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    ThruppPrimary School


    Thrupp Primary School Staff

    Teaching Staff

    Mrs D Mylechreest - Headteacher (Designated Person for Child Protection)

    Mrs A Catt - Deputy Headteacher ( Deputy Designated Person for Child Protection) (Wed-Fri)

    Miss R Mills - Kestrels - Rec/Y1

    Ms Laura Hawke - Hawks - Y1/Y2      (Mon-Tues)

    Miss Sarah Payne - Hawks - Y1/Y2 (Weds - Fri)

    Mrs E Clarke - Hawks - Y1 (Tues - Fri mornings)

    Mrs C Parker-Standley - Buzzards - Y3/Y4 

    Mrs N Stephenson - KS2 Cover - (Wed/Fri)

    Mrs R Bass - Eagles – Y4/Y5            (Mon/Tues)

    Mrs A Catt - Eagles - Y4/Y5         (Wed - Fri)

    Mr M Bird - Owls - Y6



    Mrs T Harris (Deputy Designated Person for Child Protection) (Mon-Wed)

    Admin Staff

    Mrs K Hughes

    Mrs H Kelly 

    Ms K Sutton


    Teaching Assistants

    Mrs L Black

    Mrs H Skeats

    Mrs E Bovington

    Mrs K Hepper

    Mrs R Jenkins

    Mrs H Kelly 

    Mrs A Spring

    Mrs C Westwood

    Mrs C Durr-Sorensen

    Mrs S Manning

    Mrs S Schmidt

    Mrs N Young

    Mrs T Southgate

    Mrs E McCombie

    Mrs L Abel

    Mrs H Cheney


    ICT Technician

    Thomas Keble


    Nursery Staff

    Mrs J Rosselli - Nursery Manager

    Mrs S Aldridge 

    Ms C Councer

    Mrs W Strom

    Mrs L Wood


    Midday Supervisors

    Mrs E Sutton

    Ms J Haddock

    Mrs K Hepper

    Mrs S Manning

    Mrs L Abel

    Miss C Thomas


    Thruppers / Wake Up Club (Before and After School Care)

    Mrs S Aldridge

    Mrs K Hepper

    Mrs A Spring

    Mrs W Strom

    Miss L Wood

    Ms J Haddock

    Ms K Sutton (Admin)



    Mrs A Wood

    Miss L Manzi-Fe

    Welcome to our Summer Term. We have a PTA Meeting at school on Thursday 11th April at 3.30pm. All parents welcome.