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    ELSA: Emotional Literacy Support Assistant

    Rachel Jenkins works to support pupil's Social Emotional and Mental Well-being at Thrupp Primary School as an ELSA.  An ELSA is a school professional who has received specialist training from a range of educational psychologists to help and support children with their emotional capacity and development.  Some areas where Mrs Jenkins can provide support are listed as (but not limited to) the following:-




    Bereavement and loss


    Emotional literacy

    Emotional regulation


    Self esteem

    Social Skills


    Mrs Jenkins works with children on a 1:1 basis or in small groups and this work can be short term to support an emergent need or on a long term basis where appropriate. 


    As you know, here at Thrupp Primary School we pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our children and their families for everyone's long term benefit.  A large part of this is recognising when we may be able to provide better or increased support for your child, especially around their wellbeing.  Hopefully we will identify when your child might need some additional support but please do not hesitate to approach us if you have any concerns, either within school or at home, around their emotional capacity.  We want your children to feel settled and happy with all of their needs well-supported so that they can thrive in their school environment.