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    Our curriculum at Thrupp Primary School is very important to us. Please read our 'Statement of Intent' to find our more about what and how we deliver this curriculum at Thrupp.

    Thrupp Primary School Curriculum Intent: September 2021

    What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here.


    Our curriculum is designed to help children:

    • Learn the essential knowledge, skills and understanding of a broad range of curriculum subjects.
    • Engage with their learning so that they remain committed to learning throughout their school careers and their lives.
    • Develop the personal qualities they need to be good citizens.


    We believe the curriculum we provide is broad, engaging and captures the interest of the children. We use Letters and Sounds, Phonics Bug and Nessy to teach phonics.

    We teach the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and the National Curriculum and at Thrupp our own curriculum extends far beyond this.



    We are proud of the many ways that we enrich the curriculum at Thrupp School. The staff have developed a carefully planned ‘Creative Curriculum’, which follows an exciting and vibrant thematic approach to teaching and learning. This enables the children to become fully immersed in a topic area and develop their knowledge of a range of subjects through one main theme.


    Through the creative curriculum the children are able to draw upon direct experiences through a range of well planned activities. These include outdoor activities, visitors coming into school, residential trips, planned theme days in and out of school and day trips to museums, parks etc. This approach is designed to support children's natural curiosity, to stimulate their creativity and to create an exciting learning environment. We also recognise that not all children learn in the same way and we structure our lessons to meet these different needs. Curriculum lessons are lively and engaging and the children are involved in research, presenting, drama, designing and creating.

    Be The Best Fridays (BTBF)

    In September 2019, Thrupp School started their BTBF. This is where each year group have an afternoon developing skills and enriching our curriculum.

    In the summer term of 2019, staff, pupils and parents were all asked to complete a questionnaire. They were asked what type of activities would they like to have more opportunities to explore at school and the parents were asked what qualities would they like their child to have experienced by the time they leave us as an eleven year old?

    The results showed that the children and parents wanted more opportunities for cooking, Forest School, large scale art and DT projects, First Aid, working in the community, gardening, sewing, financial awareness and budgeting.

    We took this away and planned a programme for the children to try and cater for their requests. We, as a school, felt that it was really important for the children to work in year groups, so that the split groups had the opportunity to come together and work with their peers and staff experienced teaching different year groups.

    Each year group has a scrap book where entries go each week and there is a whole school display in the hall celebrating some of the activities. In December 2019, we will ask the children and staff their thoughts on this project and open it up to the parents in February 2020. We want to provide the opportunities that our children are requesting and support our already diverse and creative curriculum.

    Be The Best Fridays Timetable September 2021

    Phonics and Early Reading

    Phonics and early reading are an essential element of our curriculum at Thrupp. Our aim is to develop a life-long  love of books and reading. Phonics is an important skill that we use to teach children to learn to read and we place high importance on teaching how to phonetically decode through daily phonics lessons.


    We have key milestones, that we want our children to reach, at certain points of their early education. We as a school do everything possible to ensure that our children achieve these goals.


    We follow the Letters and Sounds programme from Reception to Year 2. We have daily phonics lessons and outside of these lessons children will practice their phonic skills when reading in school. The books that they read, and activities that they carry out, are tailored to their reading skills along with their phonics that they are learning. This regular practice helps children apply their skills and become confident, fluent, enthusiastic readers. We use a range of schemes to support early reading, our main scheme is Phonics Bug.


    Walking Bus at 8.25am from the Burger Van Layby. We would love to see you there. It runs every day.