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    School Closure

    We try to give as much warning as possible if the school has to be closed for any reason, but decisions to close often have to be taken at the last minute. If the closure is due to bad weather e.g. snow, the decision whether to close a school is always a difficult one and it has to be made before 7.30am.


    Decisions on whether schools should open depend entirely on safety and staffing issues.


    There are two main problems for Thrupp School if there is disruption due to adverse weather e.g. snow:


    • Safe access through Thrupp Lane for children
    • Whether enough staff can travel to school safely


    Of course, we do make every effort to open as usual, but please tune in to Radio Gloucestershire or Local Radio stations if we have snow, as they broadcast lists of closed schools.


    A list of closed schools can also be found at:



    Parents on the list will be notified by text and a notice will be posted on the school gate as soon as possible.