highest score.  I’m getting better, I got 1265 this time!:

  - farm&level=primary


    Finally, your task for this week:


    Mme Kelly, le fermier (the farmer), would like to do something special this Easter for her animals.  She would like to give them each an eggstra special Easter egg to say well done for surviving another lock-down!


    Can you design three Easter eggs which would appeal to three different animals on the farm.  They can be as imaginative and creative as you like, but there should be some link to the animals you are designing them for.

    Don’t forget to label your Easter eggs, in French, so she knows who to give them too!

    Welcome to our Summer Term. We have a PTA Meeting at school on Thursday 11th April at 3.30pm. All parents welcome.