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    Year 4

    Summer 2- arts and crafts with Miss Trehane

    Here are some animal creations that we have created this term!

    Summer 1 - Computing

    We had to complete some computing challenges. This included 'debugging' algorithms that weren't working.

    We've learnt about what an algorithm is and have begun unpicking which part is the event, object and action. We created some of our own programs on free code chimp on purple mash.

    What a gorgeous sunny day at Forest school...

    Happy hammock swinging and spear whittling!

    Den building, lots of swinging and stream jumping!

    We have loved our time at Forest School... using tools, making swings and pulleys.

    October 21 - We made kindness cards to send to the residents of a local care home 🌈🤗

    17/09/21 - In today’s BTBF session, we learnt about a range of situations where some first aid would need to be utilised. We then learnt how to treat minor injuries, and designed our own ‘bandaged bears’. These are now proudly displayed on the stairway by the photocopier 🐻

    10/09/21 - Year 4 started a short 'First Aid' unit taught by Miss Greenwood today. They learnt how to apply a plaster safely and hygienically, explored the contents of a First Aid kit, considered six different scenarios and then watched an episode of 'Operation Ouch'.