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    ThruppPrimary School


    Thrupp Primary School Staff

    Teaching Staff

    Mrs D Mylechreest - Headteacher (Designated Person for Child Protection)

    Mrs A Catt - Deputy Headteacher ( Deputy Designated Person for Child Protection) (Wed-Fri)

    Mrs T Harris - Kestrels - Rec/Y1       (Mon-Thurs)

    Mrs D Mylechreest - Kestrels - Rec/Y1      (Fri)

    Miss R Mills - Hawks - Y1/Y2

    Miss K Barwell - Buzzards – Y3/Y4  

    Mrs R Bass - Eagles – Y4/Y5            (Mon/Tues)) 

    Mrs A Catt - Eagles - Y4/Y5         (Wed - Fri)

    Miss E Greenwood - Owls - Y5/Y6



    Mrs T Harris
    Admin Staff

    Mrs K Hughes

    Mrs H Kelly 

    Ms K Sutton

    Teaching Assistants

    Mrs L Black

    Mrs J Bendle 

    Mrs E Bovington

    Mrs K Hepper

    Mrs R Jenkins

    Mrs H Kelly 

    Mrs A Spring

    Mrs C Westwood

    Miss C Councer

    Mrs D Smith

    Sports Coach

    Superstars Specialist - Miss Louise Fisher

    ICT Technician


    Nursery Staff

    Mrs J Rosselli - Nursery Manager

    Mrs S Aldridge 

    Mrs L Wood

    Midday Supervisors

    Mrs W Strom

    Mrs E Sutton

    Ms J Haddock

    Mrs K Hepper

    Mrs J Kealy

    Thruppers / Wake Up Club (Before and After School Care)

    Mrs S Aldridge

    Mrs L Black

    Mrs K Hepper

    Mrs E Sutton

    Mrs A Spring

    Mrs W Strom

    Miss L Wood

    Ms J Haddock

    Ms K Sutton (Admin)


    Mrs A Wood

    Mrs S Manning

    Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions, we will not be holding an open morning this year for new families. However, viewings for Thrupp Primary School are now being taken. Please contact the school office to make an appointment for Reception 2021 or in-year application viewings.