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    Learning Detectives

    2022 - New Learning Detectives have been selected for Thrupp School. They will be taking part in learning walks, looking at books, leading assemblies and lots more!

    At Thrupp School, we firmly believe that it is not only the skills and knowledge that children should be taught but also the right learning behaviour to enable them to become Resilient, Reflective, Curious, Aspirational learners who build Relationships with others to help them learn.


    What is a Learning Detective?

    At Thrupp we are firm believers in the power and importance of children being a part of their own learning. The aim of the Learning Detectives initiative is to help the children and adults in school recognise what good learning behaviour looks like so that we can be the very best we can be!


    The role of a Learning Detective is:

    • To observe learning in classrooms and learn how to give feedback that is clear and understandable

    • To encourage team work and communication

    • To improve learning by giving feedback to children and teachers

    • To help children to become even better learners