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    Summer Term 5 and Term 6



    Our topic for Summer (Terms 5 and 6) is ‘China!’ Our main focus will be Ancient China, and the Shang Dynasty. We will be looking at a range of artefacts from the Shang Dynasty and will be using our skills as history detectives to ask and answer questions about how these people lived, and influenced life in China today. We will also look at modern day China as a contrasting locality to the UK in our work in Geography.

    30.06.23 Year 5 hosted guests from Horsefall House today as part of Be The Best Friday. They were the perfect hosts!

    27.6.23 Thrupp were lucky to have Chinese teacher Miss Lu visit school today. She spent the afternoon in Eagles class teaching us some Chinese and about the zodiac. We also learnt about Chinese porcelain and drew our own vases.

    19.6.23 Silly Science Presentation. Eagles really enjoyed this entertaining and interactive Science showcase!

    We have been reading the story of the Willow Pattern in English.

    We created tableaus to explore the plot and the characters thoughts at different points in the story.

    We created role plays to predict what the story on the plate might be.

    6.6.23 We had a visit from the Life Education bus.

    23.5.23 'Around the World' dance. We have been working on our class dance for several weeks. Today we performed our finished version. Click on the link below to watch the video.

    The overall winning team for the best presentation was The Barbarian Headless Dinosaur Chickens!

    The doddl team awarded the following prizes to the winning teams - best sales, best new business ideas, best research and testing, best business sense and and best marketing.

    On the final afternoon we pitched our presentations to the doddl judges ...

    The doddl team shared with us some Chinese foods. Can you guess what they are made from?

    On the final day of the doddl project Cat talked to us about running the business. The team also shared with us some photos about their visit to China.

    On day 3 we worked on advertising and selling our products. We role-played sales pitches and designed adverts using the USPs!

    On the first day of the doddl mini entrepreneur project we designed questions and interviewed parents about their experiences during early meal times with their children.  We then collated this information and analysed the data using computer generated graphs.  

    On Day 2 of the project we were scientists and undertook the testing element of the project.  We completed a series of tasks in order to test the performance of the doddle cutlery and bowl in comparison with other market brands.  The tasks included timed trials chopping bananas into eights accurately, moving peas between bowls, piercing 10 blueberries as quickly as possible and spooning yoghurt between bowls.  We also performed a variety of tests on the new bowl including it's suction power- we even managed to lift a table with the suction of the doddl bowl.  

    Tim talked to us about sales and each of our groups were given a object which we then had 'sell' to the rest of the class, highlighting the USPs of each product!





    The amazing pupils in Eagles have been using Purple Mash to create their own animations. The creativity demonstrated by the pupils was incredibly impressive. 

    As an introduction to our new topic we enjoyed tasting prawn crackers and fortune cookies. The challenge was to eat them using chopsticks!

    Welcome to our Summer Term. We have a PTA Meeting at school on Thursday 11th April at 3.30pm. All parents welcome.