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    Pupil Premium Strategy 


    At Thrupp Primary we are committed to ensuring that each individual pupil receives the very best education allowing them to reach their full potential academically and socially. This belief is reflected in our mission statement and vision:


    “Doing Our Best to Be Our Best”


    Our School Vision

    We are a thriving village school with a thriving community. We work as a co- operative team, pupils, staff, parents and governors creating a sense of ownership and a feeling of pride in our school. Working together to make Thrupp School and every member of its community be the best they can be is central to our vision.


    Our school aims ensure that we have the highest expectations and that we continually strive to ensure that no pupil is left behind.


    Aims of the School

    • To give each child the very best education possible, we will: Enable children to become independent, lifelong learners who can take their place in society with confidence and be able to cope with the changes the future will bring.
    • Provide an enriching experience in which learning and high expectation flourish and where achievements are celebrated.
    • Provide an excellent education, through teaching which imparts knowledge, inspires a love of learning and where children are happy, healthy and ambitious individuals.
    • Challenge all children according to their individual needs, so they achieve their true potential academically, physically and socially.
    • Respect and value all members of our school community regardless of ability, aptitude, gender and race.
    • Provide a caring and nurturing community, where every child feels safe, appreciated and receives praise, understanding, help and advice.


    Together we are Healthy, Respectful, Unique, Positive and Proud.


    When deciding how to spend the pupil premium grant it is important that we look at the potential barriers to learning faced by pupil premium pupils in  the context of our school. The reasons for underachievement are many and varied and could include: less support at home; social and emotional difficulties due to complex family situations or attendance and punctuality difficulties. Each child entitled to the pupil premium grant is unique in their situation and our response to their needs must reflect this.


    With this in mind, at Thrupp we aim to build the capacity and expertise to enable us to provide a highly personalised programme of support in order to  allow each child to reach his/her full potential.


    Our key objective in using the pupil premium grant is to narrow the attainment and achievement gap between those entitled to pupil premium and those not. Historically pupils at Thrupp achieve and attain well, often at levels much higher than those expected nationally. However, there is still a pattern, of pupil premium pupils doing better than other pupil premium pupils nationally but not as well as those who are not entitled to the pupil premium grant. We aim to narrow and even remove this gap.


    We will ensure that:

    • A high profile is given to Pupil Premium Pupils

    • All staff are accountable for the progress of Pupil Premium children


    The progress and attainment of all pupils at Thrupp is carefully tracked and analysed from a rich field of data in order to draw conclusions and develop action plans. We also make use of a wide range of educational research in order to decide how best to spend our funding to maximise the opportunities for our pupils.




    Our funding priorities for 2023 - 2024 fall into 4 key areas:

    • Learning and the Curriculum

    • Parents and Families

    • Social and Emotional Support

    • Enrichment within and beyond the curriculum


    Learning and the Curriculum

    • In addition to Quality First Teaching, we provide a range of proven teacher and TA led interventions including the Multi-sensory literacy programme, Stile trays, Language for Thinking, Box Font Dictation and Read Between the Lines.

    • Improve oral language skills in Reception by targeted interventions as well as Quality First Teach.

    • Support pupils with co-ordination needs by delivery of the Fizzy programme.


    Impact - Children reach their school based targets through personalised planned programmes of study. They enjoy learning experiences both in and out of the classroom which deepen knowledge and understanding, and foster a love of learning. Children have strong foundations in reading, writing and mathematics which equip them for each stage in their learning journey.


    Parents and Families

    • Structured Conversations between teachers and identified families.

    • Provision at Thruppers After School Care.

    • Improving attendance and punctuality of identified pupils.


    Impact - Families are able to access any support needed through excellent relationships with teaching staff; this support ensures that families are engaged and feel part of their child’s learning journey. Attendance is closely monitored and support offered to families when an issue arises. Children are able to attend school without worry or concern and are able to access a wealth of activities and opportunities offered by the school.


    Social and Emotional Support

    • Providing a range of TA led interventions including Socially Speaking, Time to Talk, The Feelings Artbook and 101 games for self-esteem.

    • Mentoring of vulnerable pupils.


    Impact - Children are able to discuss concerns or worries which may impact on their learning and well-being. They feel safe and happy in school and know what to do if they feel unsure about any aspect of school life. Teaching staff provide guidance and support for children who are experiencing difficulties in and out of the classroom. Interventions are used effectively to develop social skills and communication; children are able to utilise the benefits of these on a day to day basis throughout their learning. Time to Talk provides opportunities for children to develop language and communication skills. Confidence is built, enabling children to articulate thoughts, feelings and ideas with increased clarity and expression.


    Enrichment Within and Beyond the Curriculum

    • Enriched curriculum opportunities- subsidised trips, tuition and visitors

    • Provision at Thruppers After School Care

    • Wide variety of clubs and enhanced curriculum opportunities including Forest School

    • Subsidised residential trips


    Impact - Children in receipt of pupil premium funding are able to access a range of activities which are planned to support and nurture the whole child. All children are provided with the opportunity to attend the Year 6 residential.