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    ThruppPrimary School


    Our Intent:


    At Thrupp, we value our children’s natural curiosity by promoting an enquiry-led approach to science, balancing the substantive knowledge of scientific concepts with the disciplinary knowledge of scientific observation, investigation, and enquiry.


    We encourage our children to relate to one another, the local area and wider world through a topic key question and by the children asking their own questions; making observations; noticing similarities, differences, and changes; carrying out fair and comparative tests and researching.


    Our children are encouraged to reflect on their observations and findings; noticing trends, anomalies and developing the resilience to ask further questions and challenge their ideas and predictions.


    Through learning about the work of scientists and by encouraging scientific skills, we aspire for our children to see themselves as scientists, equipped with the knowledge required to use and implement science today, tomorrow and for their futures.

    Our Curriculum: