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    Welcome to Buzzards! 

    Check out our home-made visualisers!

    We had a very exciting visit from the Life Education team recently. We were able to see inside the human body, thanks to Silvan and some pretty impressive technology!

    Here are a selection of photos from our fabulous Forest School sessions on Be The Best Fridays in Year 4 this term!

    Spring Term

    Here is our Parent Information leaflet for the Spring Term.



    The children have been looking at the Stone Age. From our pebble in my pocket book, they recreated a freeze frame of some Stone Age humans having a feast. Then they thought about the characters thoughts and feeling to share with the class

    Topic homework 


    Look at all the fabulous homework that Buzzards have created, well done! 

    Harvest creations 

    Look at our wonderful creative pieces of work for Harvest 



    Avebury school trip! 

    On the 10th October, Buzzards took a school trip to see the Stone Circles at Avebury. We had a great time there and even got to visit the museum. 


    In PSHE, we looked at teamwork and what things we needed in order to work well as a team 

    The ideas they came up with were communication, trust, companionship, listening and sharing. 


    Then in groups we picked one thing to role play (see choices below) and worked as a team to carry it out! 

    Our current book in English is The Stone Age Boy 


    Today we acted out the scene where the boy and Om meet for the first time! 


    During art we have started to create our own cave art drawings!