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    What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here.

    We follow the National Curriculum which is a blueprint used by schools to ensure that teaching standards are consistent. Schools are free to plan how the National Curriculum fits with their particular strengths and introduce other activities that extend the learning experience for their pupils. Learning is central to what we do at Thrupp and our curriculum is built around our children. Throughout the school children are actively encouraged to develop and challenge themselves as learners.


    Our curriculum is designed to help children:

    • Learn the essential knowledge, skills and understanding of a broad range of curriculum subjects.
    • Engage with their learning so that they remain committed to learning throughout their school careers and their lives.
    • Develop the personal qualities they need to be good citizens.


    We believe the curriculum we provide is broad, engaging and captures the interest of the children. We use Letters and Sounds, Phonics Bug and Nessy to teach phonics.

    We teach the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and the National Curriculum and at Thrupp our own curriculum extends far beyond this.



    We are proud of the many ways that we enrich the curriculum at Thrupp School. The staff have developed a carefully planned ‘Creative Curriculum’, which follows an exciting and vibrant thematic approach to teaching and learning. This enables the children to become fully immersed in a topic area and develop their knowledge of a range of subjects through one main theme.


    Through the creative curriculum the children are able to draw upon direct experiences through a range of well planned activities. These include outdoor activities, visitors coming into school, residential trips, planned theme days in and out of school and day trips to museums, parks etc. This approach is designed to support children's natural curiosity, to stimulate their creativity and to create an exciting learning environment. We also recognise that not all children learn in the same way and we structure our lessons to meet these different needs. Curriculum lessons are lively and engaging and the children are involved in research, presenting, drama, designing and creating.

    Have a lovely summer. School re-opens to pupils on Tuesday 3rd September 2019